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The Curious Case Of ….

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Season 2 – Episode 05

Mini-Series – Part 3

The Curious Case Of … The Curious Case Of … Work Zing That Body!!!!!!!
As l explained in the introduction to this new mini-series – The Curious Case Of … these questions have arisen due to the responses l received on one of the questions in the last game of  Fancy A Weekend Quickie?!!  which was 
What are five of the biggest mistakes that people make with their lives in your opinion?

I never went out of my way as a youngster to be super fit or healthy, but then when you are young you are not specifically doing that with deliberation anyway are you? You go to school and you usually are taking part in some kind of healthy activity anyway as part and parcel of the education discipline. I lived in Australia and Malaysia from the ages of 5 – 14 and when l was there l was involved in sport like past times.

I was actively chasing hockey, running, hurdles, soccer, swimming, high and long jump and cross country running between the ages of 9 – 14 with school. In Malaysia l was swimming with my school and l was a cub and a scout in Australia and with that came more activities usually outside, such as hiking and social participation contact spots – so really when young, l didn’t follow any specific training for exercise as l was always moving anyway.

My father was what many would class today as a body shamer and this behaviour of his was deeply ingrained within him and l know that his parents body shamed their own children, so my father grew up with that learning and didn’t alter his thinking on it .. so he thought nothing of shaming his own children if ever an ounce of body fat was gained. Both of my parents were slim people, so whilst my father was an out and out body shamer, my mother wasn’t that far behind his thoughts. But this comes l find with very vain people and my parents were ‘very vain people!’

I remember a few years ago, possibly 2015 – my father [then alive] criticised and teased me heavily when l visited him and he did so in front of Suzanne and he poked fun at my ‘bloated stomach’. The bloat was at that time caused by this stomach disorder l have had since 1994 and causes me a lot of discomfort and pain on a regular basis. He knew of the disorder, he knew of the problems l experienced with this and yet he still couldn’t help himself or stop his own vanity. He was trying to promote himself to Suzanne as the better catch of the two of us and attempted this by telling her she would be better off with someone who looked after themselves! That was my father, that was typical father behaviour.

He had done that when l was much younger, in my later teens when l used to bring girls home who at that time were mostly ‘just’ friends and he would attempt even then to push his vanity onto them and the pressure at that time mentally was profound on me .. l was quite shy before l turned 20 and just to ask a girl home to tea or something even on a friendly basis without stuttering like a rap song was an achievement for me. To then be intimidated by my own father just compacted everything l hated about myself. I learned after the fourth time to no longer bring girls home.

My father tried to bed all of my girlfriends before l was married to prove he was the better person. He would oft stoop so low to attack my hidden Asperger’s [which was unknown] and guise my quirkiness as poor quality mental health and that no sane woman should be with his son. He saw his own son as a challenge to his own ‘whatever’ frequently.

When l returned to England, once more l was actively involved in sports and scouts and outside activities and so l was never not doing anything. I was always busy, and growing up with my parents especially .. l had an deep rooted fear of gaining weight because l knew the repercussions of that, l knew the bullying that would follow and l also knew that l would be harshly disciplined if l did gain weight. The nervous and stress element of growing up in that environment and always wanting to be away from my home and outside ‘playing’ be this with mates or many a time content by myself was enough to keep any weight gain off anyway.

Apart from this time in my life now when l am exercising and keeping active with intent – l never once before my 30th as an example deliberately trained or attended gym or anything like that .. l led a very active life from 20 – 30 – l worked all hours in my careers, l danced, l had a very active sexual life, l walked everywhere – but l also raved a lot and drank a bit and l smoked and because of those elements – 1] l was usually adrenalized with stress and 2] many a time my hunger levels were greatly reduced. I was a hardcore smoker from 16 – 54, so for 38 years l puffed in one way or another on tobacco.

I started at 16 smoking the pipe and did that till l was 22 when l started smoking cigars, then at 24 l started smoking custom cigarettes and continued with those till l was 35 when l began rolling my own and stayed a very serious smoker till l was 50. Then it took me four years to give up, even under medical advisement to stop due to having the lungs [blackened] of a 95 year old man. From 54 – now l started vaping and even though l still vape, l might only do so for an hour a day tops whereas four years ago l was vaping all day. Now more often than not l forget to vape and think by the end of this year, l’ll not be vaping either. But four years of being smoker free is a great achievement for me..

