Like you ain’t got no place to go!

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Like you ain’t got no place to go!

Why are you going so slow?
Hogging up all the pathways,
Not aware of others on the go!
… Those who also want to enjoy the day,
But need to get on and not be unnecessarily delayed!

You see them all whilst out walking,
Walking Talking Squawkers,
 … and their friends!

Hogging the middles of straight lines
Strollers too slowly taking the natural bends,
Too slow, way too slow,
You know?
Walking purely for fun,
Not walking to get done!

Walking slowly Monday to Friday!
Like it’s still the Weekend!
Without a care in the world, they’re dawdle unhurriedly!
Mentally drifting horizontally without a worry!
Sunday strollers and dreamy star gazers,

Dribbling along the pathways,
Like soiled milk seeping out of a crushed carton!
Crawling along as if in a drunken haze!
Or pretending to be overwhelmed beasts of burden!
Why do you all walk so slow?
… Like you ain’t got no place to go!

Walking can be enjoyed at any pace,
… but you have got to at least walk!
You don’t have to race,
…. You are not up against a clock!
But for the record …. Snails sliver quicker!
So by all means, talk and gawk but do it slicker!

© Rory Matier 2021

20 thoughts on “Like you ain’t got no place to go!

    1. Yes they were. People need to think more like cars with regards walking Sadje. In a car you have to be aware of all sorts of vehicles and all sorts of situations. Like cars overtaking, or cars that are going too slow … well walking is the same.

      I am a courteous walker , if l am passing someone, l look behind me first to make sure there is no one faster looking to overtake me, l make sure both sides are ok and that there is enough space in front to allow me to move with smooth speed into that space ……… and yet we have all these plonkers travelling at snail’s pacing not thinking of anyone except themselves!!

      It can be very frustrating.

      Slow walkers never look behind them, they never think ‘Ooh are there people looking to go past?’


        1. Exactly, l appreciate everyone has a different walking speed and l am a fast walker, but not everybody walks at snail’s pace either — but it’s the very nature of things today .. many people seemingly don’t think about people anymore, they are in their own little worlds. Even if you do say ‘excuse me, may get past?’ they look at you as if you have just insulted their integrity?? 🙂

        2. Hey Sadje – in the main people are very mindful, but there is always – pandemic or not really – a minority of people who don’t seem to be. I have noticed a lack of mindfulness with regards others admittedly more so during these last four months of the pandemic – where the overall fatigue of people having their freedoms limited for so long, not seeing family and so on is becoming a little too exacting on their personalities and they are starting to feel the strain.

          It’s not even one particular demograph age wise but several – people are starting to feel the pressures l feel and are now reacting.

          We all get angry, but where is the point to being angry with others if they are not to blame? I think it is just easier to snap at some people other than be mindful if that makes sense?

          I see and sense that a lot when out walking.

    1. ………… it’s sooooooooooooo funny you should mention that Gary – the other day l had a small sneezing fit .. it was caused by a fly going up my nose and l was a right mess for about two minutes flipping my head back and forwards sneezing snot everywhere and do you know what??

      I shit you not … people behind me and in front stopped walking ………… it was so funny and when l started walking again … l had huge berths awarded to me!! 🙂

  1. Or as I always say “People with nowhere to go and all day to get there” Second only to tourists who walk on the wrong side of the sidewalk (in the US you stay to your right) or stand on the wrong side of the escalator in the subways and Metros (stand on the right, walk on the left). God, I hate tourists!

    1. Oh l hear ya Grace – l really do and l totally agree with you on the code of common sense …………. except so many don’t give a monkeys about codes or ethics or principals or just ………. other people.

  2. I encountered a mother and young child ahead of me on my walk this morning. I was overtaking them, and the mother was trying to hurry the child. I just crossed the street to the other sidewalk.

    People in general ARE self centered and rude. I exist in my own bubble, but I’m generally aware of people around me.

    When I was pushing Ben in his stroller all over the city, I routinely gave way to other walkers or runners. I also encountered people who wouldn’t give way and let me pass, forcing me to go into the street or yards off the sidewalk. Pure rudeness!

    1. Hey Grandma, you are spot on, it’s pure rudeness – l will always be courteous when walking – l award wide berths normally and even wider berths now.

      But people are clueless to anyone else except themselves .. bad walkers are no different to bad drivers in my opinion – it’s the same mentality…

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