The Curious Case Of …

The Curious Case Of …. Directory

The Curious Case Of ….

….. Heads, Followers, Feeds and SEO??

How curious are you as a person?

Don’t confuse ‘curiousness’ as being nosey as there is a huge difference between the two …. See Episode 1  for the introduction to this series.

Season 1 – Episode 10
Hi Folks

Let’s shake up our blog
Come on
Blogging to the tune
Writing is a boon
We are healthy bloggers soon

Heads, followers, feeds and SEO
Feeds and SEO
Heads, followers, feeds and SEO
Feeds and SEO
And serialize, and shares, and abouts, and knows
Heads, followers, feeds and SEO
Feeds and SEO

Write, write, write
Let’s all write
Write, write, write
Get your blog bright!

Heads, followers, feeds and SEO
Feeds and SEO
Heads, followers, feeds and SEO
Feeds and SEO
And eyes, and shares, and mouth, and knows
Heads, followers, feeds and SEO
Feeds and SEO

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”

Lee Odden

I know many of you do ‘not’ specifically follow your statistics devoutly, but l also know that equally as many of you do or in the very least are vaguely aware of them and their importance to you, your writing and your blog as well as other projects and concepts you might be publishing and creating for audience demography and readership enjoyments.

I don’t watch my figures daily and cry like a baby if they don’t hit targets, but l do follow sets of figures at various times of the week, month and year and from them l can glean valuable information to questions l ask of my blog and myself.

In recent months, my blog statistics have been invaluable to making detailed decisions with regards specific Seasons and Series that l run and maintain as well as helping me further understand the importance of specialised genres that need further studying and exploration as to viability and sustainability.

I keep 85% of all my published posts in directories and these are viewed by established readers and new visitors alike frequently – making the older content fall into the evergreen market of reading. The 15% that is not archived is mostly posts like The Hello, Internal Promotions and some of my Prompt responses are topical content and whilst not as important to say the evergreens, their statistics also enable me to really understand how my readers are reading and interpreting content l publish.

Every blog has serial Likers. There are those that are established readers to your blog that hit like simply to display loyalty to your brand and a virtual support to you as the writer, there are those that hit like without even looking at the content – EVER – usually because they are in the Reader and scrolling down and hitting random likes on the chance of catching something with their phishing techniques or the pictures are pretty or the headline looked nice or because they are simply bored and looking for something to fill a lazy ten plus minutes, or they are looking for ideas to create posts with and your posts may inspire them to write something similar. Of course there are also genuine readers who have read the content and hit LIKE, because they do actually like what you have written.

I don’t disregard LIKEs as a stat, but it’s not one of the most important figures to me – it just gives me a heads up to who has seen the post itself … the interaction figures are more telling. Those who decided to stop and leave a comment are more productive to the blog.

Views, well another figure l tend to disregard, it’s at the bottom of my personal stat sheet of importance. Again, something can be viewed as in opened and just not read and not even liked and more so if the content is too long for some readers.

Visitors are important – they can be unique visitors as well as daily visitors and sometimes pending how often they view your site in a day over a week, this doesn’t affect your statistics this much. The way WordPress counts statistics is not always the way you or l might count them, there can be time delays and also pending the browser you are using to view the blog as sometimes these time delays are lengthy.

The real time stat l tend to value more daily is the ‘Comments’ – l can grade more about my blog and my content through this down to earth statistic than any of the others. This is hard core interaction and engagement from those who follow you and read from you on a regular basis be this daily, weekly, and monthly or even seasonally or serially.

With regards followers – well this is a stat that can be taken with a pinch of salt much of the time – people follow you and they can unfollow you at any time also – that is their prerogative. Although in the last year l have noticed, less ‘mass’ followings and way less bulk unfollowing’s in comparison to 2019 as an example when people unfollowed more quickly or had head count shuffles as in deliberate unfollowing’s because their numbers were too high.

High follower counts is treated like gold dust by some bloggers and yet, whilst l’ll not deny that when l first began blogging here in WordPress back in 2017 l too was bowled over by some of the follower statistics l was seeing on some blogs … however over time l came to see and understand that high follower counts doesn’t necessarily reflect nor mean quality interaction from readers to bloggers.

In true form, from personal observation and l must point this out – this post is from my perspective and my point of view and watching my blog and my figures for three years – all high follower counts really means to me is people are just quick to follow a blog in the hopes sometimes more for a follow back than they are interested in engagement with a blogger and their content. That is NOT the case for every blog and blogger – but most of us have more Followers than we do Commenters. All of us have more Likers than Commenters – so irrelevant to actual numbers and l also think irrelevant to actual content at times … people and their reading habits have changed considerably.

People no longer stop and read for too long, they hit Like randomly, they follow without question, they visit frequently without ever commenting and sometimes not even liking, more of a window shopping experience and the list of negative stats goes on and on … yes you might be right when you think – he is a bit cynical, although you would be more correct if you thought, he’s not cynical he is being a realist!

