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Season 1 – Winter 2021Ep 2 – 21/02/21The signs of spring …
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The first official hike of the season started this morning, later than planned and after a bit of a wobbly start. I set off later than my proposed 9.30am time and eventually got out of the building at 10.50am – this is pushing it slightly really, mostly on account of my eating drinking rule – as in, l don’t eat or drink before my main walk, and the last time l do eat and drink is roughly 8pm the previous night – so that can place a small strain onto the digestive system and the yearning for food in stomach to boost energy levels.

Which increases the longer you are out of the building and the later you have your first drink and meal of the day which was roughly 1pm this afternoon making for a ‘fasting of 17 hours which is quite long.

Also my actual planned walk had to be shortened due to waking up with the shin splint injury of Friday morning causing me a few sprains, l decided to still walk, BUT to be sensible and moderate the distance. So instead of my planned 20,000 step hike .. [below]

I opted for this instead …

.….. still a sizable walk at 14500 steps, but 5500 short of the planned, l decided to act the responsible adult and moderate my walking, till at least the splint was no longer a worrying issue. If it was to develop into a bigger problem my walking would be over till l could recover from it properly.

I was wearing compression socks and a protective knee sleeve to ensure that my right lower leg was as protected as it could be, but l figured that walking 20,000 steps for this walk, may have been pushing it too far and if an injury of a substantial nature occured anywhere between points 6 – 8, l would have a huge problem on my hands. With the lockdowns and Covid people are very wary about helping strangers in the street – so l have no wish nor desire to place that problem on someone’s doorstep so to speak. I can rest my lower leg this afternoon and tomorrow if needs be. I think really what is causing it is the concrete walking or pathways/roadside walks – they can place a lot of impactive pressure on the bones and the muscles which have to absorb that strain everytime you walk on harder surfaces. So where l can l need to walk on softer surfaces for a while – which is harder with all the flooding we have experienced of late.

My walk today started at the bottom of my street, then l walked along ‘upper’ Strand Street to the first section of the Ramparts walk – The Butts [1] – to Woodnesborough Rd [2], then through St Bards Rd [3] to Dover Rd and back down into the town, then taking St Georges Rd [4] to Sandown Rd and walking through the small hamlet of Sandown Leighs [5] to join Guilford Rd and walk direct to Sandwich Bay [6] and walking through that Estate along the beach front to the pathway at the rear of the golf course [7], walking through the centre of the greens to join up with the reverse walk through The Haven walk and back home [8]. A good mini-hike all the same. But a LOT of hard surface road walking.

Currently on the morning walks l wear a layer of thermal undergear like long sleeved tee shirt beneath my tee shirt and my second skin walking trousers which are thermal based as well and with today’s remarkably warm sunny day, it made the walk slightly oppressive with the extra heat and my own generated heat walking – l suppose the advantage is l sweated more than normal which aids weight loss. But it can tire you out a fair bit as well.

With the sunny day it brought out everyone else and their dogs and their mothers and their kids and their grandmothers too! Normally Monday to Friday on the walks – l might see maybe 50 people and that is usually on the sections of the Ramparts and yet today , l saw close on to 500 people – mostly on the beach front, l steered clear as l always do – but sheesh, it doesn’t take a lot for people to suddenly arrive by the coach loads to some of these locations.

But, at least l can now say the ‘Hiking Season’ for me has started … below the gallery displays some of the better images from the walk. Mostly lazing lambs, watchful ewes and seasonal daffodils and receeding flood waters …the signs of spring are here!

Anyway, thanks for reading …. see you next time …

Set off – 10.50am – Returned 12.50pm14,500 Steps
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33 thoughts on “A Hiking We Shall Go

    1. Hey Lauren, I have to really, and more so at my age, when my body isn’t able to bounce back the way it used to as little as five years ago. in fact l have noticed a significant decline since turning 50 – eight years ago this year, but l used to laugh when people made mention to it and yet here l am thinking, dang wow!! What a difference turning 50 makes to your life.

      1. Sorry to tell you, but hitting 60 changes everything again. While my foot disability doesn’t allow me to take many steps in a day, I still get outside whenever I can to soak up the fresh air.

    1. Hey Sadje, my stomach keeps reacting badly at present … loving the walks, love the exercise, NOt loving the stomach disorder at present, am struggling to stabilise things.

      1. So sorry Rory. I know an unhappy tummy is a bummer. I’m going through some issues too. Being extra careful these days

  1. That is still a sizable walk with the injury you have but getting out there is certainly food for the soul. What a lovely place to hike, love all the photos. Hope you are feeling good 🌻🌱

  2. All of my walking was done on concrete or asphalt. I’d have to drive somewhere to get off road. I haven’t done any serious walking or hiking in 5 years or more, and since last March, none. Reading that things get harder after 50 is scaring me. I’m almost 53. I guess I better take my “easy does it” plan and dial it further back.☹

    Awesome photos, and yay you for your first official hike, wisely modified!!💃🏼🌠


    1. Life eh?? The fun is supposed to be starting at 60 and yet Lauren informs us that may not be the case ………….. hahaha!!

      You are tall as well aren’t you GM? That impact would take its toll on your lower leg bones as well, and as we age, our ability to absorb impact decreases every year.

      1. Yep, I’m 6′ and 2/3 of that is legs. I used to wear the soles of my “running” shoes off every couple months. I tried cheaper shoes one time, and went back to paying more for GOOD shoes. They still wore out. I was doing 5-10 miles every day, walking and pushing a stroller loaded with HRH and his stuff. My goal is to get my body back into the same state of health and tone.

