Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 3 – Spring 2021
Sunday 07th March 2021
A Case of Watch That Space!
St Clements Church

Over the last few days l have been remarkably productive and l am very pleased l have to say. I have been busy with the garden, preparing for the season of spring and making full use of the decent weather. The garden is now ready for planting, l will write about this weekend this week, however whilst l walked this week and this weekend also, l put off the hikes and longer walks l had originally planned for today and yesterday on account of the good weather expected and present and the poorer weather that is forecast from Wednesday. Also sometime this month l am expecting to receive my vaccination so l wanted to make sure certain things were achieved in case l wasn’t very well as a result of the Corona jab.

The tasks in the garden took priority in my eyes, better to get them done now over later. I am about to place a relatively large order for my garden and Suze’s and l needed to know exact figures of requirement over guestimates when it came to the likes of soils, composts and bark chippings. I have also placed a seed/plant order in readiness for this season too, however most of those’ll not be delivered until May time. [Well provided the suppliers don’t muck me around like they did last year!]

Blossoms Nature Reserve

It’s a busy day of sorts tomorrow – well it is and it isn’t, l guess it’s all a matter of opinion and perspective … lockdown is easing …. again and who knows MAYBE … this time the PM’s advisors will have it right and we’ll not have to swing back into another lockdown in two weeks time and my time to get jabbed is soon? l am not an antivaxxer – l am in full support – BUT that doesn’t mean l trust this 100% because l don’t. This has not been trialed and tested thoroughly enough in my eyes – we don’t really know long term how this will affect us – but then l am pretty adverse chemicals full stop, so l know l’ll come across as cynical to this. But l will get it when it is my turn.

Kids go back to school tomorrow for better or worse, time will tell. You can meet another person for exercise or recreation … well admittedly l have been meeting Suze for the last few weeks, once and twice a week on occasion. You can visit relatives in care homes … okay, not applicable to me! Solo election campaigning is allowed – okay? So there we go ………. yep, precisely my reaction too, whoopitty doo! The roadmap commences from tomorrow and then come 21st June, the country will be back in full swing ………. l guess it’ll be a case of watch that space! The country needs to reopen of that l know, we do … we need to bloody get on … otherwise we will be a country in continuous lockdown and rift. A country that will be at war with itself if we are not careful. Worse than that, we will become a country scared of every bloody little thing.

Common Bulrush Nature Reserve

Tomorrow also, more pressingly, more importantly from my perspective but so too from Suze’s is the day Suze goes to Ashford for her PET Scan to see if she is all clear from the cancer. Of course she’ll not find that out for a week or ten days or so, but that’s really all important to me tomorrow. Suze needs to get this out the way, and she needs the results so as to get on with her life. I saw her briefly yesterday and she conceded to the fact that if she has to go through all of this again … she’ll not do it. She’ll not have the strength to nor the motivation nor the enthusiasm. I can understand that all too well … so many people seemingly forget the post cancer stages … the recovery stages from the treatment.

Primroses Nature Reserve

Suze still hears from people today ‘shocked’ that she is still recovering and not YET better … “But you have had the treatment, get on with it, get on with being better!” People can not relate to cancer under any level … and the only way they could or can is sadly if they have had it, been through it or worse.

So, l am hoping, tomorrow’s test and expected results are what needs to be heard.

I didn’t take my usual morning walk today as l was straight out into the garden, but l did take an afternoon stroll, and l decided to visit the wildlife nature reserve. You may recall, l was there a few months ago [September/October time]. Back then it was seriously overgrown , like the diagram above shows, whereas today it is not so overgroan. They started doing some clearing work in January and they are still clearing it and the changes to the reserve’s undergrowth are huge. I think if a more recent photo was taken for Googlemaps, the difference would be significant. But it is working for the betterment of the local residents of flora and fauna alike. I saw way more birds today than normal and way clearer too.

After a pootle around the reserve l took myself off for a fast fat burn walk around the Ramparts with a small stroll through St Clements Church, then back home again. I have had a small break now, but it’s time for some housework and hoovering, so on that note, l’ll leave you be till the next time. Thanks for reading.

Blossoms Nature Reserve

15 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. Beautiful Cherry Plum Blossoms (according to the Handy Dandy App)

    Best wishes to Suze on tomorrow’s scan. Oh, I do hope it’s all clear!

    She may feel now that she can’t go through it again, but it’s amazing the reserves we can pull on to get through what life throws at us!

    Of couse, the choice is hers, and hopefully there will be no choice! 🀞


    1. Hey Grandma, well hopefully she’ll not have to – however if it was not good news, l don’t think she could do it again – it’s at those points you have to ask yourself – how often do l have to keep enduring this?

      1. Right. A whole lot of factors…
        Hypothetically… is the outcome likely to be better? Without further treatment, what can be expected?
        Also, to continue living vs quality of life.

        I think Suze was really unlucky with the problems of the feeding tube, and the house moving… everything at once. She wasn’t fully recovered from her last illness. I can understand her being sick & tired of being sick and tired!

        1. Yes exactly, and all the knock on issues, it’s not like this cancer was in a place to make life after easier. Many throat cancer sufferers have a rough time of things afterwards, it’s a long haul. I think that is what is getting to her the most. Be different if she wasn’t 60 this year maybe, if she was 50 this year she could face it differently.

          But it’s already taken so much from her.

          One day at a time.

  2. I hope the scan shows all clear. These pictures are wonderful! Hope things remain good after relaxing of the lockdown. Take care.

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