Sadly, most of us simply don’t have the Time to stop and read everything written thoroughly by every blogger and writer alike, we many a time guilt ourselves for not having all the time in the world … l am terrible for this … l guilt myself frequently, l stress over not being able to read X,Y and Z on a regular basis – it’s difficult, but l can console and forgive myself marginally for reminding me that l am only bloody human and there is only 24 hours in any given day, and when l do visit blogs, sure l might be weeks inbetween visits, but l do read and try and make a difference for that writer.

In recent weeks, l have even given a lot of thought to seriously capping myself on followers and having a bulk unfollowing to bring realities down to sustainable levels. Some time ago, a fellow blogger told me that the reality of blog figures were different to how they might first come across to a new blogger. In so far as if you have 2500 followers, the true readership figure you are writing to and for and who engage with you frequently is probably only 20%. So between 40 – 50 readers, fellow bloggers and so on are the ones who will interact with you with a healthy frequency.

Eye opening don’t you think? Then there might be a further 15% that genuinely LIKE your content but don’t always interact, they might be more seasonal or serial to your blog, for instance l run gardening series .. not all of my readership are interested in gardening and less on composting so there is a good chance that whilst l might have 5 – 10 regular readers that read everything l write, l have more hits traffic wise from a higher volume of readers when the seasons are more active with the series.

The stats l tend to follow with more interest in fact are from Post and Pages and the summarys over weekly and monthly time scales, monthly traffic insights, most popular days and annual site stats. These combined give me more valuable information as to how the blog is functioning. Other figures l can grade for myself by just watching and reading my readership and how they interact and react and respond … and that’s pretty much it.

So l am curious ….

What figures or statistics are more important to you and your blog and your overall blogging experience as personal bloggers?

Also, we have many bloggers here that are published authors and they too use their WordPress blog and other platforms to motivate and encourage current and new readership alike, viewings, sales and inspiration … are your statistics important to you – how so , which and why?

Let me know below in the comments section.

50 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of …

  1. I put more store by Santa and the tooth fairy than WP statistics. 😁
    I’d love to turn them off and get rid of the page on my app but I don’t see the button. I suspect there isn’t one. WP want our souls. 😈

    1. Well as basic stats go Ian, WP ‘s are not as bad as some – they are not always accurate but way more accurate than having no idea. Of course not all bloggers are bothered – l know from your comments before on similar posts, that you are not bothered by figurework – again, it’s the prerogative on each individual.

  2. On my blog, at least, people behave differently depending on where they’re coming from. People coming from search engines or social media are far less likely to like/comment, but they’ll show up as views on my older posts. I don’t think there’s any single statistic that definitely says how a blog is doing; different stats give different parts of the overall picture.

    1. I hit send Ashley before l had finished my comment to you due to the phone ringing and making me jump.

      I don’t have many come in from social media as l disabled those way back in the last few days of 2017, do you mean Twitter/Facebook for your social media? Do you have instant connections – and maybe even Instagram – l know you use Pinterest do you get much back from there?

      Where do you think your sales come from for booksales? Social media or WP mostly or a mixture of both?

      1. The vast majority of my social media traffic is from Pinterest, which brings in a fair bit.

        Book sales mostly come from my ad campaigns on Amazon.

        1. And if it is okay to ask?

          How many ad campaigns do you run with Amazon and do they pay off in consideration to actual ‘book sales?’

          How does Pinterest work in relationship to your blog? i may have to go and check it out … l don’t use P as a medium, l find it all a bit overwhelming at times.

          1. At the moment I’m running campaigns for 2 of my books, each campaign with a number of keywords. My average cost of sale right now is between 20-25%, so $2-2.50 per $10 of sales

            I pin graphics on Pinterest that are linked to posts/pages on my site, and then people can save those pins and/or click through on the link. It’s my #3 referral source overall, after search engines and WP.

          2. MM, l am going to answer in reverse order Ashley — do you have a post with regards your Pinterest and how you started? if so, could you link it please ?

            With regards the Amazon ad campaigns – that is pretty good comeback. Do you ever utilise the ad campaigns of other platforms? I know FB is always pushing for that kind of campaign.

          3. … best answer Ashley – that is totally, 100% fact. people are there to ‘specifically buy books’ as opposed to FB which is very random hit and miss. In Amazon , people are there to splash the cash, in Facebook, they are just there.

            Thank you for this and the link too.

  3. I have started to follow so many different blogs and find that when I am short on time, I just cannot read everything. So now, I will admit, I tend to judge on post title and the image whether I want to read it….except, I have my favourites, who I tend to always read because I just know that I will like everything they have to say.

    1. Hey Jenna, do you ever look at your stats?

      Also, You have what 3 books for sale? has WP and your blog encouraged sales or do you get sales from other avenues aside from your blog?

      1. Good questions. I don’t look at stats – the only feature that interests me is the world map.

        I think that without the blog we would have sold zero books! With the blog, we have sold a few. Independent self-publishing is not for people who want to sell a lot of books! More for being to motivate yourself that your hobby – writing – can lead to something. Regardless of how many they sell, it is kinda cool to hold a paperback copy of a book you have written.

