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Season 5 – Winter 2020
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Sunday 24th January 2021 – Walk Time 65Mins
How long is a piece of string anyway under the common sense ruling?
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River Stour
River Stour Reeds

It wasn’t the walk l had planned that l walked this morning – it was a good walk, but it wasn’t a hike. I had planned on Friday a mini hike for today on account of the weather being sunnier which is what the weather centres had forecast for Sandwich for today … l kept checking the forecasts all day Friday and Saturday and everything was set up for a great hike ………… except for one small issue! The weather centres hadn’t told the weather their plans ….

Below is the walk l had planned for …. Sandwich town centre, walk three quarters Ramparts, up St Georges road, through the hamlet of Sandown Lees, along Guilford Road, Sandwich Bay, Princes Drive, back through the Royal St George golf club, reverse half Haven and back through Sandwich town centre to home … a good 2 and three quarter hour mini hike, with an overall mileage of about 6 miles with assorted terrain.

Red lines outward journey …. purple lines return journey.

But that didn’t happen, because the rains they said originally were going to happen now – this afternoon – [like they are] were going to arrive when l was just starting to take my walk out. An 80% chance of heavy rainfall between 10 – 12 midday ………. however, the walk l did take is below – a figure 8 walk.

When l woke up, and aside from WP not publishing a post dated 6am on time which is always a bad omen, the clouds were very grey and overcast, so l decided that l would still take a walk but reduce it to a 45 minute walk in case the clouds opened and l had to dash back home quickly. A couple of circuits of the Ramparts would serve well l thought, l could cycle the rest during the day if needs be. However, my 45 minute idea turned into just over a 60 minute walk on account of me willing to take the risk with the weather as it didn’t seem to be that bad. I set off at 10.30am and got back in at 11.40am and just under 10,000 steps – so it was not all completely lost.

Well it’s becoming almost a signature with me … l love Squizzles!

It didn’t actually start to rain till around 2pm, which is ironic in some way because at 12.30pm to just before 2 we had brilliant sunshine. I don’t mind walking in light rains provided l am wearing the right gear, but l don’t like walking in heavy rains and especially on ground that is already sodden or flooded as that just makes things harder going and not really relaxing and or fun. If it rains in the middle of a hike – well you are on a hike – mini or full – and you will have a rucky and inside a poncho or something to cover yourself with until the rains cease, but l tend to not carry those on a 45 – 90 minute brisker walk.

Seeing the cattle from the other side of their field and yes, there is ONLY 3 in the entire field and yet they still feel obliged to escape once a week …

Since l cut back on my hard core exercise walking routines, l still try and maintain a basic 10,000 steps walk Monday to Friday with 18,000 steps aimed at mini-hikes or 25,000+ minimums aimed at full hikes on Saturdays and Sundays, but with the weather like it is that can restrict you a little. in addition to that one has to also include the ‘Common Sense Distance Rule’ in so far as how far should we walk with the guidelines stipulating that with you and your exercise you are to keep it local because of the pandemic and localised lockdowns?

I love robins too and l had this little one walk with me for a while on the pathway in front of me, until she/he decided to alight to the nearest branch and ‘posed’ for this last photograph.

We currently have police walking in pairs around the town and l have seen them stop people and ask where they are going and how long have they been out and are they walking for exercise or sociality reasons and more importantly how far have they been today and are they residents to Sandwich? I haven’t been stopped, but l am a single walker – just getting on with things, l keep my distance from people, have a mask in my back pocket, but my walks are not about socialising anyway and with my music in my ears and headphones on, l don’t want to be asked any questions when l am literally minding my own business.

How long is a piece of string anyway under the common sense ruling?

That aside, l don’t wish to be stopped, nor questioned, nor hindered nor fined .. so l reckon three miles out is a good common sense rule, five mile might well be but with no true definitions in concerete who knows? Most assuredly cyclists go for longer distances in round trips than l do as a brisk walker – l wonder if they get stopped?

Whatever – l had a good time and that’s really all that matters anyway, isn’t it?

St Clements – 11am – 24th / 01 / 2021

Anyway, thanks for reading, catch you again.

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22 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Love the chubby little squirrel and the robin. The police is getting too authoritarian stopping and questioning people out for a walk. Seems like too much.

    1. Well it’s a nightmare if honest.

      The police presence wasn’t in the small villages/towns on the 1st lockdown nor the second but for the third most assuredly.

      The powers the police have had has been a little like three bears, Goldilocks and porridge, they haven’t quite yet got to the ‘this is just right’ bit with regards balance.

        1. We can but hope. All going well, l will at least be able to register with my local Dr’s Surgery tomorrow, first time l have been able to speak to them since moving here last July 🙂

      1. There’s quite a wide assortment, but I’ve seen a number of Anglican churches in that particular brick style with square bell tower.

        1. That’s so cool, but then most of the churches l have seen are in films and they are either boxy types or wooden, and l am yet to see what l class as village styled 🙂

  2. Coincidentally, my walk yesterday was a figure of eight – I hadn’t planned it that way though, just took a path I saw that I hadn’t tried before.

    Is the map you posted google maps? I want to post OS opensource mapping (or whatever it’s called) but haven’t worked it out yet.

    It’s an ongoing criticism that we never see police on patrols here. I’m not complaining but there is a lot of rural crime – farm thefts mostly.

    1. Hi Ian,

      Yes it is Google Maps.

      Well the strange thing is with Sandwich — prior to this last lockdown, we never had a police presence at all, maybe a patrol car would drive through. We don’t have a police station here. The nearest l think is a toss up between Ramsgate and Dover as we are mostly in the middle of the two with a third a distance away being Canterbury.

      It has only been with this new lockdown the strong feet on the ground approach.

      Are you quite rural where you are? Because when l was in Kingsdown which was a village as opposed to a town, we never had a presence there at all. I think also as Sandwich is very much a tourist location, that might suggest more.

      1. This is also a tourist location but also a big farming area. It’s quite rural. The nearest town’s police station closed some years ago as it’s all centralised now at Gloucester. But for years, people – especially farmers – complain about lack of police patrols and response. The only police we see regularly are the speed camera vans on main routes.

        1. i can imagine the annoyance of it – there is no balance left, but let’s be even more honest … over the last two governments, many of our utility industry have had massive and damaging cuts to their functionality at services.

          The cuts have been enormous and long reaching in damage.

  3. How could you NOT enjoy yourself on that lovely walk? And you WERE socializing… yes you were. The chubby squizzle and the rockin robin count! I’m quite sure you spoke with them. 😉

    It’s been cold and rainy here. We’re in between storms right now, so it’s just cold and soggy.


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