Does Your Blogging Fulfill Your You Quota?

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I read an article last week which asked the question … ‘Do you blog for the right reasons?’ Which was a look into not specifically the reasons you started a blog, but more along the lines of are you personally blogging for the right reasons? Are you getting enough fulfillment personally with your blog? Yada yada blum blum you get the idea. I guess l was pondering on this as l have had a question burning its way through my core for the last few weeks which is ‘Could l stop blogging completely and walk away and never look back and never blog again and if l could, would l and would it serve the inner purpose?’ However THAT is too long a question for a blog post headline!

However whilst that is a long question … it wasn’t the actual question … so l sat down with it and reviewed what the real ‘actual’ question would be and so l came to rest on “Does Your Blogging Fulfill Your You Quota?”

Yeah, l think that is more along the lines of what l am honestly asking.

There are many reasons for starting an actual blog for the first time and we have over the years together as a community of like minded writers, readers and communicators discussed these both here and in each other’s blogs as well … so it’s not always that hard to identify those reasons really is it?

The main reasons for blogging are usually …

To express yourself to yourself … as in see your creative style from a different perspective other than writing in a journal..To improve your over all writing style and to learn new crafting skills and be seen by more appreciative eyes and be read – so you then further develop your style to be read by other readers.
Within your blog you can create your own niche or celebration of your life and write your life down for others to read and relate to or be able to resonate with or you can simply write to entertain others. You can utilise the whole blogging experience as a way of negotiating your fears and anxieties with regards writing and communications.
Business blogs that include authoring, publishing and writing can adapt their blogs to encourage sales and a potential career and an income. Equally business orientation blogs are a great way to develop you and your brand..Personal blogs can use the blogging community experience as a way of interacting with like minded people and can further create an inner virtual society of friendship that might be otherwise harder on the outside in real life.

There are many other reasons for wanting to start a blog and equally as many for not starting a blog … not everyone is destined to be a writer or a blogger – it simply might not appeal to their personal style of communication .. which is why we have other platforms and interactive medias for people to use from Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and the rest … everyone has their own way of achieving their fulfillment quota to entertain, to be read, to communicate, to business, to market and to simply be seen.

Last month, l was digging deep and doing some soul searching with my blog – l wrote about it in various episodes l run on the blog … in the end l said that l would give myself a year to fully decide if l wanted to keep this blog going? Could l simply pack up and walk away and not look back and not bother with blogging again?

Ultimately the answer on the surface was YES, yes l could … l have performed such actions before with other ventures .. BUT, also, l had to ask myself more importantly, would destroying three years of my life and identity creation – be the right thing to do and also, why destroy it and not maybe just change it?

Is destruction the right way forwards with a blog? Well not if you are ‘only’ changing your life course – because your blog is an extension of your personality and will change over time reflectively – the more you change personally the more your blog style changes too – your writing and inner core moves and progresses like you do. So, destruction of the blog is not the way forward if you are only thinking of shifting genres.. you simply pave the forwards motion differently.

However that is if you are keeping your blog … not really if you are destroying with a view to never return to that experience – that’s a big difference.

So then l thought, okay .. so l know that if l was to NEVER return to blogging – l could simply hit Delete and walk away. Alright – so at least l know the answer to that question. But l then asked the deepest question of myself and perhaps this was actually the cause behind the initial and original chain of thought to the ‘destruction’ question?

I know WHY l asked myself that question and that was – something is missing from my life and maybe l am blogging to fill that void – BUT l then had to ask “Does Your Blogging Fulfill Your You Quota?” Is that what it boils down to – aside from what is missing from my life … which for the record … l am not totally sure of what that is … which is why l gave myself a year to make a big decision regarding the deletion of this blog … is it more like that?

Are the two actually connected or is the ‘void’ or the vessel of emptiness something different? Is my blog and my blogging merely providing comfort to what is missing or support? Am l not blogging to my fullest potential OR is is my life after something deeper and more profound?

Currently, blogging fills a space but is that enough? I have certain things to do this year and l am slowly getting there, slower than l might like and yet l still keep coming back to that question …“Does Your Blogging Fulfill Your You Quota?”

For me personally, the jury is still out … l enjoy the experience, l enjoy the interaction and the community and l enjoy the people BUT is there more to it – is there more to me – is this enough for me? I will let you know at the end of this year …. however how about you?

.“Does Your Blogging Fulfill Your You Quota?”

Alternatively ….

Is blogging enough for you and your personal growth and does it meet all your requirements for you?

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32 thoughts on “Does Your Blogging Fulfill Your You Quota?

  1. I blog for mixed reasons. I started just to see if I could. The benefits I gained were amazing. I made a lot of friends. My writing skills developed in time and I gained confidence too. I also learned so many new things and learned to adopt to new ideas. I have grown as a person too. So I think it ticks all the boxes for me.

    1. Hey Sadje, a great answer and l agree with you, l have watched you develop from the first time l saw you and started conversing with you. Your confidence is mighty thesre days and that is wonderful to see 🙂

  2. Probably most of us are in pursuit of happiness and so the question is simply, does it make me happy? Or, am I enjoying it still?

