The Hello

The Hello
Have A Great Day Folks – The Hello
Thursday 25th February 2021 – Season 15 – Series 11
A wonderful days greetings to you both, hope you enjoy your music and have yourselves a lovely day in all that you do both in blog and off.
My guest stars for today are …
Gary of Bereaved Single Dad
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
Gary of Bereaved Single DadA Guy Called BlokeAngie of King Ben’s Grandma
The RamonesMetallicaThe Clash
Black SabbathPunk Rock Comp.Iron Maiden
Today’s Music Wall
Links to selected songs are below.
Ramones – Live At The Rainbow – December 31, 1977 BLACK SABBATH – Paranoid (Full Album)
T̲he C̲lash – London Calling (Full Album) Iron Maiden – Powerslave (Full Album)
Metallica – Master of Puppets Remastered HQBest Punk Rock Compilation Ever 2 (Only Classics)
This coming Spring …… A New Snifty Sleuth Mystery will begin ………..

There has been a murder, a terrible Murder!!
Who Is The Victim?
Where Was The Murder Committed?
Who Is Guilty?
How Did They Do It?
What Was Their Motive?
What Was Their Murder Weapon?

Who Remembers …. Are you A Snifty Sleuth?

Watch this Space – March 2020

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

Late again.

20 thoughts on “The Hello

    1. Morning Kritika, l am actually in conversation now as l type with the Engineers as this is the 7th Post Dated post to have to be manually published by me this month alone. The feature obviously doesn’t like me anymore,

      Here’s wishing you a lovely day 🙂

      1. Hope the problem gets resolved soon. WP Engineers are great at solving issues within 24 hours. (I did not encounter much of them so cannot say.)
        Thank you for the wishes 🙂

  1. Hi, Rory.
    The idiosyncratic nature of WP is randomness. I had posts disappear down the timeline because I drafted them weeks ago before editing them for publishing.
    Next thing I know is an older draft post I was happy to back date, was instead published on the exact second I hit the publish button, where I didn’t want it.

    I find I have to check over everything and so much time is wasted doing it.

    1. Morning Ian, bleurgh! Tell me about it … what l struggle to understand is how can the block editor be creating more issues as it progresses of this nature?

      I have had more post dated posts excuse my French go ‘tits up’ [yes l know, no French there’ ] in the last two months than ever before?

      How on earth was this thing tested and by who? Were they bloggers in WP?

      I fail to grasp how the errors are becoming more frequent at a time when they should be ceasing to be considered errors?

      They launched in June 2020 so in nearly 10 months – why are these silly errors happening?

      1. I don’t know, Rory.
        I’m guessing there’s a bit of fiddling and pottering about afterwards, changing their minds on things, trying out ideas, hopefully patching up errors – it’s like a WIP.

        When they change something, there’s probably an unexpected consequence to it. And then they fix that, and there’s another unexpected consequence involved in doing that, and so it goes on…

        At least the future looks to be improving however barmy the whole world is. 😁

  2. I’m a little late to the party today, Rory. Sorry to hear of your WP woes. ‘London Calling’ is my go to cheering up album, especially the track, ‘I’m not down’.

  3. Hey JB! Sorry WP is still in cahoots with Mr Murphy ☹ It’s like why can’t they fix it so you don’t have to approve all my comments. Just dumb.

    Excellent Tunes!🎶💃🏼 Perfect actually. I’m feeling the need for some thrash today. Just one of those Casa Cuckoo days. 🐰🐰

    Hope your evening is chill🌊🦄💫🧸💌

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