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Just thought l would start this series off with a small ‘walking goal’ for the month of February …

My present for Grace of Just Tawkin’ – this is my Woolly Hat!

Yesterday l wasn’t too well, in addition to that it was hammering it down for practically all of the day long – it eased up eventually very early this morning. The reason l wasn’t well was because my stomach had a flare up – so l couldn’t really be away from the house for any length of time with a bad stomach and an overwhelming desire to want to be close to the toilet every 45 minutes!

The main reason l wasn’t well, was my own fault – not a deliberate move, but a lesson learned move – that lesson was … “Don’t eat too much kale at once and moderate your portion, AND do not eat spinach and kale together without moderating those portions!!”

Kale and spinach are very high fibred food stuffs – in fact most leafy greens like rockets, corn salads, Swiss chards, cabbage and so on usually are. They also have a certain laxative property to them [just in case you ever wanted to know what to eat to really shift …stuff!] They are extremely nutrient rich or dense vegetables and they provide a great deal of vitamins and minerals with a very small calorie addition – but they don’t really sit in your stomach for long as they contain rich deposits of magnesium which happens to be one of the main ingredients for a lot of laxatives – there is a very good chance that if you don’t eat a balanced portion of leafy greens they can cause a lot of upset to your stomach and cause foul smelling flatulence and the dreaded Diarrhea and bloating!!

Looking across the River Stour at the Bell Hotel and the P22 gunboat.

Over the last couple of weeks l have been experiencing a lot of stomach and gastro problems and my stomach doesn’t need any encouragement to start that up, but as said … it was my fault, l had marginally increased my portions of kale and spinach for breakfast in the mornings and my stomach couldn’t cope and so it reacted. I was in the process of eliminating food stuffs over the last ten days … and this dumbass didn’t think about the leafy greens he was eating – until last minute almost – until the moment everything has been cut out but ‘you are still eating the greens’ and that’s when you realise the problem!!


So, l am still recovering from a seriously poor stomach Friday night and all day Saturday … this morning upon waking up, l was l think about 85% recovered, and hopefully by tomorrow l will be back to normal.

I had plans earlier this week, to take a mini-hike this weekend, but the rains throughout the week and the subsequent field floodings mostly delayed those plans [and a sore stomach]. But l have not been ‘that’ unhappy with my actual walking on the week and have been pushing my pace harder and my brisk walk distances longer. So, this morning – with the weather greatly improved as in blue skies – although once more it’s hammering it down again this afternoon – l decided to explore different areas.

Looking across the River Stour on the Toll Bridge towards the Town of Sandwich.

My ultimate aim as a walker is to try and establish a proper 10 – 15K Steps morning walk which doesn’t involve me walking around in repetitive circles or figure of 8 routes which l have been doing … but also to build up my hiking legs, as well as my endurance and stamina levels. A 10,000 stepped walk is roughly 5 miles, each 2000 steps equates to a single mile, therefore if you are looking to walk 10-15,000 steps as a basic morning walk comprising of brisk and endurance pacing then you are looking to achieve a 7 and a half mile route all told. From that point you can then slowly add to the length and increase both your steps and your total mileage.

………….. and Sandwich is twinned with ….

One of the biggest issues currently is the weather and my location … l am surrounded by fields the further out l wish to walk, especially if you wish to hike on grass and of course the other problem is the rains, the mud and this covid 19 business in so far as ‘not walking too far away from your local area’. But l spoke with someone the other day and a 7.5 mile round trip is considered acceptable, but so too would be a 10 mile round trip, but that would be the absolute limits. I could walk around the Town of Sandwich twenty times a day if l wanted to …………… but l don’t, l want to see different things!

So this week l am planning on working on walking the Concrete Jungle walk – we are promised more rains meaning the fields will be even more flooded than they currently are and that means even more mud which doesn’t appeal at all!

The gallery above displays the addition l added to today’s walk – far left is the actual addition from Strand Street to Baypoint Sports Club round trip – it takes you over the River Stour using the Toll Bridge. Middle image is the walk l actually took today – so not the full walk to the Sports Club but just over half way, whilst the far right image displays the entire area from Sandwich Town to Port Richborough.

My walk today was only 6500 steps total, l am still resting a poorly stomach – but the walk below [single route], or the mini-hike that l want to start taking from tomorrow and weather permitting of course is between the desired 10-15,000 steps. It’s a mini-hike but l want to normalise it to make it a regular daily walk.

The scenic side to the walk is alright – through the Ramparts, through the Haven, the suburban side not as exciting nor photogenic and the industrial side or from the time you cross the Toll Bridge is equally as unexciting. However, once l have this walk mastered and normalised to my morning routine l can then easily extend into the likes of Pegwell Bay and once you have added that location in, you are then on a full hike and then you can add other villages on board to fill it out a bit – like Minster, Monkton, Stourmouth – bit like Lego, just keep adding bits on!

If it wasn’t raining so much l would be walking on the other side of the river itself on the grassy coastal walk, but that too will come in time. Pegwell Bay is really lovely so it will be nice to make a day of it and walk in – and again … all in good time.

Discovery Park House on the Ramsgate Rd heading towards Port Richborough.

Anyway, thanks for reading …. see you next time … or when l have this walk under my belt .

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19 thoughts on “A Hiking We Shall Go

    1. Hey Suzanne, yes l agree with you completely, there are so many bits of Lego to add on …………. but not easily done when it’s bucketing it down sadly … oh well Spring soon eh πŸ™‚

        1. I know, we have had so much rain. I could don a poncho, but l walk for enjoyment and l got soaked to the skin on Friday with a coat on, just not pleasant at all.

  1. Bananas are good for stopping the go, go, go. Can your tummy tolerate them?

    When I was walking 5-10 miles a day it was all city walking. Every once in a while I’d drive to a nearby reservoir/lake that has a 7 mile there and back path around part of the lake.
    You’ve got tons of options. When the weather cooperates πŸ˜‰


    Your wooly hat is quite plain. I expected a big pompom on top at leastπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. No, no, l can’t stand pom poms on hats .. as to the bannys l can only have a few . The secret really is to not have too much of the kale or the spinach at once.

    1. It’s not actually pointy Grace, l think that is the way l am holding the camera, l am terrible at selfies and really am never sure if the lens is even looking at me. I never pull the hat right down , so it looks at times like Noddy’s cap πŸ™‚

      I like a no fuss woolly hat, mine l think resembles more of a Beanie, but l have a couple of others of varying thickness.

      These are not my favourited hats in truth, but they are warmer than peaked caps.

  2. Yup, spinach, kale, rocket all makes the whole GIT go faster. Hope you’re feeling better now. The walk looks good! And hopefully the weather will cooperate and you’ll be able to do longer ones.

    1. So do l Sadje, because it’s non stop rain, rained again last night … soon be spring hahaha!!

      Kales and the leafy greens – they are terrific for eating but devilry on the way out πŸ™‚

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