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Season 5 – Winter 2020
Series 5– Starting Anew
Monday 25th January 2021 – Walk Time 65Mins
“…. a first time for everything especially with the Arolds – him and her!!”

I have been walking differently this week – thankfully the only truly ‘icy and dangerous walking day was last Monday’, but that was the last of the true ice which has been rained away completely every day since then. it’s been funny weather, good in some ways, disppointing in others – and very ‘bleh’ in other ways as well … but in so far as walking goes, not that bad an issue provided you don’t mind working on your concrete stamina ability. The rains we have had have been tremendously heavy and long and a lot of the rain has fallen overnight and been dry the next morning, although saying that – it might start off dry, but by the afternoon the skies have opened yet again and droplets fall mighty fast!

The fields and the golf course l had been walking are seriously flooded, terribly muddy and not worth trekking through …. so this week l have been working on my ‘Brisk Stamina’ walking pace or what some might refer to as ‘Urban Endurance Walks’.

The maps above display the routes l have walked this week – on the left is Concrete 1 which is a basic 5100 step count [= Brisk walk pace 2.6 miles] whilst on the right is Concrete Haven 1 which is a tougher walk and counts in as 8500 step count [ 4 and a quarter miles roughly].

I wanted to break in my new walking boots properly and have found the best way to test them for my feet is to walk hard and fast on concrete paths first and then when they start to feel more molded to the foot then go for an assorted terrain walk. So Monday to Thursday l walked Concrete 1 and this morning l walked Concrete Haven 1.

But l am also gearing up my walking skills with a view to developing stronger and fitter ‘walking legs more suitable towards hiking’. So l have introduced very specific gears to my walking – Brisk Stamina – which is a seriously fast pace and this new Urban Endurance pace’ which is a steady but fast strength stride pace. I have noticed my walking times have increased as well since adopting these two gears into my pace. I deliberately now work my walking paces to reflect spurt speeds, endurance strides and stamina pacing .. so am now manging to walk a keen mile in just 14 minutes in brisk stamina pacing speed whilst an endurance pace takes me roughly 16 minutes to walk a mile.

I was getting annoyed at wasting time before with so much exercising, so sat down and worked out a much more sustainable exercise routine for 7 days a week – which means up early, fast cycling for 20 minutes and then out of the front door walking for 60-90 minutes. In the evening l again cycle for 20 minutes and work with assorted and varied exercises for 10 minutes. All in all … this means Monday to Friday l am exercising between 110 to 140 minutes a day which is way better than the 3 – 4 hours l was doing. but also, l started to tidy up my life – going to bed early, getting healthier sleep and stop stressing about things out of my control.

I have had a lot of stress in addition to what l have previously discussed in this series over the last month or so, but was stressing about this blog of all things .. and the direction l am going – a lot of things have happened this past week alone which make me think very hard on the reasons behind why l blog in the first place. That causes stress because l like to have things in the black and white, but unknowing is and are very dark grey areas and whilst that might seem normal to most folks, to someone on the spectrum, it is not always that easy to tackle without a huge pondering of thought! Deep thinkers know this all too well also…

However all that aside and finishing off this episode , do you recall an episode where l had an encounter with some foot stomping sheep in a field? You Who Said Ewe – Ewe Who Said I Too!!? 11th January 2021 … remember that? Or this woolly jumper and her buddies below?

Well ever since that incident l have given the field a bit of a wide berth, needn’t have worried really, as the sheep are now in a different field for sods law’ the fact that the field they normally graze in is heavily water logged and a bit of a nightmare to walk in … so even though the sheep are now in the next field along, l still can’t really walk in their field due to flooding. But that incident has bothered me quite a bit – because if l wish to hike how do l tackle the sheep crowding issue??”

Sheep are currently in the field next to their usual one.

Cagedunn offered me some advice which was ….

It’s likely that people have taken treats to the field, and sheep like treats. And at least there wasn’t a ram protecting his ladies.

If in a crowd of sheep, a loud clap will move them back. Usually (I think rams consider this a call to battle).

However as l was walking my circuit around the Haven, l saw a chap attending to these fences that you can perhaps just see in the image above and l spoke to him and it turns out he is the actual farmer and a really nice chap. I explained my situation with Madam Woolly Jumper and explained what a friend of mine had suggested about clapping and his eyes widened in that knowing look and he suddenly laughed a little and said “Mm, well that sounds a lot like Mrs Arold – right down to the foot stomping and snorting!!”

