The Brisker 25 Round Up 6#

Episode 625/01/2021Brisker 25 Directory

I received an email a couple of nights ago from a friend asking about if l had ever considered creating a Brisker 25 on just the wildlife photographs l have got and taken from around Sandwich over the last few months and l answered with ‘No, l hadn’t, but l shall do so.

So here we are, some of the better photographs of my friends, your friends and our friends, the squizzles, ducks, robins and jays too as well as and their respective gangs … hope you enjoy them.

I will create another one of these ‘specials’ perhaps next month also.

11 thoughts on “The Brisker 25 Round Up 6#

  1. I love love LOVE them all!! I can’t resist the squizzles!! And the birds are very different from birds around here. I’m an avian fan!
    Thanks for sharing them and thanks to whoever suggested it!


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