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Welcome to Season 3

Top 15 Comedy Films

Welcome to Find Me A Film
Everyone loves a great comedy, a fantastic funny Movie packed with laughs and LOL’s right?

I know l do, but of course one person’s comedy might not be another person’s funny – that’s always the way – however let’s see what we can create shall we?

So, drop your suggestions below in the comments section ….

The suggested film titles will be compiled into a seperate post next week and then they can be voted on by readers who haven’t voted and the final Top 15 List will be posted and published two weeks today.

So, let’s get cracking … Find Me A Funny Film

Thanks for reading.
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19 thoughts on “Find Me A Funny ….

  1. Well I like Amy Schumer in “I feel Pretty” that movie just makes me laugh! Not everyone likes her though

    Growing up – the comedy I grew up with was National Lampoons – Chevy Chase movies – I love him ❤️

    I used to love Adam Sandler – but with “Click” he made me cry – so nope

    But movies prior to Click I liked – such as Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore

    And “What About Bob” with Bill Murray reigns in my top favorite movies ❤️❤️❤️

  2. The Pink Panther series
    What’s Up Doc?
    Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    Rat Race
    The Odd Couple 1&2
    Captain Ron
    The Great Outdoors

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