Tick, Tick, Ticketty Tock – Boomda Boomda Booooom!!

I was reading this article the other day about ‘noise’ and which noises annoy us more as humans? It was a short read but quite fascinating all the same and it did make me think about noise itself and what l can tolerate and what drives me bonkers?

My pet hate is ‘uncontrolled noise’ .. noise that l cannot prevent whatever l do … but equally the slightest tiny tick of a noise can drive me insane — like a dripping tap, that you can’t stop or little dogs yapping for no reason apart from the fact that they can, or the invisible car radios that sit outside my house in the street every evening. That muffled pulsating beat that vibrates out from vehicles waiting for their drivers to return from the Indian takeaway with their pre-ordered meals, or screaming kids having tantrums and noisy people full stop who seemingly don’t give a damn what time it is when they make noise, but do so because they can and because they are rude swines!

Not long back, maybe August/September time, my next door neightbours had a party of sorts and were playing music till well past 2am. They are not regular neighbours, because the house on the other side of me as opposed to Edward on the corner is not actually an owned house or a property rental but an Air BNB and they made a hell of a racket with very little concern for anyone else in the street.

I remember years ago, l used to drive my parents insane by making a clicking noise in my mouth with my tongue on the top of my mouth .. l made the noise when l was deep thinking … apparently it was classed as an autistic stim tic, although not back then .. then it was just a noise that my parents hated.

But today l live in a house that is constantly ticking because of all the clocks l have … as a noise it calms me, but Suze hates the ticking of clocks – many noises that people hate actually have the opposite effect on me …………

Above are some of my pet hates, other people hate things like scraping fingernails down the old chalkboards or balloons being scratched, electrical tools, a baby’s laughter, high pitched laughter, kids screaming in hysterical giggle fits, people chewing food noisily, stormy weather – honestly the list is remarkably long … but what l want to know from you is … what noises drive you insane the most?

Let me know below – Thanks.

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25 thoughts on “Tick, Tick, Ticketty Tock – Boomda Boomda Booooom!!

  1. Loud beeping like trucks make when they backup or the grocery store intercom makes to announce things. I literally go insane with rage. My cat howls sometimes and I hate that too. I don’t mind repetitive noises if they are soft…

  2. The sound a smoke detector makes when the battery needs replacing. And it always seems to happen in the middle of the night.

    1. Very true Fandango. I recently had a smoke detector lose its battery life .. l kept on hearing this single beep and it took me almost a week to track down as it was a single beep three times a day … very frustrating.

  3. I am sensitive to high pitched sounds and low pitched sounds but my hearing in the mid-range is somewhat lacking. I hate repetitive sounds, drives me right around the bend. Drills – OMG – NO.

    1. Ah yes drills, yeah with the architecture here in Sandwich , noises at times can travel through the walls in strange ways l have noticed. Last week we had decorators in six doors away. Their drills and angle grinders could be heard in my house – very bizarre given the nature of the walls here, but apparently it is due to the fact that some of these older houses also have cellars.

  4. I wish I could stay in silence for at least 1 minute but from when I have tinnitus no more silence for me 🙉
    I don’t know if I hate the sounds but something that I definitely not like is people chewing food noisily 🙉🙉🙉☺️☺️☺️

  5. Hiccups! Mine or most especially someone else’s. It comes from when I was pregnant with Younger Daughter. In utero, she got the hiccups every night while I was trying to sleep. I obviously didn’t hear it, but the association is there.

    Also, styrofoam squeaking. It gives me goosebumps and physically hurts me. Those old ice chests/coolers that are all styrofoam… ARRRRGGG!!!

    I have high range hearing loss from scarred eardrums from Scarlet Fever when I was a baby, so I don’t hear a lot of the noises other people hear.

  6. Drip of the leaking tap, lots of people talking at the same time, buzzing and the slow clap my grandson does when he is expressing his displeasure at something, sarcastically. I really don’t like the last one.

    1. Goodness, that is not a good behaviour from the grandson, l hope he loses that as he gets older. My father used that slow clap to display sarcasm and intimidation – very annoying indeed, l hated my father doing it – as he did it to display how great he was over other people.

      1. Well just does it when something he thought was going to go well, doesn’t. I’m trying to make him see how irritating I find it. Yes, for a grown up, that must be too maddening.

  7. Funny, Rory, as last night in bed I thought I heard a dripping tap. If it was, the frequency of the drips – not the tone, mind – was long enough not to bother with.

    About ten years ago, I lost hearing in just one ear and it was diagnosed as otosclerosis. That’s when the tiny stirrup bone – one of the three which transfer vibrations from the ear drum to the cochlea membrane – fuses itself to the skull. I had it for three years until it was surgically removed and replaced with a prosthetic piece. I can hear through it now but the otosclerosis or the surgery left me with mild tinnitus in that ear. So absolute quiet bothers me!
    Ticking clocks aren’t all the same. I quite like most of them but old fashioned alarm clocks – like mickey mouse ones – are irritatingly fast, whereas tall grandfather clocks are morbidly slow.

  8. Conversely, I like the sound of kids playing – it’s the sound of optimism to my ears. I also like the drone of a light aircraft passing overhead, the sound of a lawn mower, and the clip, clop of horses walking along a road.
    One thing I miss because you don’t hear it these days is tradesmen whistling a cheerful tune. Our milkman used to do it but that was decades ago; we go to the supermarket now. I guess people don’t whistle because they’re listening to music through headphones most of the time.

    1. I love whistling, and was often whistling as a child, to teenager to young adult and still whistle these days albeing mostly at home. I used to love listening to Roger Whittaker whistle.

      1. I can imagine you whistling the Colonel Bogey March or the theme to The Great Escape on your walks around Sandwich, Rory. 😁

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