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Season 5 – Winter 2020
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Sunday 07th February 2021 – Walk Time 35Mins
“There’s a couple of things l can’t stomach!”

I am not the world’s biggest fan of snow … l never really have been .. it’s not that l hate it or anything like that, although maybe l could be interpreted to feel that way by others, l simply can’t stand it, but hate’s too strong a word – although l dislike it immensely.

Prior to arriving in England l hadn’t really experienced serious snow – l never saw it in Malaysia and l never saw it as in played in it in Australia – not where l lived.

I saw a couple of heavy frosts down under but they were nothing like heavy frosts l have encountered here in the UK over the last 40 years … if anything, the Ozzie frosts considered heavy, were more like a winter sneeze in comparison to say a heavy frost in the UK.

Suze is a big fan of the snow … but then, she grew up in England, snow is like second nature as far as the elements go – the UK has rain and snow – whilst l was used to other weathering elements. We had a video call yesterday – she was planning on coming over to see me this weekend – but l advised her to stay at home … she is still recovering and the slightest activity can tire her out very quickly. She was tired on Friday afternoon after driving to Sholden and simply emptying out her car. So l said my hair is long anyway, and you need to take recovery in baby steps – there’s plenty of time to come over.

But yesterday she warned there could be snow today …. and there was!!

I have bad memories of snow … when l first arrived in this country from Australia, l was living in North Wales and in that short period of time all l experienced was snow and rain, rain and snow and more of each all the time!! I slipped and skidded and banged and bruised and froze my ass off on a regular basis with this damn country’s weather fronts!

When l finally moved to Surrey in later 77, l experienced hard snows back in the winters of 78, 79 and 80 and had a few accidents whilst trying to walk to and from school or just to town!

I have no pleasant memories of snow, l didn’t build snowmen with my father, or engage in snowball fights or sled down hills with friends …. well apart from that one time in 78 when according to witnesses freaky accidents like mine ‘just don’t occur on a frequent basis and they reckoned l was just plain unlucky!!’ I hit a top uber speed going down Beacon Hill and lost control and apparently performed a perfect triple somersault in the air still attached and sitting in the sledge, screaming all the way until l hit the snow bank, bounced three times and then disappeared from view on account of crashing through a six foot backyard fence and landing in the fountain!

Also, I never forget that time, that l slid from just outside my parents house in Woking and slid on my bottom now badly bruised by falling on it after slipping over and slip sliding all the way down the rise again screaming and l slid under a moving bus and thankfully came out the other side where the approaching car stopped quickly ………

No, l don’t have pleasant memories of snow – to me it is just white shitty stuff and l can’t stomach it!

When l started my walk this morning, it was more slip than snow and not so much solid tread, but as l slowly walked around the Ramparts [l decided one route would be enough] to basically get out for some fresh air, steps and photos the falling snows progressed to a mini blizzard. It was snowing seriously hard by the time l got home and even now at 14.49pm as l create this post, the snow has been falling more heavily and is now settling.

It rained solidly last night for hours and l honestly didn’t think we would see snow today … but l was wrong! Then l thought it would be too wet to settle … but l was wrong! I have NOW just ordered my ice cleats … wish l had ordered them with that brutal ice of a couple of weeks ago … but l figured what’s the point, we’ll not see any snow … but l was wrong!

But it is settling …. and means to settle and according to weather centres we have snow set to fall now till Tuesday … joys! I did decide however to visit St Clement’s church as l figured that would look lovely in the snow and l wasn’t disappointed … l may not like the shitty snowy stuff, but when it’s without a blemish and hasn’t been ruined by footsteps – it is beautiful to look upon – you see, you have probably figured it out by now … l only really love ‘Postcard or Image Snow’ – basically snow that is caught on film somewhere else and not anywhere near me.

But l love looking at snow, just can’t stand walking or working in it! I had some even more disturbing accidents with it when l lived in the forty foot metal box all those years ago!!

St Clements didn’t disappoint …

I am in the process of debating on buying a ‘walking only treadmill’ – they are not that expensive and l would consider it an investment piece of kit … l have discussed it with Suze but she believes l am just obsessed and yet l do not think so … fine, l will admit to being somewhat hyperfocused about a month ago, but l now moderate my exercise – the indoor bike was an investment piece and it is used daily. I prefer to walk … Suze sometimes wonder if l actually enjoy walking because l am very determined with my steps and l do … there is a lot of reasons l walk, to get out into the fresh air, to get out of the house, to engage in outside activity, to exercise, to take photographs and to socialise with the environment so as to not go insane being stuck in the house all the time.

Suze thinks it would be a waste … and yet, the amount of walks l have missed in the last couple of months alone with rains and now today with the snows or the ice of not long back .. these are perfect examples of still getting your exercise in. I have reduced my step count configurations to 10,000 daily steps on the Fitbit – l do strive to achieve 15,000 daily – but weather can delay that and even using your indoor bike does not replace those lost steps. I don’t think wanting to achieve 10-15,000 steps is wrong – all steps work towards your health – you walk towards improved health – you can NEVER walk to much – you can run too much, you can outdoor cycle too much and you can exercise too much … but you can never walk too much!