I started working before l left school and continued to work all the way through my school years and my years at college – it was my work that paid for my way through college – the job was catering and waiting tables, so l was always on my feet.

In my mid – later twenties l was a heavy smoker, a raver, a dancer, l popped 35 Pro Plus a day, l was smoking weed or rock although that was my limit on the drug scene, l had tried a few others but was more scared of becoming hooked so didn’t bother with anything harder than what l was on. Plus l was working all the hours l could, l was a workaholic who thrived on stress and mental adrenaline rushes [as said we now know that to be ADHD and autism]. I never slept due to chronic insomnia issues and so for all those years l held on to and maintained a 28″ waist – l was built like a bullet in some respects and that look stayed with me till my later thirties.

I started working with the animals physically with my business in 1993 and continued with that career till 2009. When that stopped l was working with dogs and horses till 2013 and l was also still working voluntary work with animals till 2015 and of course l have had dogs in my life as companions since 1993 also and walking dogs keeps you active. I worked the gardening and the composting as an active hobby from 2017 – so l have never really truly stopped moving. But none of it has been dedicated exercise like now … it was the exercise of life.

I remember being about 39 and realising l had to start wearing a 32″ waist! I remember being 49 and thinking ‘shit now l need a 34″ waist, although these days l am inbetween a 32 and a 33, not an easy waist size to locate, so l tend to wear a 34 for comfort. In my later 20’s and working in a full time career as a motivational trainer and working part time as an escort and partying all night – all the exercise and l suppose mental wellbeing l needed to survive l was furnished with those three roles. But l wasn’t healthy – not like maybe l am today.

I mean aside from this stomach disorder, l am pretty healthy and l now try to take care of myself with intent …..

I don’t …

smoke, drink alcohol or carbonated drinks, eat red meat or takeaways, eat sweets, chocolate or confectionary, eat a lot of dairy products, eat too much fruit or consume too much black coffee,

I do …

eat vegetables seven days a week, drink a minimum of two and a half litres of water daily, eat from as balanced a diet as l am able to produce and sleep for a minimum of six and a half hours per night

I …

exercise 7 days a week for an average time of two and a half hours daily with outside walking, hiking, indoor treadmill and cycling, weights and resistence bands, try to keep myself motivated mentally and stay positive and remember to be kind to myself and remind me that l am only human and l can’t do everything like l used to be able to when younger. I work at learning to respect my capabilities and myself.

I am losing weight again – having finally crossed the plateau and have a target of twelve and a half stone to achieve before May and only need to lose another eight pounds.

I am lucky to not be plagued with too many ailments – but l am not without problems of my own .. l have this undiagnosed stomach disorder l have mentioned and have had that since 1994, l have digestion issues which is caused by my mouth and the problems with my teeth and the limited mastication and these first two are linked, fix the second and l believe the first will start to rectifty itself. But l have broken over the years quite a few bones and l am now suffering with problems with a bad back, bad knees, a bad right shoulder, bad neck … l am in some respects healthily falling part!!

So on the physical level l think l am probably in the 85% bracket of doing well.

My mental health journey has been a very different story and that’s for another post l feel, but l try and be as positive as l can as a person, l try to encourage and motivate others which also acts as a form of positive affirmation for me, it inspires me to be as happy as l can .. but l at my own concession will not lie .. l am mentally okay, but at times very wobbly and of late l face a lot of indecision about my future and how l move on.

Many of you already know, one of my main conflicts is this Blog and whether l stay and continue or leave, whether l am happy with this whole experience and that causes me a lot of deep thinking but l am working through it. I am not 100% happy as a person .. it fluctuates beteen 45 – 85% each day, l have lows and l have highs but luckily l am able to average out at around the mid 60’s and that is way better than being at the lower 30’s.

I think, well l know the pandemic has a driving influence over my mental wellbeing which is why l try to sustain my mindfulness as much as l can and where l can avoid conflicts with ninnyhammers and other such fopdoodles! So in all, l am not that unimpressed with me – but as is usually the case there is always movement for improvement … now me aside how about you?

