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Season 5 – Winter 2020
Series 5 – Starting Anew
Sunday 14th February 2021 – Walk Time 45Mins
“Better to be safe than stupid!”
Moorhens attempting to feed on ice or failing that, attempting to crack through the ice flow!

I am beginning to wonder if those three seagulls are going to become a permanent feature to this part of the Delf stream, they seem to be very reluctant to leave it … it’s either their new home or their legs are frozen solid underneath! Matters not, there’s plenty of stream for them to swim in. There are three parts to the stream that run alongside the Ropewalk and the Butts – no waters run alongside the Millwall or the Bulwark – now they just have deep inclines and hilly mounds …….. and snow and brutal ice!

Over the last few days of morning walks, l have opted to take it easier on account of a third of the town still suffering from frozen areas .. locations you think enjoy good sun, are still seriously iced up and then areas which are not great are free – doesn’t really make any sense. My own garden is 50% free of snow debris only and my original forecast of the snow being gone by Tuesday was probably wrong, l now change that to Thursday … but the weather centres tell us to expect rain and a milder temperature – so who knows … l’ll simply wait and see.

But the last good walk l went for of between 10-12K steps was last Saturday 6th and everything since then has been much slower and only grounds that are clear have been walked on with any great stride depth and length or walk speed! I daren’t walk any faster than the paths that are iced would allow. Only today l saw a chap speed past me and as he hit the ice on the path, the ice slapped him back and he went flying!!

He yelled, cursed the ice, cursed the weather, got up and shook himself free of fragments and said in a loud voice “I am fine, l didn’t see it!!” I thought to myself, “Should you be walking anyway if you are that blind or maybe you are simply twitish?!” Anyway, he hobbled off, he didn’t walk away, he hobbled .. but he landed heavily on his arse or perhaps worse, the small of his back which could mean he is out of action for the next few days … he should have applied my logic, better to be safe than stupid.

Normally, l start my walks with a good circuit of the Ramparts and a friend emailed me the other day and said they couldn’t quite see the walk properly on my maps due to them being small … so, here we go ..

The gallery from Top Left to Bottom Right … 1] Town of Sandwich, 2] The Butts Walk, 3] The Ropewalk, 4] The Millwall, 5] The Bulwark and 6] Strand Street including Sandwich Quay.

Each day l have been out for a morning walk, l have checked to see the state of play regarding the melting of the ice on each of the walks but especially on The Millwall and The Bulwark and each day they have not really gotten any better …. but today l decided to cut through New Street and try to get to the Bulwark from via St Clement’s Church grounds.

The following galleries will show you what each walk looks like – many photos you will probably recognise but maybe not realised how they related to each section of the walk.

The Butts – entry via this small graveled road leading to the start of the footpath. Conditions for walking – very easy.
Middle point of The Butts section.
The Ropewalk – starts just across the road and that section walks towards The Millwall [Mill Wall] just across the pedestrian crossing and as you can see is still horribly iced up. It is made more dangerous because of the gentle slope and the steps and because of this l avoid it like the plague and choose to take the left at this crossing and walk down New street and take a right and walk up the High St to Church St and walk through the grounds of St Clement’s Church and then join the Bulwark from the Sandown Rd connection.

It has ice and broken ice all the way through it and l was unable to take photos of the end of it where it connects to The Bulwark due to the traffic congestion there of people, slipping, sliding and even falling. One family were trying to push a pram uphill, and l was again thinking … the world’s simply lost the plot!

The Ropewalk is much easier to walk the entire length now easily.
The Millwall – Mill Wall walk.
The Bulwark – Well once l walked around to join the Bulwark from Sandown road, it looked okay, however, as l rounded that bend l met a lot of ice and actually slipped and almost tripped over and nearly rolled down that embankment but for the grace of my feet keeping me upright – after that close shave, l stayed on the grass and walked towards the Quay and Strand St and home again!
Middle of the Bulwark looking out at the willows on the bank of the River Stour.

So, still not entirely safe – hopefully, from tomorrow with the weather changes – l can start to see some decent walks again – unless of course we see more freezing temperatures before the supposedly milder weather is due to arrive? Then everything will just turn to ice once more….

