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January 2021 is the crossover and transition month for the first half of the year and July will be the second month for the second half of this year and the blog. New seasons will begin and other seasons will end and that is how l keep this blog ticking over as well as working towards not having too many series running all the time at the same time which can be a little overwhelming for my schedulers.

Sometimes, some series will prosper and others will flounder and that’s the very nature of how things work especially with prompts l think and have observed since l started writing series, prompts and introducing seasons. Some series need to be tweaked in order to improve their popularity but that doesn’t always guarantee success, which is why l have certain series on very short seasons . Some seasons run only 4 – 9 episodes on a series and more so if a new series is being piloted.

If a prompt series doesn’t perform that well in the very first test season, l will usually run for a second season with tweaked improvements and if it still falters – it is taken out of circulation. I only create prompts for audience interaction and to engage with a wider readership so if a series isn’t performing as well as l think it should then l have to make a decision on whether l continue to run with it or put it on to a backburner for a while. I made a decision last year for my prompts especially that l would still create and publish prompt content if l had an interest of 5 readers and contributors to the prompt itself. If it dropped below 5 responses, then it was non-viable and more so when time to create was/is taken into consideration.

Regular readers to my blog will have seen how some of the series l have had running over the last 18 months have only run for a little while in some cases and then disappeared and the reasons for that and those decisions are above. Over the last three years l have become more aware as to what works for my blog and what doesn’t. I have learned these things through observations, statistics, comments and audience reaction and response in general.

As l briefly outlined in the previous episodes … prompts from me in the fields of games and creative fiction don’t always work so well on account that sometimes they can be too complicated. I enjoy complicated prompts myself, those that l can really sink my teeth into … but of course, not everyone else does. So, l decided to stop offering those kinds of things and focus on an area that readers do enjoy and for me that is questions that covers many genres from straight forward and serious, to silly and funny to even those at times where upon l will deliberately take on the role of devil’s advocate in order to elicit a desired response.

This year, l will be introducing to the blog a total of 5 brand new ‘as in not already seen through piloting’ series and test running series that were and have been seen previously, but have been on the backburner for one reason or another and mostly because 2020 as a year was pretty confusing and occupied at the same time for me.

Series Currently On Hold and To Begin Again Are …

The Grumblies – Fiction Series
George, Albert, Mavis and Esther were last seen on March 3rd 2020 in the first Season – Episode 12 – The Bucket Bunch. They will return to a screen near you for Season 2 soon.
The Dug Outs Secret Garden
This recently returned with two newer episodes after an absence of two months. Currently we are on Season 5 which is to end March 1st where upon Season 6 of Doin’ The Dirt will commence with A – Z Gardening Compendium and this will be running alongside The Compost Bin looking at composting and worm farming.
The Studio Workshop
A business styled series – piloted last year – will commence from July 2021. It comprises several smaller series within the workshop itself all of which will be explained nearer the time.
The Wildlifer
This series was piloted last year and started with two episodes only, the last being 16th November 2020 and a new Season will be launched in the next 8 weeks.
In Blog Life
The Question Hub
In Blog Life and The Question Hub were promoted last year as some of you may recall as you contributed questions towards the Hub itself. These two series will launch at the same time as Magazine on a Bench as this is to be a ‘Current’ Topical, Guest Writer & Response series that also runs alongside one of the newer Interview series to begin “Guest Star Day’ which l will write about shortly.

Now the series above are those that have already been seen, discussed, written about and commented upon, but never started due to the events in 2020 whilst the series below are those which are starting as brand new projects for the first half of 2021.

Guest Star Day
This is to be the new Interview series for bloggers, writers and published authors alike and no two interviews will be the same. This will also run alongside the previously mentioned The Question Hub.
Ima Hear Becuz Ima All Ear!
This is a music orientated Interview series starting in a few weeks and l’ll not spoil it – but for our musical readers l think this is something that you’ll enjoy – well l hope so anyway!
Get Into The Programme
This is more of a mini-feature as opposed to that of a new series and it will run alongside the Furry Football feature and is basically about my exercise journey. it also is to run with a new walking feature’ which l shall outline below.
A Hiking We Shall Go!
Currently l have 3 ‘walking series’, Morning Musings, Afternoon Pootlings, Walks in Time and two new ones are to join the stable, although one was discussed in September 2019, but never properly launched due to circumstances in 2020.

A Hiking We Shall Go is pretty self explanatory l should imagine but this will be covering not just ‘my hikes’ but also when Suze joins me as we have some plans – pending of course on lockdowns – but all going well, we have some longer hikes planned for various parts of the country.
Sneaky Sneakers
Will be a new seasonal fun inner town walking series to be launched in the summer months … reflective of course upon lockdowns and so on.

So there we go folks, our 5 brand new series and our 8 previously promoted or piloted series all ready to launch for 2021. There will be some new ‘mini-features’ to join The Hello as Lisa and l are still working on the fun feature of The Wet Tee Shirt Competition….but more on that in due course. Some of the older and well established series will have their designs tweaked a little but mostly that is it.

Anyway, this is the final episode of this mini-series, l hope you have enjoyed it and l’ll see you all very soon with the series to start! Thanks for reading.

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