How is your physical and mental health overall?

What is your current level of exercise or activity like today?

Were you one for leading an active and physically active lifestyle before today – when younger as an example?

Have you found that your exercise has been hindered or enhanced with the arrival of the pandemic?

How do you motivate your enthusiasm today?

Do you find that your emotions are harder to manage in the current situation with covid or are you able to keep your mentality stable?

What is your over all vitality like today?

What is a typical week like for you with activity – your interpretation?

You don’t have to answer all these questions should you not wish to – just answer the one or ones that are more appropriate for you personally – however, let me know your views below…

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14 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of … Work Zing That Body!!

  1. How is your physical and mental health overall? Okay, I guess…

    What is your current level of exercise or activity like today? None

    Were you one for leading an active and physically active lifestyle before today – when younger as an example? No

    Have you found that your exercise has been hindered or enhanced with the arrival of the pandemic? No change

    How do you motivate your enthusiasm today? Enthusiasm? 😂

    Do you find that your emotions are harder to manage in the current situation with covid or are you able to keep your mentality stable? Easier, because less interaction with people

    What is your over all vitality like today? Meh

    What is a typical week like for you with activity – your interpretation? Sitting on my butt 😜

  2. Looks like a blog post is needed to answer these. Thank you for sharing your path. I, like you, had a challenging childhood. Different ways and different reasons, but none the less, challenging.

  3. My mental health has been good; I’m resilient and a survivor. A change in lifestyle (quitting work) has tested me, along with Brexit and Covid reducing my retirement pots, and a new house which needs work on it. I remain optimistic.

    I’ve never been interested in sport. I’ve looked fairly fit though, and often strong-armed into sports at school – rugby, athletics – but showed no enthusiasm so they’d drop me. Until we had a judo coach join and that was my cuppa tea!

    I was always out as a kid, on my bike mainly, from breakfast to tea time. I was in the scouts too; great times – canoeing, hiking.

    Despite not liking sport, I went in for fitness a lot early on. Jogging, gyms, fitness classes and eventually yoga for fifteen years until this lockdown. I returned to running now.

    I like to walk, and cycle but not for sport. It’s all quite moderate really. I have gained a little weight since youth but I’m not bothered; I like my food too much. I don’t put on weight quickly, It’s been the same probably since my late 30s.

    We’re fortunate that we live away from the town now so lockdown hasn’t been a problem for getting outside to exercise. The closest village is about 4 miles so there’s plenty of space to walk without meeting too many people.

    Having said all that, I’m naturally lazy so don’t push myself into doing anything. Enthusiasm is there or it isn’t. I won’t force it.

  4. I think you could probably give my answers for me…😉

    I was an active child. My mother made my brother and I “go outside and play” even if I would’ve preferred to stay in my room with a book.🤷🏼‍♀️
    When I was 12, I did one year playing soccer on a team, but it wasn’t my thing.
    My teens were very active… very. active.

    I’ve never been seriously overweight. The most I’ve weighed aside from during pregnancy, was 225 pounds.
    I’ve never “dieted” or done exercise at a gym.
    After getting my intrathecal pain pump, I started walking & pushing Ben in a stroller. It started as a way to keep him occupied and CONTAINED. I continued for a few years and was daily walking 5-10 miles, with or without pushing Ben in the stroller. When he got too big to fit in a stroller (age 6 or 7) my walking petered out and stopped.

    I’ve started again, FINALLY, and have been walking daily since Monday. (Wow! 5 whole days🙄😂) I am seriously underweight and working on adding pounds, plus toning my muscles. My actual weight number doesnt matter. I’d like to be a size 11/12 or 13/14… I dont know what size waist that would be. In my teens I wore 30″ waist to fit over my hips, with a belt cuz my waist was smaller. True hourglass 🤷🏼‍♀️ “big butt” is what I thought🙄

    Mental health is good. Having Ben home every day, and the lack of sleep was wearing me thin. Stress caused physical problems which also wore on my Zen. It has taken some hits, but still intact and strong.

    And that’s enough from me🙄😂😂


    1. Great answers Grandma, and yes l knew many of them – but a bloody hude well done on 5 days straight – that’s a terrific energy boost for mental and physical levels 🙂

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