    I heard a guy once on taking an offer of a staff writer on a magazine; he said he’d do it up to the point when it just felt like another job. True to his word, he quit when it happened and did something else. And he was being paid, so where does that leave the thinking of us amateurs and hobbyists?

    But this can be addictive or habit forming, and that’s not good. Sometimes we’re not aware, or in denial of the fact.

    I will always write because it gains personal improvement, and it’s an intellectual pursuit. I feel I use blogs as a repository for my writing because it’s free and WP state they’ll not delete anything at any time. So it’s better than an independent website. Just about.

    I don’t see any reason to delete what you’ve done. It’s final and you can’t change your mind afterwards. You may regret it. Out of sight, out of mind – that’s good enough. And when you feel the urge to take it up again, it’s there.

    1. With regards the last bit – that’s not how l roll, if l make a decision to stop something .. l don’t regret the decision – l don’t park something then come back to it .. it would be gone.

      I couldn’t see the point to parking it and then returning to it.

      You will recall our conversation on this very subject Ian, last month and l am still debating the topic.

      But you have hit the nail on the head and that was with this .. “But this can be addictive or habit forming, and that’s not good. Sometimes we’re not aware, or in denial of the fact.”

      That is what l am asking myself — am l blogging because l thoroughly enjoy the hobby experience of it OR am l blogging because it’s become a bad habit and or addictive?

      I have cut back enormously .. and it’s not that l don’t enjoy it .. but l ask myself daily if it is still me.

      1. If it’s gone, you can’t go back to it. If it’s still there, you don’t have to go back to it. The end result is the same.
        But if it’s gone and you need to go back… who knows what we’ll need in the future?

        But I really respect how your thinking differs from mine, my friend – as it should. We can’t have a world full of exactly the same minds (I mean, what would we blog about if we all thought the same thing?) If you feel you have to do something absolute, I will respect that.

        Anyway, back in the here and now, and your question: I have 5 concurrent blogs and each fulfils its own job. A post gets made in any one when it arises, but I don’t know when in advance. Life drives the writing of my posts, and the posts drive the blogs – not any other way around. There are times, like this, when I’m happier not having anything post but commenting/discussing stuff instead.

        I suppose, thinking about it, blogging isn’t really my hobby; writing is, and having a blog is just a convenient way to go about it.

        1. This … Ian – is right on the button and it is this … that keeps me loving it .. blogging isn’t really my hobby; writing is, and having a blog is just a convenient way to go about it.’

          I think my deepest questions of later times have been what is it, you enjoy the most about the blogging experience and in which priority do those enjoyments sit as in first and last?

          You’ll recall also, l said ‘deletion’ would be the final decision, BUT if all it called for was simply me changing direction and or genre, then l would do that first.

          I can be the very first person to agree that l can be a giant pain in the ass with regards how l think .. l will ask myself a question and quite often also, my readership – perhaps three different ways .. because l am always looking in the minimum of three different ways at the question itself?

          i don’t know if l am just weird that way or if it is the Asperger’s way of thinking .. the latter could be true equally as much as the former – it’s in my make up at times to be quite a bit of a pedant at my own concession with regards the intricate details of some topics .. this is one.

          I used to run three blogs and l then amalgamated them into this one blog, because l struggled to keep the identities seperate – so l made them one blog, which was the right decision.

          I sometimes wonder ….. abstract here .. if what l am missing is actually canine companionship – the loss of Scrappy last year, really hit me hard. I was prepred for her loss, but to then lose Suzanne on top in so far as the relationship – hit me for six.

          With two major losses and a major house move, l have felt quite empty. i have enjoyed to a certain degree the freedom of not having a dog BUT , when l originally wanted to enjoy the freedom, l thought l would be sharing that time with Suze also .. and that is not the case.

          I find myself at times crying at night – sounds so dramatic – and it’s not meant to, but l miss all my dogs .. but the heartbreak is so overwhelming when one of the pack dies that it drains me .. but l have noticed me questioning my blog for the last twelve months and yes l still enjoy it – but not like l did once.

          It just seems empty – so is my blog empty or am l empty?

          I ask these questions to view each answer, because each answer l have already thought of, but sometimes you need to see them in black and white from another for them to make sense.

          Thank you for your insightfulness Ian, answers like these make me think harder and help me enormously.

        2. I wouldn’t describe your blog as empty, Rory. Anything but.

          Yes, you should think about a dog. Your lifestyle suits it, all that walking! Dog heaven.

  3. I’m not sure why it has to be so complicated. I enjoy blogging, so I will continue with it until I no longer enjoy it. Other online activities have ceased to be enjoyable (like participating on Twitter), so I let them fade away…

    1. It’s not so much a complication per se Paula – although l would personally be the first to agree that l could complicate an innocent ant hole – you have answered the question in so far as what blogging means for you as a hobby.

