How Important to You Is Your Own Popularity?

I have to keep changing my Browser ‘My Feed’ every time l open up a new page on the Internet with my Desktop … l keep mine pretty slim in so far as what l want to see as stories and news as opposed to what l don’t wish to see and or read. You are probably the same …. l have to keep doctoring aspects to it as well …. two weeks ago, l was inundated with supposed celebrity ‘stories of worth’ from Hello! That bored me senseless, so l switched those off — l am sick to the jugular with vanity hungry self serving celebrities – that’s not news to me and it is not ‘worth’ anything in my eyes … so l went to my Personalize page and took loads of useless trite out of the system … problem solved, right?

Apparently not, the stories – the same useless shite trite stories suddenly appeared under every other ‘Newspaper’ going …….oh good grief Charlie Brown l thought! Who actually writes and owns these stories anway? After a week’s worth of continually, blocking, removing and erasing … l have a feed that now looks ‘okay’ … l don’t really know why l bothered? I don’t really read it … it can be horribly addictive and if you are trying to maintain activity over that of procrastination … FEEDs are a pain in the ass … they are like sweets and candies in jars in an open window of a shop … they are there to ‘lure you in!!’

I want to see some stories but not fashion and diet and entertainment and so on …. l know that sounds somewhat boring of me – but l am not particularly bothered per …………. se. BUT, l was really getting tired of vanity driven celebrities hungrily seeking attention to this, that and the other … like if they don’t keep everyone fixed on them, they will wane into obscurity which in many respects … the pandemic and the respective lockdowns has taken care of anyway. It has sort of cancelled out ‘celebrity culture’ … and the only ones really not always understanding this are the bloody celebrities themselves.

I agree not all …. but many. We seemingly have seen the exponential rise and growth rate spurts of Celebrity Narcissism – those desperate to stay in the limelight – some kind of creeping madness – they need to keep their popularity stakes high. I can’t remove it all … from my feed, but l have it to a suitable level of acceptance now .. and l try where l can to simply ignore much of it. Of course l suppose l could disable my feed entirely, but that is the very last resort …. if it all proves too much, l will do just that.

I have never been one for over popularity – don’t get me wrong, of course it is nice to be liked and nice that people know about you – of course there is a huge difference between being popular and being liked – but it is not always needed and even more base, l care not for it much of the time. I am quite happy believe it or not to be at the back of something rather than the front … l don’t want to be in a person’s face. I had thought last year of making Vlogs, but l realised l simply couldn’t do it … that is just too full on and not my personality. Then l wanted to and still do to a certain degree introduce Podcasts to the blog for an interview series and l am still working on that. – but that is just voice action

Now l do approve and agree with marketing, promotions and advertising a brand – but that is creating awareness and l consider that different … l think when you are promoting a product or a service then you need to be savvy and canny at the same time … but realistic with it. So your campaigns need to be out there and if you are really lucky your advertising will work favourably for you on that. But professional brand popularity is different to personal popularity … of course one could say well ‘all the celebrities are doing is just that. Keeping their brand awareness in people’s minds and l would agree … but at what point does personal brand awareness cross the barrier into self serving popularity and perhaps pompousness?

Do we really need to know everything about a popular figure … does it motivate us … encourage us to get through this pandemic quicker … or are we tiring of all this poppy and peacockian behaviour … the whole – l can piss further than you style of thing?

But that’s celebrities isn’t it? That’s them all over … so that will always be here and we can bite into it or choose to ignore it … BUT, what happens when it is purely normal folks … who allow popularity to go to their heads and become pompous and vain with it – when does that become unnaceptable?

In recent months and more so over the pandemic period l have seen this pomposity or this overwhelming need and desire to be popular with others occur with people, l never thought l would see it with some and yet l have. Being popular is everything to them and sometimes at the expense of others – whether these ‘popular people’ are deliberate in their insensitivities or completely clueless to their actions l don’t honestly know … but l do wonder at times.

I used to be called egotistical when younger by many people who didn’t know me … l had to put up with that slur well into my forties from my younger years and yet at my own concession … l found that to be a terrible thing to say about me … l was always trying to see another person’s point of view and would fall over obstacles and myself trying to understand it, as opposed to say my father who was a narcissist who could see another’s point of view but simply not care about it in the slightest!

But then he always wanted to be popular and would step on people to achieve that, including much of the time … his own family. He would stop at NOTHING to be popular …. he was quite possibly the vainest man l ever knew … but then my mother wasn’t that far behind and growing up with Narcissists was seriously hard work! Making matters worse … was my sister was also quite self serving as well … a trait she has not really lost as she has aged.

My own egotism was attributed to Asperger’s strangely enough … or basically not fully understanding the roles people play in society and not really thinking much of myself either … basically just being as close to me as l could be … but this comes with its own faults also! Being popular and well liked required vanity and very much a queen bee mentality and mind set which my family had and l did not … l just wanted to do my own thing and get on with life in as quiet a way as possible.

