The Hello

The Hello
Have A Great Day Folks – The Hello
Friday 22nd January 2021 – Season 15 – Series 11
A wonderful days greetings to you both, hope you enjoy your music and have yourselves a lovely day in all that you do both in blog and off.

My guest stars for today are …

Fandango of This, That and The Other
Juju of Roijoyeux

Please do take the time to pop over to their blogs and check out their writings and musings you’ll never be disappointed with your findings.
The TurtlesThe Beatles
The Moody BluesGeorge Harrison

A Guy Called Blokes Choice

This weeks Brisker 25 displays some of the better images l captured from Sunday to Thursday on the walks. We have had a pretty wet week so far .. but l have managed to get out and walk … some. Hope you enjoy them.
Mixitup and Playme Now!


Welcome to Mixitup and Playme Now!

Mixitup and Playme Now as a game is all about creating the perfect playlist but with a small twist and that is ‘to create a themed playlist only!’

Series 2 – Game 06

Your task is to create a Playlist containing
5 – 10 song titles only to the Theme of …

Disco Inferno

Let me see your selections below please in the comment section!!

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

29 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Wow! Both “Eleanor” and “Go Now” were favorites of mine from way back in college days. Thanks for the memories, Rory.

    1. Yes, a lot of rain has fallen, we have it lucky where l am, but there is a Storm raging through parts of the North and causing major and life threatening flooding.

        1. Cheers Sadje, just about to set off now. It’s difficult at present because so much of the walk is either a foot of mud or completely underwater. Catch you later .

      1. Hey there, hi there, ho thereand Happy Friday! Love the tunes and the squizzles and quackers🎶💃🏼🐿🦆
        Looks pretty soggy, but nice to see some sunshine! I’m happy to read that you were able to get a walk in today also.


  2. Good to walk when the weather allows, Rory.

    A school friend of mine would always sing “Gonads” to the Moody’s chorus, and now I can’t listen to that song without hearing that.

    1. Hey Ian, hahaha. I can imagine, it’s like hearing an annoying tune somewhere [you never know where] then find yourself whistling, humming along to it in your head and you can’t get rid of it!!

      But gonads would make me laugh.

      The weather is a bit problematic at present … luckily we have sun this morning, and l think for a good portion of the day, so some morning walking, and pottering with the pots in the garden too. Bonus.

      Have a great Friday also Ian.

      Ps: no nasty side effects for you or your wife regarding the Covid scare last month?

      1. Thanks, Rory. No real scares. It’s hard to tell whether the effects are coronavirus or just the time of year blues. Come the Spring, we’ll see. My wife’s had the vaccine already, because of her work she was priority. I won’t get mine until the beginning of next Winter by their reckoning!

        1. Yeah, sounds about right regarding Vacjabs – my nearest station apparently is Dover and they are well behind. In fact according to the latest stats Kent is seriously behind other counties. Who knows when l will even hear a smidgen of news on it.

          Glad all is well Ian 🙂

          Was just out in the garden .. we have serious frost and ice issues .. ah all the fun of the fair this morning l feel 🙂

  3. Good Morning, Rory! Thanks for the great tunes today and your photos. Yesterday it rained all day in our neck of the woods but today we should see some sunshine. 😉

    1. Hey good afternoon Eugenia – we had some lovely sun today, but from 6pm tonight it started hammering down again. here’s hoping sun returns to you sooner rather than later 🙂

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