The Friday Four

TFF – Season 2 – Game 9

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The Friday Four
Today some more brain tickling thought provokers …
If the world started ticking backwards how long would it take for you to move forwards time wise?
What are three foods you hate with a passion and refuse to eat whatever and also, what is it about these foods that turns your stomach so?
What is something that everyone looks stupid doing?
If you were to have a nickname here in your blog [and different from your Blog Avatar if you use one] that we all called you with your consent, what would you choose and why?
Let me know your answers below in the comments section – cheers.

20 thoughts on “The Friday Four

  1. What are you asking in the first question? 🤪

    Food: if you’d asked me when I was a kid, I’d give you a list as long as my arm. These days, I don’t think there’s anything off the menu. Not that I can think of off the top of me head. Ironically, a lot of junk I ate and drunk as a kid I wouldn’t give a thank you for in adulthood.

    Everyone looks silly trying to lick their own elbow.

    I think nicknames are given to you. If they stick. I tend to borrow names from characters in books or from history for purposes of anonymity.

    1. Hey Ian, well if l was asked the first question, l would probably answer with no different to now as in one step in front of the other, but then that is with time moving forwards, would it make any difference if time started backticking?

      I don’t know, that’s why l asked the question of others … hahahaha 🙂

      Were there many foods you didn’t like as a child?

      1. Lots of food I didn’t like. My worst times were going to someone’s house for dinner and dreading what would be served.

        Now I’ll eat anything, as long as it’s prepared well.

    1. Sitting on the toilet is a favoutited answer – so the question begs to be asskissed oops no l simply mean asked – how many people do you watch sitting on the toilet?

      1. Didn’t Chuck Berry get into trouble over this? He had hidden cameras in his restaurant’s toilet I think.

        Maybe he was looking at ding a lings.

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