Pecking Orders in the Garden

In Episode 14# – Garden’s now ready for spring mulching l introduced to you Chas and Mave the resident seagulls and Robbie the Robin you already knew about. I made reference recently that my next door neighbour Edward is fascinated with my feeding of the birds in this garden and describes their feeding habits like that of miniature flying piglets such is the nature of the frenzy.

Once the feed goes out into the garden which is usually every two days or so .. there is this mad feathered rush and more so if l fill the seed feeders up in the morning before l leave for my walk …. within five minutes of me locking the back door and coming back into the house after filling up, the garden will be flocked to and swarmed over by a number of different bird species ….

There is usually a flock of collared doves  that swoops in first, followed hotly by a smaller flock of starlings or young crows, then there are the woodpigeons and a flock of homing pigeons now visit also. If they are fast the seagulls get a looksee and once that manicness is over with – then all the smaller birds race in…

However today l was waiting for the frenzy feeding to begin armed with my camera. The following images were captured on a long zoom through the patio windows .. sorry if some are a bit blurred, but it’s the reflection on the glass. But it gives you an idea of what the garden looks like during the morning feeding.

Edward informs me he has counted a rough total of around 100 birds enjoying their breakfast over a twenty minute period …. l wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Anyway thanks for reading. Catch you next time!

6 thoughts on “Pecking Orders in the Garden

  1. Awesome pictures!! Daughter keeps telling me the birds would come more often if I fed them, but I won’t do that with two cats in residence. They come to visit and rest in my tree anyway😉
    Not quite in those numbers though😂😂


    1. The birds here easily outnumber the cats … in fact, since the seagulls visit the gardens – cats no longer come by … seagulls are a big big bird as you know full well, and they’ll take a cat on no problem.

      So the smaller birds are at times happier to see the bigger birds visit 🙂

  2. That is so cool. Would adore a space like that. Although with all the hard work you have done already in place for me. Beautiful I love your secret garden and the nature you have in your own corner. 🙂

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