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Season 5 – Winter 2020
Series 5– Starting Anew
Monday 25th January 2021 – Walk Time 65Mins
The Day My Boots Ran Out Walking and l Discovered a Non Treadable Slip Up!

I tried out a different walk this morning which turned out to be a 4500 total step trek .. the new addition to the normal Ramparts l am nicknaming the ‘Outer Wall Walk’ it basically starts at Woodnesborough Road railway crossing and you walk all the way along till you come to St Barts Rd which then takes you to Dover Rd and the town’s main railway crossing and then once over that you are back in New St and not far from the Millwall part of the Ramparts. It’s not specifically a scenic walk as it journeys through streets of houses, although there was quite a huge graveyard visible.

It took me from the time l left my house at 9.50am to the main railway crossing Dover Rd/New St crossing a total of 37 minutes. That’s walking from my house to then join the Butts and walking to Woodnesborough Rd and then starting at the secondary railway crossing and l know l was much slower than normal on account of when l stepped outside the house l encountered instantly black ice on the pavement!! “Uh oh!” I thought this could be tricksy walking!

…. and it was, it took me 7 minutes to simply reach the Butts starting point as opposed to a normal 6 minutes – that’s a minute slower and the Butts to Woodnesborough took me a further 7 minutes and that is normally just 5! From the railway crossing which was black ice evilness l have to say to the end of St Barts and joining Dover Road took me a total of 21 minutes and l slipped three times on the walk itself, thankfully my balance is not yet shot and l managed to right myself, otherwise it might have been nastier and may even have meant a hospital trip which l certainly would not wish for!! I think in the right conditions, l could achieve that walk from my door to the railway crossing in roughly 25 minutes and not 37.

Willows along the River Stour.

Once l crossed the railway lines, l then headed for the familiarity of the Millwall section of the Ramparts walk, things were eeeeasier but not the usual 100%. That section of the walk was also icy and as it runs around one of the steepest parts of the town, l had to be even more careful so as to NOT slip down the embankment.

It is a stunningly beautiful day today, the sun is shining, okay it is colder, but it is dry, although it rained all of yesterday afternoon from 2pm and didn’t stop until around 4am … l know that as l woke up at that time and still heard the winds and rain lashing at the window panes.

But it had stopped when l got out of bed and pulled back the curtains this morning.

I tried adding a Haven walk onto the Millwall but l realised after slip sliding my way around on the path towards the footbridge, that either l was horribly drunk …. or, my walking boots were shot!

I had bought myself a new pair of walking boots in November, but hadn’t as of yet, worn them out walking .. l had worn them around the house a couple of times to break them in, but not christened them with an official journey. That changed today. I decided after the Haven attempt to quickly walk back home and put on my new boots with a newer but more importantly deeper tread as my older boots when l looked at them, appeared to think they were bald tyres!!

Once l changed my boots, l took a complete walk around the Ramparts to properly and officially break them in and l did notice a significant walking and stride difference. The newer boots are a lot lighter than my older ones and are Regattas whereas the old pair were Merrills. But the old pair were ‘old’ , l remember Suze and l buying them in Ashford in 2014, so they were a good 6 years of age and they were used a hell of a lot and walked me and Scrappy everywhere. They were cracking on the left side as well … l needed to change them sooner than today, but l try and get as much wear out of my shoes as l can. I look after them and expect them to go a fair distance but l am much harder on my left foot than my right and that was apparent when l looked at the tread on that shoe.

The new boots felt fine on the Ramparts walk and walking through St Clement’s Churchyard paths, although despite the deeper tread l still felt my feet occasionally shoot from under me … but l guess the real test will come once l ‘really walk ‘ them in sometime this week.

Flooding outside the car park off the Ramparts.

The Outer Wall Walk is only an additional 1600 steps by itself and even adding a full Ramparts on at 3000 steps still makes for a useful addition if l find myself restricted to concrete walks due to the continuing rains and heavy floodings Sandwich is now experiencing in the fields. A couple of circuits and that’s not far short of a 10,000 step walk, so all good.

Not so great when it’s icy though, time to look at some ice cleats l think! Because a slip up and a hospital visit may not be that great currently and best avoided!

River Stour – bright blue skies and still waters.

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

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7 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Christmas ‘19, my wife bought us each a pair of ice grippers which clip over the soles. I haven’t tried them yet; now I’m wondering where they’ve got to.

    1. I have used them once before, and they were okay, but l had that pair stolen … now as l am getting older and not as supple as l was even as little as a couple years ago l feel that it might be a wise purchase.

      Today with the new walk, the sun was stunning yes, but on some parts of the road walk, the sun hadn’t breached there at all and it was seriously deadly, so much so at one point l was really, really concerned as to how l was going to get from A – B as A was icy, the road inbetween icy and the B on the other side of the road was as icy … l whimpered to myself and edged along the very inner of a house wall.

  2. Stunning sky, but that ice is no joke, and you DEFINITELY don’t want to wind up in A&E! Take it from someone who lives with a nurse.

    I bet there’s some kind of hack to make regular shoes better at gripping ice. YouTube has hacks for everything 😉


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