      1. Agree with you insofar as I also dislike “parked” stuff that never gets updated. My old blogs are gone for this reason and if I ever quit updating Twitter occasionally, I will delete my account…

        1. Precisely right – if l made the decision to let it go, it would be gone, because the flow would be interrupted .. therefore l enjoy my blog now and l enjoy what l am doing with it .. but if l left it for a considerable period of time to come back, would l still be the same person returning to the one who left?

          Most likely not .. if anything this question is personal and philosophical, but it is a question we have all asked ourselves over time .. are we blogging for the right reasons, are we blogging because we know it and still enjoy it, are we blogging for us, are we blogging for our community, are we blogging because this is our social media and our readers are also our friends and our society and community. As Ian suggested above, and l agree .. am l blogging because l am still enjoying the experience or am l blogging out of habit?

          Currently l blog because l still enjoy it, when l fail to enjoy it as much as l do, for whatever reason – l’ll stop.

          I just wanted to see other people’s views on it as well 🙂

  4. I don’t really understand the question. Quota of what? Enough for what, and why should there be requirements? Either I like blogging or I don’t, and if I want something more, that doesn’t preclude continued blogging. If I wanted to blog about something else, I’d blog about something else, and would only start a new blog if I thought the new stuff would be completely uninteresting to the old readers.

    1. Well for not understanding the question Ashley you have answered it well .. simply put .. does blogging and your blog fulfill you? That’s the question and you have answered it.

      I ask, not to complicate as Paula suggests above, but to look at things from another perspective, another way of thinking.

  5. I originally wrote a cricket blog and enjoyed doing so for four years. I didn’t have a massive amount of followers but the odd comment was welcomed. Ultimately I enjoy writing and it’s a good way to get some opinions/experiences off my chest. Now I’ve broadened my horizons to cover multiple hobbies. It’s at least slightly creative and there are a lot worse hobbies.

    When I first started, I found a lot of copy and paste jobs. My blog might be rubbish but it’ll be my rubbish. Some blogs are so generic that I don’t understand why they bother! Sorry, gone on a rant.

    My blog fulfils my quota. I’ve enjoyed doing it for a few years (Not on FB/Insta etc) but it’s not meant to take over my life. I do enjoy seeing the wide variety of countries from which people have visited.

    I hope that everybody who’s blogging is doing so because they enjoy it not just because they want to make a buck once they have a thousand followers or whatever.

    1. Hey Paul, thanks for stopping by 🙂

      That’s a great answer – blogging is a hobby and an enjoyable one at that and further more you enjoy what you do with your writing, your blog and your blogging in general. Worry not on the rant – that’s not really a rant but an observation and l agree with you – and of course the point you have made as did Ian above – is that it is a hobby and it hasn’t simply become a bad habit or an addiction .. l can certainly relate to the latter, l was very addictive with blogging when l first began a few years ago.

      So many thanks 🙂

  6. good grief, why must everything be analyzed to death? While I can see the author was trying to make a point, I think it’s idiotic to ask the question of others. Frankly it isn’t any business of anyone else why we blog or if it is satisfying. I assume rational people wouldn’t blog if they didn’t want to do so. Nobody except the writer should care about why…if they are asking that question maybe they should just ask themselves why we are bothering to read the danged thing in the first place. sorry, I seem to have my snark on this morning. Could be because I am sick to death of heating water to wash the damned dishes…lol

    1. Well first and foremost, sorry to read that your heated water is causing you so much of an issue Suze.

      Secondly, it’s a question that of course can be asked of others – why should it not be? Everyone who reads this question will read it and ‘analyse’ differently to the next person along.

      Equally there is the additional point that those who read the question – have the option to not answer the question .. but they choose to.

      The question is simple – do you enjoy blogging and does it fulfil you?

        1. Well there we go.

          Now, more importantly, why are you having to heat your water? Is it because of a power cut due to stormy weather or a problem with the boiler?

          Living in a caravan for four years, l had to always boil water to wash the dishes, it is very frustrating.

  7. I suppose it does, or I wouldn’t continue to do it. It fulfills some need (subconscious) because I’m not one to fiddle about with things that don’t. Suze is a ‘casualty’ of the big Freeze that hit Texas recently (I believe) and the pipes in her house burst and she’s had to have a major project done to replace them and get the water running again. No hot water for Suze. That would make ME grumpy! 😉

    1. Hey Melanie, aah that would explain the discomfort for sure – Texas has been seriously hit with snow. I didn’t know Suze was based in Texas.

      I used to face broken pipes every year in the caravan, l lost the ability to shower, bathe, wash – and even have a cup of coffee. It can be tough.

  8. I’m still having fun hanging with my peeps in the WP Cafe😂

    I could press the red button and walk away, but right now I don’t want to. There are times when I get frustrated at the demands on my time, and blogging IS a demand on my time, but it’s a demand I put there. It’s only occasionally and it passes quickly🤷🏼‍♀️

    I could and may go back to posting infrequently and doing most of my “writing” in the comments of other blogs. Like I said… it’s the social aspect for me.


    1. The red button is the finality of the whole aspect of blogging l feel. But with you as like others too, l know it is the social aspect Grandma, thanks for commenting 🙂

      But of course blogging like all other aspects of sociality is about time and compromises.

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