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Season 5 – Winter 2020
Series 5– Starting Anew
Friday 012th February 2021 – Walk Time 35Mins
“Who will feed the ducks?”

I kicked my arse today and made myself go for a walk … if l didn’t at least try and trial the walking how would l know the conditions of outside? Well you wouldn’t know would you? You can’t base or judge the back of the house and the garden, because whilst that garden enjoys a lot of ‘summer sun’, we are in winter and that sun is lesser than normal. That garden will probably be completely thawed out as in no trace of snow by Tuesday pending completely upon the temperatures attained during the defrost.

But outside the front of the house, l am on the ‘right side’ of the road as far as the thawing sun goes and that is thawing out very nicely indeed, in fact the whole street is thawed … but not all streets were thawed the same way.

This morning’s walk was a small one not even a full 3000 steps circuit as the basic walk simply couldn’t be achieved on account of some parts of the Ramparts still being completely iced up and not just dangerous but deadly and treacherous and only the fool would walk that way … l may be many things, but l am not that foolish!

The Ramparts is comprised of four quarters but five walks – reflectively of course who you ask and how they walk it. For me … it comprises of lower and upper middle sections and three curves or Strand St [5], The Butts [1], The Ropewalk [2], The Millwall [3] and The Bulwark [4]. Looking above you can see the circuit itself – however the yellow is actually the parts of the circuit l was simply unable to even step foot on due to severe iced conditions and so had to take a left after reaching the end of The Ropewalk and walking back to the house via New Street and in essence only really completing around 1800 steps, but still better than a kick to the head for not trying. As to when the two parts of the frozen Ramparts are clear is anyone’s guess, they are hidden in winter shadows and don’t enjoy the richness of winter sun’s that often.

The wind!! Oh the wind, winds were bitingly cold and everything despite thawing or defrosting is bitten to the core by the cold blasts themselves. When l first stepped out, l was chilled to the bone and had to come back in and don another much thicker layer over my top underneath my coat.

The Delf Stream, better known as the Ramparts moat that runs alongside the Butts and the Ropewalk was frozen solid, not just slightly iced like a few weeks ago, but solid and there were only two – three places where it was still a free running stream otherwise it was just an ice rink for the local residents!

The ducks came out of their unfrozen waters to greet me and l did feel sorry for them .. l had no feed to offer them, and it appeared that no one of the usual feeders had visited them today, mind you it was still early … but l did wonder who would feed the ducks? When they realised l was not the one, they turned their backs and forlornly waddled back to the waters!

However all that aside, it was a nice walk even if extremely cold! It was good to get out of the house for a while.

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

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27 thoughts on “Morning Musings

      1. Well, for the run up to Christmas my wife bought four bottled of “mulled” believing it was wine based. It was an alcohol-free concoction, sadly. It tasted all right – after a very cold walk!

  1. Aww, poor disappointed duckies! I’m glad you had a chance to go out. A walk lifts the mood, even when it’s bitterly cold 😘

    1. Yes it does, although the cold weather is enough to lift yojur skin off too. Even now in the house with the heating on and two-three laters in clothing, l am freezing. These old buildings are not good for keeping the heat.

        1. Thanks … l will have it sorted for next winter – the problem here is that the landlord has never lived in this house. it belonged to his parents, they died and so he basically rents it out. The one thing many landlords forget to do with older housing rentals is double glaze the windows.

          Next winter, l shall have a temporary lining on the inside to prevent the cold from the streets hitting them with the force they do. Then l shall put up a curtain rail in front of the front door with a heavy drape.

        2. Good plan. People who haven’t lived in their own homes don’t know the problems there. We had a similar experience when we shifted into this current house which we had constructed 10 years ago but was on rent all that time. Our last tenant did point out some flaws which we fixed before moving in. But it’s the living in a place which gives a better idea of what is really needed here.

        3. Very much so … there have been nothing but tenants in this property … but replacing the windows for a property like this is an exceedingly costly affair due to it being a period home.

  2. I saw your pictures and knew exactly what those quackers were thinking. Poor duckies☹ Did you promise to bring treats next time?
    I’m glad you got out, even if it was brass monkeys. And I’m glad you didn’t slip and break your bum… it’s already cracked, ya know😉


  3. I love a snowy/wintry landscape but when I go out in it I’m always a little concerned that I’ll start slipping on the ice! If I could just have a little crunchy snow to walk on but no ice to slide on that would be good. ☺️

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