Writer’s Block Anyone?

Writer’s Block Anyone?

Saw these words and thought of You …
… and you and you too!
So many lovely words, and l twas,
… wait a moment, can l say that?
I am not so sure, because ..
It doesn’t seem to fit the format!
I mean, there’s no reason for it not to…
…or is there?
Maybe, but can’t it just join the queue?
Of today’s wordery affair?
…. Methinks it can and Oooh that is also another one,
But anyway, l digressed, and l haven’t even yet begun!

To tell you all about the words, I have seen…
… in my travels around the journals of the writers!
I needn’t explain where exactly l have been,
… but l will display the treasures of those literary suppliers
A true bounty of colourful letterings if ever there was …
…. Mm, strange that ‘it or that’ rhymes with ‘twas!’
Oh, do so get on with it man, stop the blunderings of twiddle,
Fuddling’s and muddling’s and bubbling’s too!
Just tell them all about the wondrousness and fizzle…
…. Of all the words that made you go …. “Ooooh!!”
“Can l get all of these into a fictitious poem?”
…. I mean can l use them all or only some?”

So, without further ado, let me see and give you a sample,
……. Given, drive, issue, plunge and unicorn!
Not entirely unique l grant you, but that’s just an example!
…. Although a horny horse could make for a good yarn!
Then there was or is that twas, no mind, no mind …
…. service, pedantic, snitch, tell and broken!
They are delightful words that can roll off one’s tongue,
…. Especially if one is looking for some dialogued fun!
I mean how about this then …. reverie?
…. Quite lovely l think to be lost into that category!
Then, l did so stumble upon …. Propensity…
…. Mm, that just does something to me!

Some words have a strange effect on my mind,
It must … be said!
I become ensnared and reckless and find …
…. That things sort of deteriorate in my head!
Alas, as in ‘concern and or grief’…
…. And not a damsel in distress!
However, once more l have digressed
So, l hear you ask, is that them all?
… were there no other brainteasers?
Of course, just allow me some time to decipher my scrawl
Then l shall offer them up to you as prompt pleasers!

Another generous batch of goodies from the archives…
…. Are or maybe it is were, or even perhaps simply is,
Matters not what just as long as they arrive,
What nots and so on – all words in the biz of whizz!
These’ll not disappoint, nor make you sad,
…. But there was mooch, gloomy, carker, educate, media and psithurism!
I know, l know – what was the last,
Can l say it slower please and not so fast?
Never mind pronunciation you say? How is the devil written?
I did say there were wordery delights abound,
.. and l still have a few to go!
Although the final batch is not as profound,
…. As the ism above l’ll have you know…
However, enjoy, perhaps, strength and challenge,
…. Going, road, missed, surgery and clock!
That’s them all, the treasures from my recent scavenge,
… and enough to weaken the staunchest of writer’s block!

© Rory Matier 2021

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