He then went on to explain how the sheep in the field behind him [above image] were mostly sock raised sheep and every time they see someone come into the field they instantly think they are going to be fed treats [ Cage was spot on with that fact] So not to worry and just shoo or clap them on – “….. they’ll be mostly fine.”

That seemed okay l thought, but had another thought … “Do you name all your sheep then, it’s strange this one is called Mrs Arold? Also what do you mean mostly fine?”

He looked at me and laughed a lot, “Well see, now that’s where it can get a little bit complicated … in the field behind me, well they are all sheep and Mrs Arold is down there feeding on the hay bale. I call her Mrs Arold because she is quite a bossy ewe and has a little crowd of followers and you met them as well … but in the same field where you encountered her for the first time, there are also three rams and one of them…” More laughter , ” …. is a right old Harold. The other two, well they’ll leave you be, but if Harold gets the hump with you, on account of you not having any treats or feed, well he starts nudging you like and on more than a few occasions, well he’s knocked me right over! It’s a form of sheep humour l think – so you gotta show them who is boss and so you shoo them off …. although l reckon your mate might be right about the clapping, especially with Harold … he’ll see that as game on!!

Well my face must’ve been a picture – because he was really laughing a lot by now and to pacify me, he held up his hands and said “Most likely, probably not you know? I am just joking, it’s good to have a laugh, so thank you” So, l thanked him and was just about to get on with my walk, when he suddenly said … “Of course, there’s always a first time for everything especially with the Arolds – him and her!!”

With that he smiled, waved and walked back to his Landy laughing … Oh joys l thought as l switched my music back on and headed for the home stretch!

With all the rains, the River Stour is unnaturally high … flooding height now apparently… as the image below displays quite clearly.

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

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13 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. What a funny guy. I like his sense of humor! Nice routine Rory. Don’t stress too much about the blog, as it should be entertaining for you. Lovely pictures.

    1. Hey Sadje, indeed he was. Well that is the main question l keep asking myself … if l am still enjoying the blog or whether l am just changing in such a way that l still haven’t recognised all of them yet 🙂

      1. Don’t overthink! I’m afraid you may call it quits one day and we’ll lose a fantastic blogger. I remember how Teresa of the haunted wordsmith closed her blog on a impulse and it never was the same afterwards, even though she started two new blogs. I miss her and also other bloggers who have stopped blogging this last year.

        1. I am too reserved to quit on an impulse … Teresa didn’t think her decision through properly and quite for completely the wrong reason.

          If l quit and really quit, it would be a case of never returning … ever to blogging again. if l was to make that decision it would be a very well thought out decision based upon fors and againsts only.

          I have given myself all of 2021 to reach a conclusion on the blog so if l was to go it would be 2022 or later anyway and for the right reasons.

          If l stay, it means l have found peace with myself which is ultimately what l think the problem is … therefore when l talk of leaving the blog or deleting in essence l am really asking me if l am being the blogger and blog l am supposed to be.

          Do you see what l mean?

        2. I do see your point. It is important for you to rationalize your choices and be completely at peace with them. I am not an over-thinker now go with the flow. But we all are different and have to make decisions based on what works for us. I hope you find your equilibrium in blogging.

        3. And there we go Sadje … like all other aspects of life … it always comes down to balance … l seek balance.

          This year l believe will be a real eye opener for me and l hope by the end of it, this blog will be on the right path 🙂

  2. The Arolds, eh? I think you better carry some biscuits (Gary can advise you on that😉) or get yourself a good walking staff. We both know how Mr Murphy likes his games, and I can just see you clapping, then running…

    Your Mental Yoga is still amazing, JB. Maybe the way to balance IS letting go. A very, very difficult thing for you, who is an Aspergian Deep Thinker.

    It will sort itself out. These things always do. Everything seems balance, so you’ll get there as long as you’re not trying to force a square peg into a round hole, ya know?

    Thanks for sharing the pictures!


    1. The truth will out, as they say – we shall see 🙂

      As to the sheep well who knows … the problems with carrying treats is sheep don’t forget and if you do, they’ll probably trample me hahahaha!!

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