We all have to at times be a little self centred – promote ourselves to be liked and accepted … it’s not wrong to have an ego – you need to be able to motivate yourself … when younger l was oft called a smart ass because l read things, l documented mentally many topics when growing up, l held very strong beliefs and passions, l was a loner and at times perceived as a bit of an oddball due to many of my idiosyncrasy’s, behaviours and quirks. I absorbed knowledge and quite often l would absorb more data in any given week than most of my peers might absorb in a given year l was like a sponge and that sadly could be seen as being a know it all! But what they ultimately forgot …. was , l absorbed only on subjects l personally cared for …. okay, when younger than numbered in the tens over perhaps just a few singulars.

I know lots of things about lots of things … but l sometimes, many a time make classical errs with regards people and their emotions and feelings … so these days l tend to take more of a backseat and yet, many would say with my blog, that l don’t. Yet, l am not that popular as a blogger to the masses, not really – yes l brand and market but only to a small community … things will change on another level soon enough, but not really here but on other more visual platforms for the tee shirts and the designs … but not personally me. Just a brand.

It doesn’t bother me if l am popular or not with my blog, yes l write for an audience and yes at times l also write for me, mostly the former in blog especially though . I try to be polite to everyone even when some are not always polite to me … but two wrongs don’t make one right .. everyone has bad days as well as good, and sometimes not everyone is specifically being rude and insensitive on a deliberate basis – they are just built the way they are and are generally and naturally clueless to how they might come across at times to others …. but then of course, then there are those who only really want to be popular for whatever reason ….. and we all know them, don’t we?.

BUT, yes BUT!

How Important to You Is Your Own Popularity?

Is Popularity Important Overall?

Let me your views know below – Thanks.

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33 thoughts on “How Important to You Is Your Own Popularity?

  1. I think my stats page speaks for me on this subject: not at all popular. 😁
    There are consequences with being popular which would bother me, overwhelm me, and I prefer an easy life.
    I don’t wish to be unpopular, mind, but I wouldn’t change myself for the sake of gaining popularity: it would be a very poor exchange.

  2. Oddly enough I have never seen life as either a popularity contest or a competition – tho the reality is, it IS. Popularity? Not even on my radar. I don’t curry favor with anyone, never did. I was always stubborn that way. Did it always serve me well? Who knows. You like me, you like me. You don’t, you don’t. End of. It’s especially true now that I am old – just about everything falls into the “Ask me if I care” category. (P.S. – Get off my lawn!)

  3. It nice to be liked for the right reasons. I’ve never been the popular kind and have never followed anyone just because they are “in”. If I like any person, I’d like to know more about them but I am not the celebrity follower.

  4. For me, whether popularity matters or not depends on the purpose. If someone wants to tackle a major social cause, popularity is important. If someone wants active community chatter on their blog, popularity also matters, but on a very different scale. As for celebrities, the only reason they’re everywhere you look is because there’s public demand. If the public didn’t care, then the concept of a celebrity wouldn’t even exist.

  5. I like to have a bit of popularity due to people enjoying my words, here and on FB. Gave up on Twitter where I’m bleeding followers weekly (and the more I ignore it, the faster they disappear). As far as celebs, I’m mildly interested in them and will click some links. Makes a nice break from all the shitty political “news.” I’m not interested in the young ones I’ve never heard of though, nor am I interested in opinions about them from lesser celebs or talking heads. Influencers are the weirdest thing to me. I can’t IMAGINE buying something because Kim K wears it. That’s so insane. However, I did buy a stand for my laptop because I saw Duchess Kate using one and it looked like it made typing more comfortable. I don’t know which brand she was using and it’s doubtful I bought that one. I went to Amazon and found one I liked…

    But the idea of buying the same clothing or makeup as a 20 year old model? 🤣🤣🤣

    1. I get where you are coming from with being ‘influenced’ … l detest that style of advertising anyway and deliberately think Oof You!!’ when l see them 🙂

  6. Of course I want to be popular. How else can I take over and rule the world MWAHAHAHA!!!
    Seriously though… I have always had a very small group of acquaintances and maybe one or two friends. Gramma don’t have time or energy to be popular! No thanks!

        1. Yeah it is, and YET, it made it into the Top 5 over here and then oh nooooooooo it made the peak position of 1 and held that for two weeks!!!!

          Wouldn’t happen these days …..

  7. Very thought-provoking Bruce. May i join you at the back wherever it is you are? I’ve never understood why people cared so much about their popularity. If i like someone and they like me, then all is well. I despite being in the spotlight/centre of attention… oddly enough my sisters always branded me as an attention-seeker, due to having depression from the age of 13. I’ve always tried to keep on the sidelines, i’m more content there.

    1. Hey Shirley, more than welcome … the truth of the matter is this .. those on the side lines and the back tend to knuckle down and get more done anyway than those gaslighting in the limelight 🙂

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