….. through the threads of shadows!

….. through the threads of shadows!

Life, it’s starting to get to me,
Pulling me away from where l want to be,
But the biggest problem l have,
… is … where is that?
It isn’t the shadows,
… nor the masks of the unseen,
That bothers me or throws,
… me off the scheme …
Of life or the things,
That mean the most to people,
… or even the pins,
that cause the unhinge …
… to an otherwise peaceful,
It isn’t even the threads,
… that worry me as they unravel,
Slowly and insidiously in my head,
…. Nor the signs l see in the roadside gravel,
It is the knowing of the unknowing as l watch it appear,
… in the distance to begin with,
Yet slowly and most assuredly the darkness sneers,
To reveal it’s the breath,
That l breathe that l fear the most!
… the downside to being down,
For the sorrowful host,
Is the upside-down smile of the frown ….
Hidden behind the mask of the man,
…. Peering through the threads of shadows!

© Rory Matier 2021

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9 thoughts on “….. through the threads of shadows!

  1. Strange that this was posted about an hour ago… about the same time I felt a shadow come over me. Daughter even asked me what was wrong.
    Might be time for some sage.

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