The Hello

The Hello
Have A Great Day Folks – The Hello
Wednesday 10th February 2021 – Season 15 – Series 11
A wonderful days greetings to you both, hope you enjoy your music and have yourselves a lovely day in all that you do both in blog and off.
My guest stars for today are …
Eugenia of Eugi’s Causerie I
Jen of Today’s Blog
Please do take the time to pop over to their blogs and check out their writings and musings you’ll never be disappointed with your findings.
My sincere thanks to Stephen Blyse Writes for interviewing me in his new series Stephen Blyse, Interviews. As said, it’s a new series for Stephen so you if you too would like to be interviewed just drop him a comment.
Led ZeppelinJoe Satriani 
Eugenia of Eugi’s Causerie I
Jen of Today’s Blog

A Guy Called Blokes Choices

Season 2 of Epic Captions has a ‘spoof element to it – hence why the series is currently called Eric Clapton Epic Caption. This has caused some confusion … so l shall explain. Epic Captions was read by some of the readership as Eric Clapton and so l jokingly decided to make Season 2 ‘Eric Clapton Epic Caption’. It is still the same Epic Captions game as in provide the caption you think sits best with the image provided – the only Eric Clapton connection it has is that when people saw the headline they thought of Eric himself.

It’s all just light hearted humour 
Eric Clapton Epic Captions as a game could not be simpler …. in fact it is astonishingly easy to take part and play and it is easy and quick!
Each game l will provide an image and all you have to do is produce a caption for it!
[As in what do YOU think it should read or say?]
I TOLD you it was easy!!
So here’s your image – [Above]

Eric Clapton This!

It’s yours to play with!

Comment Below!

The Last Game’s Image is above and this is what our readers said about it!

Happy Points 5 PNG
Kritika of Undressed Thoughts
 “Let the adventure begin.”
Sadje of Keep it Alive
“ Who said that granny is crazy! She’s just super aware”
Angie of King Ben’s Grandma
 “I ran away from home, and I’m living la vida loca! Want a brownie? I made ’em myself.”
Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude
You mean I can go to the hairdresser now and I don’t have to do it myself?
Ian Kay of Moon Is Rising
“Rory experiments with new look to ensure people keep a proper social distance while he’s walking around Sandwich!”
Eugenia of Eugi’s Causerie
 Stick with me baby and you’ll go along way!
Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind
Boy!   That really was the GOOD STUFF!!  Wheeeee!
Di of Pensitivity 101
I’ve won how much???  Now I can afford a pair of real gold earrings!

Welcome to Mixitup and Playme Now!
Season 3 – 2021 – 1stQ – Game 7
Do you remember the days of creating your own playlists on cassette tapes?? Wasn’t that awkward? I used to have to listen to the Top 40 on a Sunday and wait for my favourite songs to come up on the radio. The secret was to record the song you wanted and you had it captured on tape for future enjoyment for either your cassette player or as the years progressed your Walkmans.

All so antiquated now in consideration to the likes of our digital progressions eh? But good fun – and a real challenge to create the perfect recording, the perfect tape and of course – the perfect playlist mix!

Mixitup and Playme Now as a game is all about creating the perfect playlist but with a small twist and that is ‘to create a themed playlist only!’

Your task is to create a Playlist containing
Song titles to the Theme of …
This is NOT a Love Song, “It’s A Lockdown love!
Find Me A Film Directory

Welcome to Season 3

Top 15 Comedy Films

Welcome to Find Me A Film
Everyone loves a great comedy, a fantastic funny Movie packed with laughs and LOL’s right?

I know l do, but of course one person’s comedy might not be another person’s funny – that’s always the way – however let’s see what we can create shall we?

So, drop your suggestions below in the comments section ….

The suggested film titles will be compiled into a seperate post next week and then they can be voted on by readers who haven’t voted and the final Top 15 List will be posted and published two weeks today.

So, let’s get cracking … Find Me A Funny Film

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

If you never received a Guest Star dedication but would like to please drop me a comment below with your Hello.

Oh well done WP, fourth Post Dated you have foiled this month!!

24 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Great tunes 🎶
    Have a wonderful Wednesday Rory ☺️

    Hot cocoa gaze
    within a statue turned star,
    I am with you forever
    Nowhere is too far

  2. Hi Rory,
    my caption for the above shown picture would be “wide-eyed she hopes danger won’t find her, as it creeps closer right behind her”. Please bare in mind, that often times I interpret facial expressions incorrectly. But this was my first thought, so I wanted to share it 🙂

  3. Eric Clapton : “When one grabs the wrong bag of dried mushrooms for their omelet”

    Good evening JB! I looked for this post before going to sleep last night, and hoped it was just WP screwing up again. Glad to see that’s the case. Fantastic tunage 🎶💃🏼 coincidentally, I’m using the Zeppelin song in my post today. One of my favorites😉🌠

    Thanks for the Mixtape reminder. I’m the White Rabbit again… when do you need them by?


    1. No rush Grandma, before the end of next week is fine, the final post is set for the end of the month, so no rush 🙂

      Excellent caption BTw White Rabbit 🙂

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