        1. Oh right, do you not have ebooks as well on your titles? I have self published before, l can relate to what you are saying.

          Was the world map a widget or did it come with your particular theme? i mean for instance l don’t have a world map per se although l do have a countries thing furnished by Jetpack is that what you mean?

          So on that level, how does the world map intrigue you? is it just to see where your readers are ‘reading from?’

          1. I am confused!!

            So you asked me about the stats page earlier? I never used to look at it but another blogger told me to look at it because it shows which countries have people visiting my posts. That is kinda cool – when you think your words are on screens around the world. However, the actual numbers – I try to ignore them. I also try to ignore the ups and downs in the graph. People have lives (well they did before 2020!) – why should they be looking at my posts everyday? That would just be sad.

          2. Ok, so both soft copy and ekindle sales are up since you started a WP blog?

            I/Maybe, l am confused l have seen blogs with World Maps on the actual blogs and l am guessing the Countries list is on all WP blogs as a basic, this is what l meant.

          3. When our first books were ready to be published we asked some friends to help to promote them social media. Mel told us it would be a good idea to set up a blog/website.

          4. I was just thinking as well Rory – when it comes to reading posts from other bloggers – I mostly follow erotica bloggers. However, that covers a wide umbrella of bloggers who write about a wide range of subjects. Sometimes I am really not keen on reading about a subject that makes me uncomfortable. For example – some bloggers warn that their post will contain an account of non-consensual sex or that it will contain physical or psychological abuse. I can’t read something like that. But the same bloggers will other times write they kind of content I really enjoy – a more dreamy romantic sensual erotica. I try to be openminded about what I read, but I have my limits. If a blogger is continually dipping into scenarios that I find are making me feel this is not my brew – well, I unfollow. It is not personal, I just don’t want to end up traumatised by content that is just disturbing.

    2. Of course that is also another problem Jenna, having too little time to read too many blogs in … one of the biggest nightmares going.

      recently l have seriously reduced my reading list down so l can spend more time with the bloggers l really want to read from and NOT feel guilty about doing so … that’s the real hardship.

      1. Mel gave me a realistic set of expectations when she helped us set the blog up. Don’t put pressure on yourself so that blogging becomes a burden. You can’t feel guilty about what you can’t do – just enjoy what you can do!!! 🙂

        1. Oh yes that’s true – but working on that philosophy having too many blogs following as an example then becomes an issue if you can never hope to read on a regular basis a good percentage of them, no?

          1. I just try not to worry Rory – when I have time I read a lot, when I don’t have time, I read just a little. I try to catch up when I can – but cannot always. I am not going to worry – this is just a hobby – not my purpose in life.

  4. I occasionally look at my stats just out of curiosity. They dont really mean anything to me. I’m still here for the social interaction more than anything else, and I can see that daily from the comments. I don’t even really notice the “LIKEs” that much unless it’s from a blogger I know doesn’t generally comment.🤷🏼‍♀️
    I don’t really have anything to add to this discussion that I haven’t already told you😉


  5. The stats aren’t important to me because they don’t MEAN anything important. For example, I’m coming up on 2300 followers, and yet do any of them follow my link (after EVERY post) to buy one of my books? Nope! The last book I sold was on January 2 and I’ve received a bunch of follows between then and now. Same with the other platforms ~ 1250 Twits follow me and never buy anything. I’ve already discussed Medium. So then what does matter? The couple dozen folks who actually INTERACT on my posts by commenting and vice versa!

    1. Hey Paula 🙂

      I do hear you, very well – l do compltely get you …. and this week alone, l really do get you – l have questioned much this week also…

      ….. on a side noter …

      By the way, how does Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow sound for tomorrow morning?

      That’ll not help stats and sales, but maybe bring a smile to your face 🙂

      Best l can do at present though 🙂

  6. Hey Rory, I take a look at my stats daily. a lot of my readers come from search engines, my blog is interesting especially for people who like to read about LGBT celebrities,

    That said, I have a few non lesbian ladies who follow me, maybe they like to read my blog because I am a handsome young man so they don’t mind my being gay … 🙂 or because I post healthy cake recipes every Sunday…

    I don’t have many followers (less than 500) and many of the followers just do window shopping as you say sometimes I wonder why some of them follow me

        1. That said, I have a few non lesbian ladies who follow me, maybe they like to read my blog because I am a handsome young man so they don’t mind my being gay … 🙂 or because I post healthy cake recipes every Sunday…

          It was this that l thoroughly enjoyed and l found to be wry humour my friend. 🙂

    1. It is good that you read the stats, do you find any in particular that fascinate you more so? I know Jenna Kirkpatrick was saying that she pays more attention to the worldwide map.

  7. Hey Rory, I like to watch which posts are the most popular… yesterday it was Pete Buttigieg the first gay man to become a member of the US government (chosen by Joe Biden/Kamala Harris), and Christian Dior, a great French fashion designer

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