The Running Puzzlements!

Just a bit of fun ….

The Running Puzzlements!

She runs, Bath runs, Shoes run!
She runs bath runs!
In her shoes!
She runs too!
… running waters and bubbles
He sees night sights and moons,
But is puzzled!
She says no knight and good night …
… he sees bright planets on galaxy horizons!
Knight sees through day to light!
But no daylight?
Pussycat sees stars in frames …
…. bright,
Stars see you in overshoulder cursory glance!
Surrounded by purpled spheres!
… and drinking pinkartinis…
Whilst richly red cherries poses seductively on rim …
…. And dances!
Owl has a hoot and see signs ….
She waits for call signs from the stars afar!
But no ringing tunes will arrive soon!
Vibrant stars see colours vibrantly!
Snappy is hipster in vibrant blooms!
Happy bear is no mug ….
But gleefully drinks shrooms and
… musical artists see magical tunes,
Whilst pretty birds joyfully attune,
… to colourful mystical landscapes across the seas,
Draped and drenched in complexing pigmentations!
Where gulls dare to breach beached castles!
   …. And Gleeful Butterflies fly upwards from pages below,
Perhaps memoirs from the fallen …
Whilst leaves fall for autumn attire …
And rains and gales and winds howl and violently blow!
…. But Bus runs on time, like she runs, and we all run,
Like peppered Pan!
There is always time for cake!

Puzzlements don’t have to make
© Rory Matier 2021
Welcome to Thursday Inspiration! This is my weekly prompt and hopefully it will inspire you to write something creative, perhaps a poem or a piece of flash fiction. I will try to visit everyone who links back to this post.

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20 thoughts on “The Running Puzzlements!

  1. Oh I am totally not a shoe girl – I’m not that type lol… I have shoes because I wear them – but I don’t really care about them

    Now if you had laid out lotions and perfumes lol then I could give you full descriptions lol – just like chocolate lol … those I can envision because I love them ❤️

    Shoes just don’t excite me or spark anything. And heels make me think of my feet hurting and it being a pain in the ass and I hate being really tall! I am 5’7” but in heels 👠 I’m sooo tall – I don’t like that – so there is pain and there is tallness 😝 I just don’t like being really tall … it draws attention so nope

    So does this actually count as answering the prompt cause mostly I just did ✌️❤️

    Not a poem or great thing of presence. But I still kinda answered? To each is unique right? ✌️

      1. Yes mostly – I like flats because I can be fast and not kill myself at same time lol … I am WAY slower in heels – and depending on what is going on – it’s more difficult in heels

        And then with winter – I have just been wearing Uggs lol …

        I have high heels for special things

        All my boots are flat… my other boots are knee high- everything is black lol

        We have so much happening and going on heels would not be good – but for something special I will wear them.

        1. Umm I don’t know?? I have really good equilibrium? Lol

          What do you mean?

          Oh they are awesome – so warm and fluffy ❤️ omg yes!!! They keep your feet so warm and I love walking in them ❤️❤️ they are so cute too ❤️❤️

          Lol what kinda Ugg’s you got over there? – mine are the cute ones lol ✌️

        2. I am sure they are cute, but they have no rigidy to their sides. I have seen people over here when walking in them, mostly walk on the side of the shoe ../. always looked a bit unsafe to me?

        3. I don’t know why they walk on side of shoes ? That’s really odd? Maybe is just how they step? Not the shoes? I can’t see the boot doing that?

          That never happens with mine? Mine are amazing ❤️so comfy and warm and also cute ❤️✌️

          This is my second pair – the first pair I wore all the time until I played kick ball with a German shepherd lol and he made a hole in one of my boots lol – I had to get new ones lol

          But I have never had any issues with them making me walk weird or anything?

        4. Well I think can be many issues maybe? Could be lazy walking or posture or even weight ?? How you distribute your weight on your feet as you walk? That can effect your shoes

          I never wear out the sides of my shoes… I wear the heel out of my shoes because I sometimes drag my feet lol 😄✌️

          Yeah I would say I wear my heel part of shoes out instead.

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