The Friday Four

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The Friday Four
Today some more brain tickling thought provokers …
If it wasn’t so , what would it be then?
When was the last time you simply paused for a few moments to take in everything that is seriously great about our world?
If you were given one song of your choice and one song only to play in the ‘air around’ you when you went out outside for walking or exercising or on your way to whereever or whatever … what would that song be?’
So we have healthy mentalness, wellbeing and mindfulness and they have been with us for many a year as terminology – but also sometimes and quite oft forgotten is ‘kindfulness’ – aka the art of being kind to yourself … when was the last time you practiced being kind to you and what was it that you did or were doing?

Let me know your answers below in the comments section – cheers.

20 thoughts on “The Friday Four

  1. 1. Unso.

    2. If I paused to take in everything, I’d still be doing it now. I wouldn’t get anything done; eventually, I’d wither away, dead of starvation. It’s a good way to go.

    3. “Mary Pop Poppins” by The True Loves

    4.. As a chronic perfectionist, I forgave myself yesterday for being a millimetre out of line in drilling several holes for door knobs.

    1. A MM out of line …………… hahaha you remind me of my Suze, she stomps up and down. I once cut her lawn for her many years ago when we were living under two rooves … she almost cried.. she had a thing for straight lines whilst l had a thing for just getting the damn grass cut.

      Great song .. serious looking guitarist 🙂

  2. If “healthy mentalness” has been with us for many a year, Google has totally missed the boat. It gets even fewer hits than “historiographical era.” 😉

    1. I use historiographical all the time alongside Historiography but then that’s just me … mentalness is a word also, but l guess it probably doesn’t have that many hits as opposed to other words that would be used to describe mental health and straight history 🙂

      I have a thing or thang about unusual wording 🙂

  3. Okay… dont know if my half done comment got ate or sent… let’s try again

    If it wasnt so, it might be to or possibly fro

    I appreciate Sunset every night. I also appreciate flowers and birds and all kinds of things as I see them or think of them… I’d never be able to appreciate ALL the good things… way too many

    One song is difficult… how about Tech Nine “I’m A Playa”

    I try to be kind to me. I bought myself chocolate for Valentine’s Day.


  4. I suppose it would be the opposite, if it wasn’t so.

    I do when I have a chance – I kinda did yesterday and today – today is very very beautiful ❤️ – I try to all the time – there are always moments to be thankful

    Ha! Ok I will owe you – one worst song ever and one personal theme song lol… these require thought

    Well … when I am able, I do self care and just do what I want… Or get a new lotion or perfume? Or make up.

    I think I am pretty good to self for the most part?? I am very content. ❤️

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