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Game 03 February 2021 – Season 4 @ 9 Games

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QF – S4 – G3 – Topic – “Just Random!”

Question 7
Does ‘methodical order and sequencing’ really matter?
Question 3
Given the choice which  historiographical era could you live in comfortably if you had to go back ‘in time’ and why do you think you could?
Question 9
What type of advertising really ticks you off as in – it doesn’t matter what the product is … because of the way it is actually advertised you become instantly annoyed and hostile with the medium? … this is NOT a political campaign question!
Question 83
What topics or passions could you write freely and knowledgeably on for say 3000 words if you had to?
Question 2
What could you NOT do for money – given the obvious – so this is not about harming yourself or harming or murdering others – so aside from that side of things – what could you not just do for cash?
Question 1
When was the last time that you read something and it touched you in some deep dark way?
Question 101
How did you murder that person and how did you get rid of the body?
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So there we go folks – 7 Just Random Questions for you …. let me know your thoughts!

Ps – is it just my misfortune or are other people experiencing problems with this damn block editor again in so far as publishing and postdating?

39 thoughts on “Question Fun – S4 – G3

  1. the editor is worse than before. don’t know if that actually answers the question as I have been gone from wp for over a year and only just a day or so ago came back to my friends. Since I was annoyed beyond belief by your “numbering system” I suppose methodical sequencing matters a great deal…at least to me. I wouldn’t kill anyone, ever, for any reason except if trump became president again. I’d quite happily give up my own life to get rid of him. ..I wouldn’t even think this except I read the news this morning and the cheeto was in it again. Coulda sworn we’d got rid of him. sigh…I’d go back to the early to mid 1800’s. Or medieval times. I could live in both. I could homestead as i have the skills necessary for it. I wouldn’t last long in the middle ages but I’d go out as the best danged witch they ever saw! I can’t abide advertising of any type. I can speak knowledgably about addictions for well over three hours. Did it in front of the Texas State Legislature in 2002. There’s a lot I won’t do for money. Hurt anything or anyone, put aside my morals or beliefs, act irresponsibly.

    1. Hey Suze,

      Is it really a year? I thought you were going not long before or after the introduction of the Block Editor which was in June – had you gone before then? You closed your blog after June, that l know.

      The Editor is not perfect, l have gotten used to it .. but this last seven days there has been significant issues like exceedingly small font in edit and now it is refusing to acknowledge either publishing or post dating at times, which is frustrating.

      Interesting answers.

      I noted you’ve not been back for long .. what happened to your other blog and which editor are you currently using then?

      1. i am copying and pasting as the damned block editor seems to be the only available thing…did I leave in June? hum, well, it feels like ten years… it’s all relative I suppose. still have the wix account, just not used it for a week or three.

    1. How did it destroy your posts Paula? It’s not destroyed any of mine, just keeps buggering around with fonts and times and publishing.

      What are you using now then?

      1. I had blocks set up for recurring posts, including Song Lyric Sunday. I mistakenly typed new text into the saved block instead of starting a new block. So, WP changed all the previous posts with that block (around a dozen) to the new one, which was specific to that day’s prompt. I thought, okay, I’ll just go into each one and fix them all. Nope! It wouldn’t let me! I ended up deleting those posts 😡

    2. So how did you get around the %$#!% thing? I still have to deal with it, choosing “classic” and so forth. The whole idea still stinks as badly as it did when WP first wafted it out… >:(

      1. I liked the saved block aspect, but now I just copy and paste like I did before. That small convenience was not worth the rest of the hassle!

  2. I’ve long thought if I had the chance, I’d head back to the mid-1950s onwards, in London, and experience all the good music as it happened. I think it’d be okay.

    Adverts have to be informative and/or entertaining, then I don’t mind them too much.

    I could write freely on painting and drawing; DIY; cookery and food; and me.

    If it didn’t harm anyone, in any way – and by extension, all living things and the environment – I would consider doing anything if there were payment for the work.

    In 2019, I bought an out-of-print book on the history of the area where I was born and brought up. This is a part of NW London and the author described his wonderful childhood before the suburbs were expanded over the countryside. It saddened me.

    I heard that a renowned East London gangster cut his victims up and fed them to pigs. Pigs will eat anything, even bones. However, I haven’t any victim in mind for this fate.

    1. Pigs is an excellent way of disposing of bodies l totally agree to that – pigs and chickens combined even!! The things those two species eat as a matter of ultimate yums could put the weak of stomach off eggs and pork forever!!

      1950’s was a good period especially the mids …

      I remember reading something similiar myself about the growing rise and fall of suburbia and the great cities.

      Good answers Ian 🙂

  3. I’ve never liked any of the new editors. Too many posts are eaten before I can hit “Publish” and most of the time I can’t find anything on any of them. Had trouble finding the “Reader” all week. After asking several times it finally came back, but some things just don’t need “improving”, like the formats we loved on WordPress before they “improved” it despite our protests.

    If I could go back it would be to the late 40’s and all the time I lived on Highway 81. The days of growing up when the world wasn’t such a hurry to change. Even without a/c we had real fun. Yep, I would happily trade today for this same time in the slower paced days on Hwy. 81.

  4. I think I would be well suited for the 20’s and 30’s in New York City. I could be a sultry singer in a speak-easy

    I abhor ads that have constant movement and loud music/shouting. (Of course they are geared towards younger kids anyway) I like ads that make me laugh.

    I write constantly about the secondary trauma toll on social workers and therapists, last book 60,000 words.

    I have actually planned the perfect murder multiple times, However, once I walk through all the what-ifs, I find that they are not so perfect. A law enforcement friend once told me the only perfect murder is one where you have absolutely zero connection to the victim. To which I replied, then why would I want to kill them?

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. Hey Angie, yes l have heard that – the hardest murderers to track down are those who kills random victims – you say that .. and my philosophy is why would l want to kill those l know … where’s the fun in that?? 🙂

  5. I think I could live in any era… I’m adaptable. I’d like to be see the Renaissance or the height of the Greek or Roman empire. There are interesting things in every era of human existence.

    Sequence only matters when making something.

    “Woman On The Edge Of Time” was in the free bin at the library a couple years ago, so I grabbed it. It the last book I remember reading that made me go ” Whoa”.

    Ummm… we agreed never to discuss “the incident”…

    I’d be willing to do lots of things for money. But if it’s something I won’t do, no amount of money will change my mind.

    Ads… dont care.

    I’ve noticed the font change. I figured it was something with my phone. I haven’t tried post dating so I can’t say about that. WP was eating my comments in Paula’s posts yesterday.🤷🏼‍♀️

    I could write 3000 words about absolutely nothing at all. Most of my papers at school were full of rambling extra words that took up a lot of space but didn’t really give any new information, and probably weren’t even relevant to the topic.😉😂😂


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