Universal Greetings

Universal Greetings – Inspirational Days
Tuesday 02/03/2021 – Season 16 – Series 12
Wishing my Guest Stars a truly wonderful day both on and off blog – make it great!
Universal Greetings is currently under review this month – if this is a post you would like to continue to see and stay please state why … Thank you.
This coming Spring …… A New Snifty Sleuth Mystery will begin ………..
There has been a murder, a terrible Murder!!
Who Is The Victim?
Where Was The Murder Committed?
Who Is Guilty?
How Did They Do It?
What Was Their Motive?
What Was Their Murder Weapon?

Who Remembers …. Are you A Snifty Sleuth?

Watch this Space – March 2021
…. so please don’t answer the questions on your own blog. There will be 40% variation between the interviews to encourage uniqueness.

Are you interested in taking part in the new Musical Journey Interview series Ima Hear Becuz Ima All Ear!?

If you are, then pleaase drop me an email to aguycalledbloke63@gmail.com titled ‘ Ima Hear Interview’ and l will email you back with the questionnaire. All you need do is answer the questions and provide the necessary links and l will create and publish your interview to the series 

You can read the Pilot to the series HERE
[Password :Ima]

Have a totally fabulous day folks!

The Following Question Prompts have been dropped
The Weekend Quickie, The Friday Four and Question Fun

20 thoughts on “Universal Greetings

  1. Oh, you’re dropping the question prompts? I don’t usually answer them but I love reading them and I love reading other folk’s answers…Well at least I hope the morning music post stays…

    1. Hey Grace, the Morning post is staying – that is the ‘Community Greeting’ post anyway – it kick starts the day.

      There are still Question Prompts’ to be had, but l decided to drop some of the smaller ones as from March 1st l was reducing my daily post count down from 3 to 2 and so l also decided to slim some of the questions. As ‘Series’ they are discontinued but as Random One offs they will still be around 🙂

  2. Hoppy🐸Toad’sDay JB! Foggy and chilly in your neck of the woods? I hope it burns off.

    We finally got some clouds here. The low humidity is awful, although the blue skies are nice.

    Busy, busy, busy… 30 minutes for my 2 miles today. I’m happy with it. 💃🏼🎉 Now I’m off to run a couple errands. No “days off” for the Head Peasant at Casa Cuckoo. Even GLYSB Days are busy🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🐰🐰🐰


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