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I was reading a post yesterday written by Ashley titled … My Writing and Self-Publishing Journey which is an excellent read by the way, so do check it out when you get a moment and as enjoyable as the post was … equally so, were the comments left by her readers and l found myself reading many of those which is what has inspired’ this question.

Earlier this week, l outlined about how l tend to write for readers more than writing for myself and that is exactly what l do …. but l don’t ‘never’ write for myself as l do … and whilst not specifically often – it is something that does happen … mostly as a result of becoming seriously inspired.

Over the course of 2009 – 2012 , l penned nearly 2600 private poems which came as a result of my 2008 diagnosis with my Asperger’s. Many have been destroyed although a good majority can still be found in My Poetry Directory. Those poems were exclusively crafted for me by me to be read by me, but as soon as they were penned they were merely archived.

I remember writing a book for a writing competition that was being hosted by WHSmith back in 2001 and it was all about Gerbils or rather the Lifeforce of Gerbils in a sci-fi fantasy way – it didn’t get anywhere. I have always written, to write, writing – not always for my enjoyment though … usually to clear my head space but mostly to write for the entertainment for others even if not myself.

In my younger teens l wrote ghost and horror stories for pulp magazines and fanzines. As an older teenager l wrote columns about my passions for school and college and clubs and in the 80’s l designed training manuals for work, whilst in the 90’s l wrote for adult magazines and private clients for some fun and extra cash in pocket and in the early days of the millenium l wrote husbandry guides for exotic animal species.

I have written many stories, poems and articles over the years for entertainment or for money or both and for many other reasons in addition. When l was 15 l wrote a book about rampaging maniacs who just happened to be sex craved women … also never got anywhere, but many people enjoyed the reading of it!

In the later 80’s l started to write a book called ‘This Is Me!” It was about my quirky life, an autobiography and how l never seemingly fitted into society and how l felt as if l was always outside looking in at me rather than purely living my life as me. I got to about 100 pages and just gave up … why on earth would l write a book about me, l thought … l am just me, nothing special. The reality was … that was the very first attempt to write about my Asperger’s – but the problem was, l didn’t know l was on the spectrum so l had to contend with the fact that l was maybe just an oddball.

In 2012 l started the autobiography again and called it “Yesterday’s Adult, Tomorrow’s Child‘ and that was a very dark inspiration and once more although l wrote it for me about me, it didn’t get published nor did l want it to be … but in 2015 l penned again for myself – Dancing in the Grey – Life With My Aspergers. I self published 10 copies and sent them to friends to see what they thought … big mistake, huge really – most were not directly on the spectrum so a lot of my life didn’t really mean anything to them – the others were not readers and that made a big difference as well. I might rewrite that, people keep saying to write a revised edition … but l’ll probably not do that, because it no longer inspires me .. l am on the spectrum, l am an Aspie – enough said, why write a book about it – but also, it is already in the archives of this blog? Dancing in the Grey – Life with my Asperger’s

I have several manuscripts of books lying around both in hard copy and digital copy, like this one below, a spy thriller when l was going through my ‘spy thriller stage’ that l typed years ago … it’s a lot of work to transfer the content into digital so l am not totally sure if l’ll bother … and it was something l wrote years ago.

Suze keeps trying to encourage me to write a book about animals, someone recently suggested l was ‘wasting my talent’ with my blog, which l have always found a funny term … does that mean that’s what going on with me now, today? I am ‘wasting my talent’ writing in my blog for the benefit of others … should l be writing a book instead?

I don’t know – the year is young – anything could happen between now and 2022 … l have plans with books, but not writing my own per se, not directly anyway and currently the most important thing is this … if l am not inspired, enthused or passionate about something … why would l write it – why would l write a book?

However… these are my musings … here are your questions …

Why did you write the books you have written and what was your inspiration for doing so?

Or alternatively if you haven’t yet written a book but wish to … what would you write and what would be your inspiration to do so?

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44 thoughts on “Why Would You Write It?

  1. That idea of wasting one’s talent is an odd one. It suggests that there’s some hierarchy of worthiness that one should be ascending.

    1. i have cleaned the comment up a bit, but that was principally the undertone.

      i have never liked the term .. my father used it a lot with me and he wasn’t interested in any talent l had. But l have always found it an unusual turn of words. It wasn’t written rudely not directly more of an observation.

  2. I could be inspired to write a book but I wouldn’t have the enthusiasm to finish it.

    Talent isn’t wasted if you derive pleasure or improvement from it. It’s wasted if it’s neglected, not indulged in at all.

  3. my biggest inspiration is to challenge myself and try something new, something that, at least, motivates me 🙂 stay safe Bloke! cheers from Portugal! PedroL

  4. I don’t do fiction well, so writing a book… meh🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve had passing thoughts of writing about my various “journeys” childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence, chronic pain & disability, parenting an autistic child, my COVID lockdown experience… but would anyone really be interested in reading about any of that stuff?

    1. While I didn’t experience that , many people would read it to not feel so alone , they maybe a survivor and recognize themselves in it , or maybe to understand what a parent or loved one is going through, maybe they’re a student of something related and want to gain insight, maybe inspiration. Don’t discount the power your words can have

  5. Why did you write the books you have written and what was your inspiration for doing so?
    I haven’t because I’m not sure anyone would want to read it…

    Or alternatively if you haven’t yet written a book but wish to … what would you write and what would be your inspiration to do so? See answer #1

  6. I don’t have the talent to write a story. A book on short essays maybe, but like you, I don’t have any inspiration right now. I enjoy your stories and poems and I do think you’re immensely talented. But as with anything else, writing can only come when inspired.

  7. I too write in a multitude of venues. My current ones are one (actually two) novel(s) and my freelance writing. My freelance stuff has always been written for others whereas my stories and novels I have always written for myself. The flip side of the novel right now is that I keep running out of steam and since no one is expecting it…. Lol. But I still can’t put it down so I keep plugging along.
    Thanks for sharing all this. Cheers!

        1. Sorry. I thought I’d answered you but my phone app didn’t show that I had. Unfortunately I reanswered before I thought to look to see if I had answered to begin with. 🙄

  8. I began writing mine after looking at a photo of a watching a gov workers vote in Gas masks in the Eastern Bloc and was also a place to watch parliament brawls ( in US think Senate it House of Rep) and people wanted to know why they were fighting and what got it to that point so i would research and it expanded to failed and successful coup and revolutions to other things and unsolved history, things no one fully understands yet or has answers to. It’s called RoughDiplomacy.com but doesn’t have a lot of expat life yet. But it’s pretty dynamic

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