For some comparison photographs – take a look at Sunday 7th’s Morning Musings as some of the images there will highlight the sections themselves as the snow was falling last Sunday. Hopefully, with the maps displaying the actual walk section by section it’ll make more sense and if not, oh well …. l tried.

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

29 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Such a lovely place to walk. The ice can sneak up on you if your not being mind and slap you right on your back. Your garden sounds like it is in its winter slumber. Beautiful photos 🌱

  2. I would have a long pointed stick and I’d be poking at the ground ahead of me. I fall over on flat dry ground… ice would send me ass over teakettle like as not. You are wise and brave, JB!!


  3. You need to be taking video so we can all watch too lol … I’m teasing but I did imagine some of the things you spoke of. 😄 the reaction of the guy sounded kinda funny – did you ever see candid camera or have something similar ? Lol those things remind me of that. I wish we still had that ❤️ that was hilarious ❤️

    And also… so you are cold enough to have snow dustings but not crazy? Or was it crazy?

    We almost in spring ❤️ I’m in fricken countdown!! It’s actually light when I leave work ❤️❤️❤️ yay!!! 🙌

    1. Oh l so remember Candid Camera with a great fondness :0

      Well l am kind of crazy anyway, so if there is more crazy to be had, l am not seeing it hahahaha!!

      I agree we have lighter mornings alsdo and lighter evenings for longer – thank goodness!!

      Here’s some good time memories 🙂

      1. I am also very fond of Candid Camera 🎥 ❤️ i wish they never took that away! That was funny ❤️

        lol you are funny

        1. Yes, Candid Camera was excellent – they were the days … these days .. now everyone films everything on their cameras anyway – good, bad, ugly, fugly and dangerous too.

        2. Oh well that’s true. I suppose you are right.

          Well I’m glad I got to know life before everything ❤️✌️

          What a different world huh? Wow. Crazy… kinda does blow your mind a little if you really remember back. And then look now. 😮 craZy!!!!

        3. I know!!

          It’s hard to know what once was cause you know what you miss. ✌️

          But yes – lucky to have had that for a moment.

        4. I don’t know that we go back ? I don’t know?

          But I do know deaths suddenly did a huge drop!! Is like night and day at work… 2 weeks ago was completely insane – now is eerily quiet??

        5. Yes that is spooky to me too 😮 I feel like I am just waiting for the hammer 🔨

          It’s is good at the moment – I hope continues 🙏🤞❤️

          Just is odd way it just fell off like that? – very odd? But this whole thing been crazy odd!! So I don’t even know!

          I am off to lay down – I am not feeling very well ✌️ am fine just need rest.

        6. Ohhhh the second shot gave me fever 🥵… I am running fever and achy 🤕

          Bleh – and the 2nd vaccine finally takes me down 🤨

          I am in and out of sleep – so here and there – and also moaning lol ✌️

        7. Oh right, the reason you are unwell is due to the vaccines? I am still yet to have my first jab and that is set for May.

          It’s funny, your age group is one of the last age groups here in the UK to receive jabs. Here in UK l am one stage up from your group – l reckon the States must be moving at a hellish pace with jabbing then.

        8. Yes I am sick, due to vaccine. Shot 2 took me down… first shot was fine

          Well I work for a funeral home, so we have the covid cases coming in and also covid families… someone has to handle the death. So they vaccinate us to do that.

          Otherwise no, the United States is just like anyone else – slow AF

          Is only because I handle death. ✌️

        9. Well I have to check toe tags and things of those who have died – covid or not… I have to verify identity and numbers

          And then those families may not have know they had covid so we have to be careful with the families too.

          That’s ok… I just didn’t expect it even though I had heard 2nd shot would be bad lol … I thought I would be ok 💪

          But yeah, my immune system fighting currently. It’s not the best – and I had cancer so I guess I should have known?

          Just a fever and headache today – ate a little food and about to sleep again because I have to – I am also drained, body hurts and light hurts my eyes.

          Fun stuff lol … but I suppose better than the alternative

          And yes – my job is the ONLY reason they make sure we vaccinated

          We had an entire funeral home fall to covid and we actually lost a few… so that was bad.

          So now they just make sure we be safe ❤️ we are your last responders ✌️

  4. Oh Bruce, i have to ask…. did you laugh at the chap? i most certainly would have, possibly end up crying with laughter haha! It’s a shame you didn’t get it on video hehehe

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