Afternoon Strollings ..

Afternoon Strollings … Directory
Season 2 – Winter 2020/21
Saturday 20th February 2021
….. nothing quite beats getting out into the fresh air and sun.

I have had a pretty good week’s worth of walks so far and the last couple of days l have been preparing for a mini hike tomorrow. My new Fitbit Inspire HR arrived the other day and that is now charged up and synced with my iPad and although l am wearing it today it’s real challenge will be to record all the evening exercise which l shall start after l have finished this post.

When you swap your Fitbits, most of your previous badges earned are wiped out, so in some senses l am having to start afresh tomorrow – it seems a little insultive that nearly 95% of your achievements are just erased … after all, the only difference between the two Fitbits is the actual HR bit – that stands for , yep you guessed it Heart Rate … however that is the way it is.

But at least now with the new Inspire l can record the exercises properly that the old Inspire couldn’t auto track, so treadmill, hiking, stair climbing, spinning, lifting weights and my walking will now have the data stored correctly and l’ll not feel as if the Fitbit is ignoring all the other bits of activity l have been engaged in.

In addition to longer walks this week, l have also taken to walking a quick 3000 stepped brisker in the afternoons for extra steps and exercise .. but everything is about tomorrow’s hike, which isn’t enormous in an enormous sense, but is way bigger than the walks l have already been doing this week both morning and afternoon.

This week, l have been working on improving my overall timings with the two routes displayed below…

…. the walks above are five mile round trip walks or in step terms’ 10,000 round trips and 90 minutes duration.

Tomorrow’s walk is l think a 19/20,000 step walk, maybe slightly more, maybe slightly less and around 2 and a half to 3 hours tops …. but a real doozy for sure! Made better if the weather forecasters have got everything right – we had some cracking weather this morning and this afternoon, and tomorrow is supposed to be the same and slightly warmer too. I certainly hope so anyway!

But l have had some good time this week with the walking and the weather and the overall exercising and activity, making up for lost times the previous week with the snows and ice.

This afternoon’s walk had an added bonus, like Wednesday’s walk did, and that was Suze joined me for it. Her walking strength is improving, we still have a loooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go … but you gotta start somewhere, right? I bought her a Mini Bike Pedal Exerciser recently to help her rebuild her strength and muscle mass again – but nothing quite beats getting out into the fresh air and sun.

This afternoon, our walk was small, but we both enjoyed it… which was basically through the town and up towards The Ropewalk, down Knightrider Street to St Clement’s church, a stroll there and then back to mine via Upper Strand Street.

Views of the Ropewalk, ‘flooding’ and of course the ducks and pigeons.
Suze, looking better with each day.

Anyway, l will display some of the photographs from this week and walking in tomorrow’s Brisker 25. So till then, thanks for reading, catch you next time.

20 thoughts on “Afternoon Strollings ..

  1. Suze looks tired, but fantastic considering what she’s just been through. I’m so happy you’ve got some sunshine and warmer weather!!
    Everything looks much nicer without the white stuff!

    Enjoy your hike tomorrow! Watch out for livestock 😉😂😂😂


    1. Hey Grandma, you are right about livestock, l have just completed the Hello for tomorrow and included a few images for the Brisker .. it’s lambing season now and that can make ewes ultra protective. Hence why the walk is travelling through the golf course and not the sheep field 🙂

      I have pulled a muscle close to my shin bone, l can walk, but l wouldn’t be able to run hahaha! 🙂

  2. Suze looks like she is doing much better, she has really been through it. Sunshine really mas a huge difference. Enjoy the hike, it sounds fantastic!

    I am rather disappointed that the Fitbit loses some of the data, I just switched mine out last week, too. I do love the improvements made to them.

  3. Yeah you have a beautiful area to walk in ❤️ that cemetery is amazing looking wow!!

    And awww she does look good!! That is so amazing and sweet of you how much you care for her.

    You think maybe is nothing but it is beautiful to see that – not everyone is that way.

    So yeah that is really sweet to see that ❤️

    1. Well she is still my best friend and above everything that’s brilliant. she is doing well, l am really pleased with her progress. She told me today that she walked 10,700 steps and the new trainers l got her for Christmas are now well and truly broken in.

        1. I only have one ex – we are not friends – we are mortal enemies lol 😘✌️

          They way you are with her and being an actual man, is very sweet. Only some men can actually call themselves men… my ex is not one of them. So to see you is very beautiful to me. You are very sweet and kind

          She is very lucky to have you in her life – I’m sure she knows this ❤️

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