  3. Very nice!! So now that you have been walking 🚶‍♂️ for awhile now … are you feeling fitter and healthier?

    Walking is amazing!! I want to walk too, but I do not want to walk by myself. I walk a small block at work sometimes if I need to step away from things – but is little walk just to destress?

    It is not really safe (wild animal wise) to walk where I live by myself. So I don’t know where to walk??

    And I’m just a little nervous to do by myself 🤫 I am a big girl lol… but I also like protection ✌️😄

    All the schools are locked up after hours or on weekends and I do not want to hop the fence and be stopped for trespassing lol (I have thought about my options lol) I just wanna walk the track!!! Lol

    There are parks – but everyone is at them – I would like a peaceful quiet place

    So yeah I do not know where I can walk?? Yet… because it’s 2021… so my entire life about to change so we gonna see how that goes first ❤️✌️

    But I love seeing the photos from your walk 😊 thank you!!

    1. Hey Trisha – in a quick response – yes of sorts l do feel better for it all – but in a longer response, l do and l don’t – the latter because l am experiencing currently a lot of problems with a stomach disorder, that l can’t shake a flare up that has now been raging on and off for three weeks.

      I hope that you can find somewhere to walk that is just busy enough to make you feel safer than solo walking 🙂

      1. Oh that’s right… I remember you saying that you had tummy issues.

        Are you stressed? Or depressed?

        Hmm … well busy can be problems for me. And so can deserted 🤨

        Is better if someone comes with me… cause then I am protected in most cases lol ✌️ I love that protection 😘✌️

        By myself in busy just asks for problems … nope. And then by myself alone is not the best thing either because I would like to not be hurt or harmed ✌️

        I don’t really have a place I can walk yet – I am looking lol … if I lived in a neighborhood maybe be fine but I don’t – I live in the country – way far out away from everyone / just wild animals lol

        1. Not good … can you maybe find a ‘walking buddy/’ Or join a walking club? Would the kids join you for a walk?

          Stressed and depressed no … well stressed at my stomach yes, but not stressed with anything else.

        2. I don’t know how to find a walking Buddy? And no I am good on clubs lol – I do not have time for that. I am not that type anyway.

          Hmm… well hopefully your tummy and stuff quiets down for you. 🤞

        3. I am not a clubby type of person either – but over here they are not that type of in your face club – where you have to do a, b and c. But l get what you are saying.

          Do you have any friends that like to walk? Work associates.

          Protection is usually better in numbers, so if you were walking with a girl friend, this means you could start looking for a female walking buddy. Are you on Facebook? They sometimes advertise local walking.

          The next option is to have a dog, but if you are working that could prove difficult unless your dog was allowed to travel with you to and fro.

          What types of wild animals are we talking?

          Forgive my naivity on this subject but British wildlife is very different to American wildlife. Over here we don’t have anything that would really pounce on you.

          But could you carry a form of alarm that could act as a scarer and there must be times when it is safer to walk in the country l am guessing? How far are you out in the country, do you have neighbours and or a local store, the latter you might be able to put up a card?

        4. Hahaha … well let’s see …

          I am just private and I do not have specific time to devote

          I do have work friends and we will be maybe walking when weather gets better but just simply around work.

          All my girlfriends have some reason they can not be exposed in public to covid. And most are not vaccinated yet.

          Well we have dogs and we walk them just around the ranch but they are little and don’t like a lot of walking – do you mean dog carrying? 🤨😄✌️ I have chihuahuas one is like a big baby 🙄😄

          My wild animals are coyotes, mountain lions, rattle snakes, Bob cats, we also have deer and raccoons and simple ones … but also scary ones that I would not like to meet by myself

          I do have mace … So I carry that with me always.

          What do you call those things? Air horns? Yes I will have one of those lol That actually could work lol … huh I never thought of an air horn!! Interesting approach!

          I am way out in country… no stores – no civilization for about 20 min by car? No street lights nothing

          I have awesome neighbors but I don’t really see them because either I am working or they are.

          I will figure out eventually – but I really like your air horn idea ❤️❤️❤️

        5. Mm, this … “My wild animals are coyotes, mountain lions, rattle snakes, Bob cats, we also have deer and raccoons and simple ones … but also scary ones that I would not like to meet by myself ”

          Yes that is quite the list of wildness and a far far cry from our squirrels, foxes and badgers. MM maybe the air horn would be helpful.

        6. I will. I’ll ask my police for maybe options – but they will tell me not to be alone – they are really protective and are police 🙄 I like the protective very much…very sweet ❤️

          But at the same time they are police so the way they see : everything could go badly 🙄 but maybe they have idea?

          Not a big deal, eventually I will figure it out – but today was soooooo beautiful ❤️❤️❤️ oh wow the day was sooo amazing ❤️❤️

          So beautiful and sunny ☀️ ahhhh my sunshine … the spring I ordered is here ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 👏👏👏

          The sun made it warm, and there was this sweet smelling gentle breeze that took the hotness of the sun down a few levels ❤️ so essentially making it like perfect ❤️ just a stunningly beautiful day.

          I only got out briefly today to run errand for funeral home. So it was a tease I wanted that sooooo badly!!

          I long to be outside during the spring… but I am locked in funeral home lol – it kills me!!!

    1. We are all getting sooooooooooo old Gary, it used to be the best mess with a joint to be had was , oh wait a moment – best keep things drug free hahaha!!

      My walkers are cushioned, but Sandwich is surrounded by concrete and the flooding in fields makes it not just soft but liquid mus, not great – soon it’l be spring 🙂

    1. Yes it was a truly beautiful day .. l am looking forwards to Spring for so many reasons as indeed we all are – a sign of hope, a sign of ‘hopefully’ starting afresh 🙂

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