The Hello

The Hello
Have A Great Day Folks – The Hello
Thursday 21st January 2021 – Season 15 – Series 11
A wonderful days greetings to you both, hope you enjoy your music and have yourselves a lovely day in all that you do both in blog and off.

My guest stars for today are …

Betty of Guideline’s Web
Paula of Light Motifs II

Please do take the time to pop over to their blogs and check out their writings and musings you’ll never be disappointed with your findings.
Also very special thanks to Ashley of Mental Health @ Home who really helped me out yesterday with something that has been causing me a lot of angst recently.
Betty, [Bud and the Featherlies]Paula
Neil DiamondStevie Nicks
Steam Powered GiraffeSheryl Crow

A Guy Called Blokes Choice

Mixitup and Playme Now!


Welcome to Mixitup and Playme Now!

Mixitup and Playme Now as a game is all about creating the perfect playlist but with a small twist and that is ‘to create a themed playlist only!’

Series 2 – Game 06

Your task is to create a Playlist containing
5 – 10 song titles only to the Theme of …

Disco Inferno

Let me see your selections below please in the comment section!!
Everyone loves a great Adventure Movie packed with Action right. I know l do – gets the heart pumping, the adrenaline racing … there are so many seriously good ones, and sure l know equally as many hooters and clangers out there too … however our task for this is to create and build a list of the Top 15.

Your suggested film titles have been compiled into the listing below – now, your initial votes have also been cast with your suggested titles – what l would like you to do now is cast additional votes on titles that you haven’t already voted for so that we can start to build our Top 15 films list.

If when you were suggesting film titles and you only mentioned one film of a series as opposed to commenting ‘All’ and you meant the series – please let me know below.
To cast additional votes for the Top 15 – Please Visit This LINK
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is A-Guy-Called-Bloke-Banner-Find-Me-A-Film-JPEG.jpg

Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

31 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Thx for the shoutout! Great tunes 🎶

    Disco? I like the Bee Gees… Stayin’ Alive, More Than A Woman, How Deep Is Your Love, Night Fever 🤩

  2. Excellent tunes!🎶💃🏼 Linkin Park is a fave, and WOW! Chester really could sing!! He is missed. So is yesterday’s pick by you… Chris Cornell. Coincidence? I doubt it.

    Happy Thor’sDay! I hope there’s no thunder or hammering rain. You need some sunshine!

    Catch ya on daylight side.

      1. Stove/oven has cooked its last meal… it declared – No More! 😂 and so there will be some searching and changing of the guard, so to speak. 😂
        Thank you 😊

  3. Disco Queen – Pain of Salvation
    Toxic Waltz – Exodus
    Discolove – semargl
    Dance with me – Omega Lithium
    Dance of death – Iron Maiden
    Dance the night away – Van Halen
    When the joyful dead are dancing – Unexpect
    Dancing with myself – Billy Idol
    Dancing girls – Whitesnake
    The power of partying – Andrew WK

  4. Hey, Rory! Man, I really had to poke around to find a way I could comment on your post. Seems there’s still a challenge for me in this respect. Oh, well, it appears I have a connection, this time.

    Thank you so much for the dedication! It is deeply appreciated. We all liked the great music, but The Featherlies seemed to prefer Eric Clapton, overall. They really Jam with guitar riffs! 😊

    Hope this finds you enjoying a good night! Wishing you the best in every way. 🤗💞

    P.S. As with Paula, the BeeGees are my fav Disco!

    1. Hey Betty, l don’t think we will ever know what the issue is here sadly.

      The Featherlies enjoy Guitar Riffs, funny ol’ birds 🙂

      Okay with regards DJ’s additions, many thanks.

      As always regards to you, Bud and the funny ol’ birds too 🙂

      1. True! I sure don’t have the techno savvy to figure it out.

        Yes, it’s amazing to me that even the smallest life forms seem to have their preferences.

        Welcome! Thank you! 😊

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