Oooh Poke, Tease, Tickle and Prompt Me Please!!

It took me twenty minutes just to find the right way to create the title headline of this post … then it took me another fifteen minutes to settle on the right image … luckily it didn’t take me long to create the question nor the supporting post …. which by the by in case you haven’t realised is about ‘prompts’ and what tickles you the most to respond to prompts?

For me, l need a bit more teasing and tickling with my prompts – l like them to be a little more demanding of my grey matter and concentration .. l like to have more at times than less, although other times less is more … l like them to be complicated or saucy and in a way that allows my creative juices to drool and dribble and my imagination to run wild and free … but that’s just me.

I used to create ‘prompts for fiction writing’, but sometimes they were too convoluted and or complicated – but that’s how l like mine to be although that is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am quite fussy when it comes to selecting prompts to respond to, and in many ways l am also quite rigid because l don’t stray that much away from my usual haunts .. l like words and images … but l like blocks of words and detailed images. I like creative fiction prompts also, but l have not been writing like that for a while – l mean l have and l haven’t and l either have to be in the mood or the prompt has to be spetacular.

I had recently whilst walking a thought for a new creative writing prompt series …BUT l always get worried by them and my desire to make mine so complicated. As they say, never say never, l am both pondering and thinking on this new series that may or may not trial out a pilot this coming Spring – we shall see.

For me, l need to feel provoked – my mind and eyes reacting to something perhaps not immediately visible upon first glance – a good prompt will niggle at me and demand that l do something with it – even if not that DAY, l like some risk attached to it, or maybe on occasion something saucy and adventurous, whilst on other times drawing from my life and l like a prompt that could go on and on, and on and on and so on, past the end….. l like to continually explore the possibilities

Anyway, me aside … what about you?

What teases and tickles your imagination the most when it comes to responding to creative writing prompts? [Why that particular one?]

What do you look for specifically, when you are seeking out something different to your usual genre prompt?

What makes for, in your opinion a great creative writing prompt?

Let me know below – Thanks.

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20 thoughts on “Oooh Poke, Tease, Tickle and Prompt Me Please!!

  1. Creative writing has been nearly impossible for me. I used to do some creative writing in school. Assigned topics, and it wasn’t a big deal. These days, my brain just freezes and locks up. I get nada. Every once in a while a tiny spark will flare, but it quickly vanishes.

    I’m hoping with Ben going back to Hybrid school, and when I wrap up the daily “Adventures”, I’ll see some more sparks, and they’ll have a longer life. I have no idea what will trigger them.🤷🏼‍♀️

  2. I’m put off by rules and prescriptive prompts but like the challenge of word limits because it 1) forces me to read over my post and edit, and 2) improves my writing.

    Image prompts can be good, and easiest for the prompt setter, but I find too many used are just too similar and it’s hard to come up with a difference approach, and some images don’t say anything to me at all. They must contain some element of intrigue however small.

  3. Strictly speaking for myself? I find dozens (literally) of writing prompts every day. I co-host one “Daily Word Prompt” with two other bloggers too. I’m not likely to participate in any creative writing prompt all that often because of health reasons right now. I’m just too worn out and tired after tending to my blog (which is growing like a weed – thanks folks. Truly). to be creative much of the time. Other times the image that accompanies the prompt is something that wigs me out for some reason. I’ll do a variety of writing prompts every now and then, like last week I participated in SoCS and I’ve recently done Sadje’s two image prompts (her Sunday one and her Monday one); as well as Paula Light’s Thursday Inspo. I’ll be rolling out Evil Squirrel’s C.O.W. entry too in early March.

    The greatest enticement for me personally to do a writing prompt is that a) the muse is present and active, b) I’m not in so much pain that it makes concentrating impossible, and c) not a whole lot of complicated rules and guidelines to follow. I’d do that kind of prompt often.

  4. Lol … I respond to a prompt if I feel I have something to say towards it lol

    When you do music prompts – I do love that ❤️

    Writing ?? Eh… I am more in the moment kind of person… I’m not great with writing prompts… you give me music and then we talkin 😘❤️✌️

    But you also know when you ask questions – sometimes I answer? Like I said … if I feel I have anything to add lol

  5. I like beautiful pictures and I’ve stopped responding to any image based prompt when the pic isn’t an asset to my blog. It’s great when I can use some of the prompt words too, from bloggers who regularly post word prompts. I enjoy combining them. I do Jim’s music prompt every Sunday, so I’m not too inclined to do others. As far as questions, I’ll answer them if I feel like it, often not…

    1. Good insightful answer Paula and l can relate to that a lot especially this bit … when the pic isn’t an asset to my blog. I think that is specifically apt … l used to respond to a lot of prompts as you know.

      But strangely enough, l remember reading something you said back in 2018 when creating this very post we are commenting on now and that philosophy stayed with me and is still part of the very foundation of how l feel about ‘prompts’ today.

      I enjoy combining prompts mostly words, and l prefer to block prompts as l recently did with your Inspo’s because sometimes a series of images speak to me more clearly.

      But l don’t do many prompts anymore and l am very select in who l do respond to, l have my favourites like you do with Jim’s Sunday one. I will view yours, Fangs, Sadje and then occasionally Melanie and Tanya’s, but also when l can Kristians and Di’s … that’s it. Quite fixed really. I tend to not stray out from there, because those are my favourites.

      Whilst it’s nice to have someone create a ‘prompt response’ to something we may have created, l actually prefer to receive the response where it can be, in the comments section if possible. Space saving and not a wasted blog if that makes for sense. I guess it comes down to your first phrase …. what do l consider an asset to my blog visually? Do l create a purposeful post to respond or am l able to display it in the Hello for an example.

      When you are ‘branding’ and you are Paula, equally as much as l am, identity is everything .. so having posts that basically count as blog fodder isn’t great when you are only producing three posts a day.

      Again good answer 🙂

  6. I like some of the images that some prompt hosts use. They tend to stir lots of ideas.
    I also find some subjects just naturally touch on my own personal experiences and the memorable moments of my life. I know there is something within that I want to express.

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