The Nearly There…

The Nearly There…

Oft l would ask when young,
“Are we nearly there yet?”
… to be answered in the same annoyed tone,
“l’ll tell you when we are just go to sleep, l’ll not forget!”
It never paid to push, or hassle or even remind,
…those in charge of the destination journey,
You could be at risk of a being slapped blind …
… if they thought you were being smarmy!
So, l stopped asking and gently probing …
… and simply slipped my eyes back to a page,
Behind a book l was probably otherwise enjoying,
… before l had averted them to the wild landscaped range,
Enquiring about the ‘are we there yet’ thing!
Did it really matter if we were ..
… there ..
I suppose not, it was just another place to be,
… no different to other places we had been,
… and seen already!
I was beginning to think …
That the ‘nearly there’ wasn’t a place at all,
… and that if we blinked,
We just might miss it on account of it being so small!
Nearly there as in not there yet,
…. Like an open gate, not yet closed, but ajar,
Reminding me of that joke that posed,
When is a door not a door, when it’s ajar!
… that’s like a gate, not yet closed,
No different to the near there’s in life!
Are we there yet? Don’t ask,
… you’ll know when you are!
But open gates, nearly closed doors,
… are all variations of ‘nearly and almost there too,
Not afters, but just before….
… and other nonsensical uncared for …
… terming’s and phrasings of words that matter not,
Not unforgotten nor forgot,
More like an afterthought!
It’s what happens when your mind wanders …
…. When you read and you tire of the words …
…. because they can slip away before your eyes
There but not there anymore,
…. Not on the page, just sliding towards the floor,
Nearly there, but not quite,
Because the words are still on the page,
… the book is still in your hand,
It’s your hallucinating mind, your tired mind, that is no more,
But it’s not yet dropped, it’s just nearly there.

© Rory Matier 2021

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10 thoughts on “The Nearly There…

  1. This is just marvelous! Love the route you took in your musings. From a childhood founder to an adults thoughts on how life is going. Perfect use of this image. Thanks a lot for joining in with this wonderful poem.

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