Dear Blog – 15.37 – 03/02/21

Another day in paradise ……… oh no, wait a moment!

Dear Blog – 16.55 – 01/02/20 this time last year l was talking about Sheople!

This time last year it was raining hard in the UK – l remember cursing the lack of water butts l had in the garden , Australia was burning, a mysteriously strange virus was being talked about by the World Health Organisation and there were a smattering of news stories about it and the world was filled with life changing events …. but who knew … really, how life changing they would be?

Lockdowns are a pain, a bane worse than the rains! My week starts on a Monday and finishes on a Sunday and so far this week, l have been out of the house once which was Monday. I walked the first part of my Hiking Walk Target – 5.2 miles – it is quite a boring walk, l would say the same even on a nice sunny day never mind the damp day l chose to start the challenge. It’s along the busy Ramsgate Road – l walked from Sandwich Toll Bridge right up to the Gulf Service Petrol Station which is about 200 feet from my target location – Baypoint Sports Club.

Lorries sped past me and despite that it wasn’t raining, the ground was wet because it had rained over the weekend as well as overnight Sunday to Monday so the grounds and roads were wet and the air was just wet. So l started the walk dry and came back, damp through. There wasn’t really much to see as it was mostly industrial but this part of the walk leads to Pegwell Country Park where Suze, Scrappy and l walked back in 2016 – but that may have been a little too far out of my locality.

Images below from Ramsgate Road…

All dismally grey even with colour still grey and damp, but if you look closely on the 4th image bottom right – you’ll see a police car in the middle left of the image, they passed me three times on my walk ….. nothing quite beats honest coppering eh?

I saw at least a half dozen police cars on my walk travelling up and down the roads slowing as they went past walkers and cyclists. Admittedly l was the only walker so the cars slowed a handful of times when they neared me. They made me feel guilty despite the fact that l wasn’t doing anything wrong … but l felt like l was in the wrong anyway!

I will be glad when l can perhaps make the full walk … but at this rate who knows when that is likely to be .. not just because of the lockdowns, but the restrictions, the new variants and strains, the vaccinations dragging their heels and of course the damn weather which is 50 shades of annoying anyway. Some of the fields in Sandwich are now so waterlogged they are unable to drain away and just form small lakes of in places up to a foot deep.

So Monday was the last time l was actually outside the front of my house, actually it was the last time l was out the back as well. The birdfeeders will have to be filled tomorrow … we have had non-stop rains since Monday afternoon making any kind of activity outside a non-starter…

Yesterday morning, l wasn’t feeling 100% with my stomach, l think it’s not just the kale and spinach which are causing issues and so contented myself with indoor cycling and the same is applicable today – although l have plans to spice it up a bit with some housework … clean the bathrooms woot bloody woot! Hoover the floors and mop the kitchen floor as well as run a washing through – tedious stuff – but it needs to be done and keeps my feet moving!! I cycle for 20 minute time slots 4 times a day when the weather is poor – it’s not great, but still better than doing zilcho!

But also l managed to speak to Suze today via Facebook video call – she still has issues but she is getting stronger day by day! This weekend, she is having a sleep over at her own house “Friday and Saturday!” which is excellent and plans to visit and cut my hair, also excellent. She had her stomach PEG taken out on Monday and was relieved to see it finally gone as it had caused her nothing but problems since it was first inserted back in October and she was very pleased to have it removed as you can see above as it now allows her freedom of movement again.

She is still experiencing problems from the radiation and chemotherapy treatments like serious neuropathy issues and is now experiencing problems with slight deafness, but has an appointment to see an ENT specialist on the 17th of this month, so hopefully her hearing can be looked at with a course of improvement and actions.

The sleepover is a huge step forward for Suze, because if all goes well it means she can finally move back to her house and start living in it and getting her life back. She has yet to actually live in her house properly as opposed to starting her rental in June 2020 and yet only officially living in there from July before she moved to Canterbury in October. But being ill meant she was unable to actually do anything to her house … so she has a lot to do from the time she does move back in.

Despite the cancer treatment being ‘done with’, she has a year ahead filled with various appointments with scans and dental visits and the list goes on for after care. BUT, this weekend is a big deal and l am really pleased for her. She will always be thankful to her Canterbury friends, but she needs to be living in her own bubble now and start to rebuild.

It’s still raining, but my washing is now hanging off a clothes horse and will be dried by tomorrow … and now, well now l need to clean the bathrooms … it’s all go, all exciting, all paradise here ….

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11 thoughts on “Dear Blog – 15.37 – 03/02/21

  1. This is fantastic news about Suze. Wishing her speedy and complete recovery! Lots of hugs and love. I hope your tummy settles down and lets you get on with your life! 😛

  2. That is fantastic!! The stomach thingy removed💃🏼 WOOT WOOT!! I was concerned it might become a permanent thing! That is brilliant!! So happy. And the weekend… oh I am so excited for her and for you.
    Today may be rain, and boring chores, but the weekend is very near and that’s something to look forward to!!!
    I’m Happy Dancing for you both!!💃🏼💃🏼

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