I can ‘t run and l can’t cycle outside because the impact on my right knee would probably end up crippling me or in the very least damaging my knee if not ‘knees’ for good. I can minimalise my various exercise routines and l can focus on stationary spinning and walking … but the treadmill would still be used as an evening alternative or a replacement for when you can’t walk due to weather or whatever… so l am in the process of researching inexpensive walking treadmills, because that piece of equipment is not a 100% replacement for physically getting out and about, it is an alternative possible.

I have found out that overdoing the exercise as l was, was causing a few problems for me physically … so l redetermined my exercise routines to concentrate more heavily upon walking and spinning in the main with some weights, brace work and steps to balance things up a bit.

I have also recently discovered that my diet can no longer stomach ‘kale’ and so l must extract it from the menu completely. I did write about my problems with kale and spinach last week , but l have now pin pointed that kale is an extreme aggressor to my eating habits – so l have also extracted it from the vegetable growing list – Suze dislikes kale as a vegetable so there is no point growing something that one can’t eat and the other doesn’t like!

I also think that my mouth and my digestion are the culprits behind the kale becoming a serious issue with me and my gut … so l look forward to the time of normality returning with dentistry and my journey to repair and recovery. Spinach is l think still okay, but it takes less for the gut to breaks it down and digest into the system.

Oh well, such is the way at times …. sadly with my stomach l have to get used to foods no longer being welcomed in my stomach. I do try and keep a good selection of vegetables on the menu, but things l have noticed especially in the last 24 months are becoming more problematic … chewing wise … sheesh at this rate, l think l may have to start blending my food up. Buggerations that’s sad and bad hahaha as a thought!!

Couple of hours ago, l refreshed the bird feeders …. this is the result!

.…….. 15.36pm and it’s still snowing … the white snowy shitty stuff is here to stay l feel …. oh well!

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

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24 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Snow hater here too, Rory, and I did grow up with it. It was forecast but so far no sign of it.

    What’s wrong with your knee?

    1. Hey Ian, an accident many years ago and an old surgery as in not one using modern technology and the knee has slowly deteriorated and destabilised.

      Surgeons tell me l have a couple of fragments of knee floating about the ligaments that every now and again cause me to experience a lot of pain. I no longer have the ability to kneel on my right knee and l was advised l could walk and hike as much as l wanted but to not put the knee in way of jolting, jarring or impact exercises.

      The reason l don’t cycle is because l have exceedingly poor motor coordination functions and l fall off and drive into things and have no balance,

  2. I like “Postcard” snow too. Snow is something to visit, not live in. Your garden looks lovely though, and I’m sure the birds were grateful. I’m sorry the weather ruined your plans with Suze, but better safe than sorry.

    Thank you for risking your coccyx to take all those beautiful pictures.


    1. Wasn’t the weather in truth … it was that she becomes so easily tired really after such small exertions – but the problem is that Suze forgets she is as weary as she is and is always trying to please others – she just needed reminding that she must put herself first 🙂

      1. Yes. It’s difficult to go slow when you don’t want to. I’m terrible that way myself. I’m always doing much more than I should. My Younger daughter reminds me often that I’m disabled, I shouldn’t be trying to do all the things.🤷🏼‍♀️
        If Suze is like me, she’s probably feeling resentful and grateful at the same time😉

        1. Don’t feel too guilty. I know I don’t like being reminded that I have limits, but my logical brain knows. I’m just a little, tiny bit strong willed and that rebels against logic. I *NEED* reminders. I’m betting Suze does too.
          She’s at a very tough time in her recovery. Probably the hardest TBH. She’s feeling just well enough to want to do things… but not strong enough to actually do much. She needs to go slow if she wants to recover faster.

  3. I do not like snow either … but only as an adult and my dislike is not too bad because it doesn’t happen at my home lol

    I do like sledding, and skiing… building igloos and snowmen… dustings suck! You need good snowfall to create amazing things.

    I do not like finding and scraping the car – or having to warm it up… brrr 🥶

    Snow for an adult with adult things is sucky lol

    If I want snow I can drive and go see it – but I YET to be like … oohhh snow, let me go see lol

    I general just like being warm lol … but I will play too ✌️

    I hate the black ice too!! That part really sucks

    One time my mom wanted me to be a figure skater 🤨🙄 I had no interest at all … I kept falling and getting hurt – I had massive black and blues … They really tried lol

    But I hated it so much that I refused lol ✌️my dad never heard what they say on loud speaker so I would just tell him “they said time to go” lol❤️

    He listened to me and we left lol

    Glad to hear Suze is doing well!! Hope you doing well too!!

    Stay safe ✌️

  4. Oh yeah and something I do actually love about snow… when it falls – I love the silence … and then you can kinda hear it fall – I find that so beautiful ❤️

  5. A treadmill is a great investment! I have one and I love it! I saw how bad the snow was in England! I love snow but not that much snow!

    1. Hahaha yes l love snow also …………. on postcards 🙂 I have bought one now, as for the last two days l have not been able to walk at all, so mine arrives on the 12th 🙂

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