How Does Your Garden Fair?

Well due to circumstances beyond my control – l will have to shuffle the vegetable gardening plans around a bit to not have any leafy greens of any nature growing. My gastrointestinal health has completely rejected them in recent week .. this means as l have sadly learned over the years that these are food items l can no longer digest … bit of a blow in the last couple of weeks identifying once and for all that my stomach can no longer tolerate leafy greens of any nature. Over the last five years alone, my stomach has rejected maybe 15 – 17 vegetables and fruits and my diet has become slimmer as a result.

It’s a bit of a blow, but not the end of the world … Suze can still eat leafy greens and so her small raised beds can grow them, whilst what we will do is exchange certain vegetable schedules and she will grow some and l will grow others. I will just need to sit down and rethink …

We had heavy snow fall from yesterday early afternoon till 3am this morning, however, once the overcast grey wore off from the day, we had blue skies and a warm sun attack the snows and a heavy thaw out and defrost has begun [again] – yippee! Here l am typing this post 24 hours plus from when the snows first started falling again and already the streets outside and more importantly, the lethal pavements are clearing up. We have no more snows forecast for this week, so hopefully come tomorrow or Saturday l can get back out again without fear of slipping over and breaking something. Luckily l was able to rearrange my food delivery cancelled last night to be redelivered on Saturday night!

I keep a good supply of food stocks in anyway, but admittedly l was getting low on certain commodities … the delivery was originally planned to deliver Tuesday night, but they had ‘truck trouble’, so l hope Saturday is third time lucky and not the opposite!

I managed to get out into the garden this morning, also like l did yesterday morning – however yesterday’s work was spoiled and foiled by the afternoon snows, whereas today’s efforts should hold true. I am not a devout lover of snow as l have said before, but the courtyard garden did indeed hold an element of beauty to it ………. whilst l was indoors the warmth of my house and it looked like a postcard scene outside!!

This morning, l got out and attended to the garden once more, refilling the feeders – birds really need help all year but more so during certain periods like winter and the breeding seasons and especially during the times of snows and ice. It is little hardship to help wildlife and nature as much as we can considering how much damage man does to nature and the wildlife in the first place. We steal their grounds and their lands and wastelands – oh l know supposed ‘mankind’ – the ‘kind’ grates in my throat a bit has done this for centuries to man and beast alike. But it doesn’t mean that we should not help out and assist where we can. Which is what l do, l help out nature and wildlife as much as l am able.

I shook the snow free from the shrubs and bushes and the trees and raked and swept the pathways, and broke ice on the gravel and brushed up loose seed into the gravels for birds to find more easily and refilled all seed feeders and de-iced where was required and cleared, cleaned and refilled the water feeder. Shook free the snows from the plants, took stock of the losses and cleared carefully around the water butt to make sure the snows and ices have not cracked it. Below was the garden l first walked into this morning ….

I spent perhaps an hour outside first thing and by Jiminy it was cold even with all my layers and Wellingtoon boots and double socks and gloves on … and l had both helpers [Blackbird] and those waiting for me to get my act together!! [Collared Doves]

But eventually, the garden was as presentable as l could make it … it’s fared well considering the punishment it has taken these last few weeks with heavy rainfall, iced weathers and heavy snowfalls and there has only been a few victims = but they will come good again this Spring. The ground has received a good watering and l will soon be able to establish how good the water table is for this garden once the growing season starts … if l am lucky it’ll be fine.

…….. l will be so thankful to see the end of this winter and the arrival of the spring and more blue skies and sunny days and being active in the garden once more and start to reap what we sow.

Catch you next time with regards the Redetermined Seasonal Growing List thanks for reading.

11 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Fair?

        1. They always do Sadje – l know you can appreciate that also. When l am able to help the birds, l feel like l am achieving something greater, for the greater good. For me, it is that the birds know my garden is a safe haven, and they will stay with me throughout the seasons encouraging more life and this too brings me a joy – so yes, they made my day cheerful and l reaped the rewards of their joy also 🙂

        2. How wonderful! I know how giving joy to anyone, even a small creature can gladden our heart. Have a happy day my dear friend

        3. Thank you Sadje – it’s later in the evening for you is it not? Just after ten now, l think you are five hours ahead? Have a restful evening with what is left MaSadje 🙂

  1. Is the red and blue feeder new? I don’t recall seeing it before.
    I love to see the birds visit. I have a Black Phoebe that visits my Pecan and I saw a Goldfinch recently. Then there’s the Parrots, Crows and Gulls and occasionally a Mourning Dove. I can’t encourage them with feeders though.
    My Pecan Tree does offer bugs and nuts in season, so it’s something.

    Diesel Cat was “stalking” a gull in the parking lot yesterday morning. It was hysterical to see him thinking about it. The gull saw him, and he’s belled anyway. Plus, I think the gull was bigger than him.🤣🤣

    Glad to see sunshine in your garden! It makes it more cheerful, even with all the snow.


    1. The red and blue is a bee hotel and it was put up back in October, but l am not sure if l have shown it before today which is probably why you’ve not seen it.

      Aye, Gulls are big birds indeed, it’s a brave pussycat that takes one on … or a foolish one hahahaha!!

      Goldfinches are lovely birds to look upon. We have this strange flock of green parrots here exclusive to Sandwich which l have always found weird admittedly, but nice to see.

      The Black Phoebe looks lovely 🙂

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