The Chocolate Box

The Chocolate Box – 18 Questions

The Once Every 6 Weeks Saucy and Spicy, Sugary Sweet and Sour Game

Game 2 – Season 1
February 2021

Next Game Due – April

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1What is your reaction and interpretation to ……….. “Oooh l say that’s a big one!”
2Are you more introverted, extroverted or ambiverted or if you prefer ‘lean more towards’ ambiversion?
3Do you think you honestly know ‘hand upon heart’ what members of the opposite sex actually think?
4Which is more appealing of these two attributes only – brawn or brains?
5What are some of your strangest quirks?
6What or when is the dirtiest you have ever been [your interpretation]?
7Do you prefer to give, receive or take away?
8Have you ever eating edible clothing?
9Do you like it saucy or just enjoy a good sauce?
10Have you ever performed the naughty or nauighties in the car, your car, a car, any car?
11Have you ever skinny dipped or taken part in naked mud wrestling?
12Are your more of a sweet or a sour person?
13Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility?
14What five items could you buy at a supermarket which would make the cashier give you an uncertain if not just weird look?
15Ok, you have been arrested and no one one knows why – what would your friends think you had done?
16Oh dear, for some bizarre reason you find yourself in an insane asylum how can you convince those in charge you don’t belong there?
17You have two outfits but only one choice – which do you choose to wear for the day of the following …. skin tight flesh coloured body suit OR a very holey oversized long tee shirt?
18What is a whack when used in relationship to the term ‘out of whack?’

Answer the questions below, or on the inside of a skinless sausage or create your own post – all is fine and dandy with me – see you Mid April 2021!

11 thoughts on “The Chocolate Box

  1. 1. I’d think you were the reincarnation of Charles Hawtrey.

    2. I’m omniverted.

    3. I’m told there are more than one opposite sexes these days; who knows what to think?

    4. Brains used to make faggots (that what goes with peas). Maybe they made brawn too.

    5. My Quirks? Strangeness and charm. (quantum physicist joke)

    6. Summer camp in the Scouts, two weeks without running water.

    7. I give my order, I receive my dinner, and I take it away!

    8. I once dreamt I was eating this huge marshmallow. When I woke up, my pillow was gone!
    (Tommy Cooper).

    9. I love to salsa.

    10. Me and my girlfriend (I had at the time) decided to have sex in a car while on holiday.

    The driver and his wife were surprised. They’d only stopped to ask us directions!

    1. sorry, I had to break off there, Rory. My dinner was on the table…

      11. Yes, I’ve skinny dipped after mud wrestling. It’s the better way around.

      12. I’m sweet.

      13. My therapist has a chair in her waiting room she calls the Seat of Tranquility (and a couch she calls Sofa Away).

      14. Five ‘Family-size Packs’ of condoms! There’s some irony in that, I’m sure.

      15. They’d think, “Oh no, has he been giving car drivers directions again?”

      16. I’d say, “Hannibal Lector, I taught him all he knows. What time’s dinner?, I’m famished. Are you sure these locks are the best you have?”

      17. On me, they’d look exactly the same.

      18. It’s what my therapist says when she’s broken her very last cane.

  2. I’m still laughing at the answers from PaperKutz, so not sure I can be very coherent at the moment. Especially that last one! And I hope he sees this because it’s the best laugh I’ve had for a few days.
    Not sure how you come up with qustions like these, but I’ll answer a few of them, only a few because the answers to some would get me arrested.
    1: mind boggling fear!
    2: ambiversion
    3: I hope I never have to know that one.
    4: brains
    5: strange quirks? Who, me? Never.
    6: the day my brother gave me a mud pie and told me it was chocolate pie. EEEWWW!
    7: give
    8: NEVER. I’m very careful about what I eat and have a feeling they couldn’t be boiled, fried or barbecued.
    9: saucy
    10: never. I am an angel, as my name implies.
    11: see answer 10

    I prefer not to answer the rest as it might incriminate me. And my mother might see it.

    1. Hey Angela, hahaha, nicely done. It’s funny how many people say ‘Ooh no, l can’t answer that in case my mother sees it!!’ Excellent 🙂

      How are you and have yo managed to get your living quarters sorted out?

      1. I’m hurting a lot from this stupid weather pattern, but that’s normal. Just complaining more about the same old thing this year. As for my living quarters, I’ve checked out some leads but the one I really, really want isn’t set up for power chairs. Halls too narrow and no ramp to the door. I haven’t quit yet though. I know the right place is out there somewhere, and I’ll eventually find it.

        Made any ice cream lately? I did a couple of weeks ago and fortunately my milk sensitivity is gone for now. Your next project should be the caramels I made. I have to make one more batch before it gets too warm for them to set up. Of course, there’s room to keep them in m freezer, so that coulld make it a no-brainer. Now that I’m thinking about them I want one. And I must have dozed off because after writing one I added about 50 lines of z’s. I erased them for you though. So I’m off to get a caramel and then catch a few more of those z’s.

  3. I shall work on a post in my spare time😂😂 spare time🤣🤣🤣🤣 maybe I should say on GLYSB days. I’ll let you know when it’s done.

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