Universal Greetings

Universal Greetings – Inspirational Days
Wednesday 03/03/2021 – Season 16 – Series 12
Wishing my Guest Stars a truly wonderful day both on and off blog – make it great!
Universal Greetings is currently under review this month – if this is a post you would like to continue to see and stay please state why … Thank you.
Guest Stars Today Are …
Renard Moreau
Juju of Roijoyeux

Top 30 Rockabilly Songs 1950 – 1960

Our challenge for the month of March is to create a Top 30 Rockabilly Songs List – 1950 – 1960

Rockabilly was an early form of Rock music which began as a genre in the early to mid 50’s and petered out by the later 50’s when Roll and Roll kicked off into popularity.

Rockabilly artists of note were Elvis Presley, Wanda Jackson, Billy Adams, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbinson and Bill Haley to name but a few. So you have a good selection of artists to use and drop suggestions in the comments section below!

This coming Spring …… A New Snifty Sleuth Mystery will begin ………..

There has been a murder, a terrible Murder!!
Who Is The Victim?
Where Was The Murder Committed?
Who Is Guilty?
How Did They Do It?
What Was Their Motive?
What Was Their Murder Weapon?

Who Remembers …. Are you A Snifty Sleuth?

Watch this Space – March 2021

Have a totally fabulous day folks!

36 thoughts on “Universal Greetings

        1. Always a pleasure my friend 🙂

          I manually publish it now Sadje. I draft it the previous day and publish it beyween 8 – 9am. I started doing this on Monday.

          I opted against installing the plugin, because l don’t think l should have to put a plaster on something that is a natural organic feature of WP’s and something they should be fixing.

          It works, and l l don’t get stressed thinking has the 6am launched.

          Plus l only write two posts a day now, which was on the books.

          1. Yes, less stress this way. My posts do get published on schedule every day. I wonder why yours are glitching?

          2. Well it shouldn’t be. Post dating was working fine for almost three years with me. Postdating worked with the eCommerce plan from the time of purchase in June 2019 – June 2020 when the block editor arrived .. but has been problematic since then.

            Remember you are still using Classic which doesn’t have as many problems like the Block Editor does.

            It shouldn’t matter what is paid, we all pay for a service and we should all receive the basics that come with each plan.

            So in my thinking, WordPress have broken the configuration somehow and they need to fix their break.

            Although, now that l am only producing two posts a day, it doesn’t really matter .. l have more control over my blog again 🙂

          3. But they should fix it because you’re paying way more than $4 per month. This does leads you to think why did they introduce block editor in the first place. No one is happy with it. It’s time consuming and problematic as well.

          4. Well l agree, many of us are very unhappy with its presence here, and many of us all the way through the various plans are experiencing serious problems with it.

            I can understand teething problems .. but as you know like l do, as we are gamers/ex gamers – when a new expansion was released, it went through exceptionally long periods of beta testing, tested by users of the actual product. Once beta testing was complete, a shorter period of alpha testing commences and then problems are ironed out and a product is launched.

            Now, Block Editor supposedly went through this …….

            However, Block Editor now many months after official launch is still experiencing problems … if this was a game, the outcry would be huge and yet even though the outcry is huge here, unlike games being remedied WP doesn’t seem to be fixing things.

            Ten months after launch following supposed alpha and beta testing programmes, still this new feature has serious flaws … what on earth is that all about?

    1. Hey Ribana, and looking at my Singapore clock it is now …. tick, tick, tick, 17.40pm – so once again, l wish you a lovely evening 🙂

  1. Good Afternoon 🙂
    Happy Wednesday !
    When will the murder happen and investigation start. Curious about the Snifty Sleuth.

    1. Good morning Kritika – here’s hoping your Humpday Wednesday is going well 🙂

      Yes, l must speak to Kristian and we can start to get that series going.

  2. ‘Morning, Rory.
    I’ve liked the songs of Eddie Cochran for a long time so I’d pick “Somethin’ Else”.
    Also Carl Perkins’ “Matchbox”.

    1. Hey Ian,

      Good morning to you 🙂

      How is the Teaching Role or has that moment passed and all is as was?

      Good choices, many thanks and l agree l happen to like both Eddie and Carl too 🙂

          1. They are around these parts. Though it is part of lockdown easing, I believe. I’m looking forward to the museums and galleries opening; I’m going to binge visit!

  3. I had to look-up rockabilly, I mean I was vaguely aware of it as a genre title but I don’t have a tendency to think in terms of genre, just what I like LOL And I found a web site titled “10 Iconic rockabilly artists” and discovered some of my favs on it – like Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee and the Stray Cats. Also a few I had never heard of and that now I have to pursue LOL It does appear tho that rockabilly is just plain ole shit-kickin’ rock ‘n roll

    1. Hey Grace, do you know it’s funny when l was thinking of a genre .. l had you in mind and l thought mm … do we go for rock, which we have technically done? Do we go for rock’n’roll or shall we try rockabilly and the reason l went with rockabilly is because of good ol’ Johnny Cash who when he first began singing was quite taken with rockabilly country.

      Many of the artists of this ‘genre’ l figured you might have some interest in.

      Rockabilly is a theme l have loved for years, as it was a small time window in history before the better known ‘RNR’ took the scene 🙂

      1. I pretty much like anything you can dance to! And for that, as Chuck said “You gotta have a back beat…” But I miss the old time rock and roll that featured saxes…ain’t nuthin’ more sexy than a sax…

  4. Good evening JB! Time seems especially slippery today… maybe because it’s raining?🤣🤣
    I hope Wren’sDay has been good to you.

    I’ll get back to you with some songs… my brain is sticking on Stray Cats and more recent artists right now🤦🏼‍♀️💃🏼🎶

    Better get hoppin… late, late, late🐰🐰


  5. Evening Bruce, i hope you’ve had a pleasant day. I hope Universal Greetings stays because it comes across that you are including everyone. Even if i miss it a few times, by the time i’ve read it i still feel included 🙂

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