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E1 – IntroE2 – Less Is MoreE3 – So What’s New?

My credo and targets for 2021 are …

Less Is More

Lees quantity and more quality

More essentials, Less superfluous!

I decided last year to really work on the ‘Less is More’ credo for this year and the blog. I have been working towards this ultimate goal for the last 15 or so months. I could have perhaps performed a swift execution styled change to the blog last year as some might have done, but that’s not my style .. so l opted to close things down slowly with a view to really making an impact in the first half of this year with the final actions in the second half.

My overall target is to reduce the quantity of posts that l publish daily Monday to Friday and Saturday and Sunday. Currently l produce 3 daily, although on occasion l have 2 only. This half year’s target starting from February is to gradually work towards writing and publishing 2/3 posts Monday to Friday and 1/2 on the days of the weekend. Whilst from July 2021, Monday to Friday will only be 2 daily and on Saturday and Sunday mostly 1 with an occasional 2.

Although, there are many reasons for this new approach 3 significant ones are 1] so l can read more from those that l follow [something l have been diligently working towards], 2] to concentrate on producing a higher quality of content and 3] to free up more time for myself away from the blog to study for a business. The latter will be written about in due course and will appear as ‘Specials’ under the Series “The 13th Post” which is part of The Studio Workshop – series that you may remember l made reference to last year. Both of these are currently in a ‘Holding Position’ in the blog.

I have spent a good few months now studying series and their interaction and engagement rates with my readership and glued to certain sets of statistics as well as spent time seeing if certain series required ‘revamps’ to survive and in most cases .. the audience’s appreciation of certain styled series are no longer hyperfocused in the same way as little as six months ago.

People read and react to things differently today than they did this time last year and over the course of the last 12 months especially ‘many of the reader’s habits and behaviours’ have distinctly changed and l don’t think people will revert to the way they used to be, so it’s down to the blogger to change, adapt and evolve.

In consideration to some other bloggers, l am still a newb, but whilst that might be true with regards blogging as a genre, it is not true with regards my personal blog, my readership and my audience. I may only have been a blogger for three or so years, but l have been a writer on the Internet for twenty and so l can see how people’s reaction and response to things change.

Many series have been taken out to never return, some are on hold perhaps indefinitely and in the final episode of this series you will see some of the newer series to be introduced for the year.

What’s Staying Then?

Red – New series to BeginPurple – Current Running SeriesGreen – Series on Hold

Since 2018 , l have worked on trying to understand which genre of prompts l do well in as an example of evolving and adaption … l didn’t do very well with creative writing prompts or even games prompts because they may have come across as overly complicated, but l do ‘do’ well with question styled prompts and in fact many of my current prompt series are question orientated … which are staying in blog as regular features.

12 Bloggerz [Monthly]The Chocolate Box [6 Weekly]
The Weekend Quickie [Random Weekends]Question Fun [Random Fridays]
24 Hour Blog Question [Once/Twice Weekly]The Curious Case Of [Random]
What Are You Reading Then? [Monthly]xxx

The Entertainment Prompts are another genre l have and they do relatively well also and so they too are staying, although they are being tweaked all the time and having their ‘publish periods extended’ due to the length of time they need to create.

Find Me A Film [Six Weekly]Theme Times [Weekly]
Mixitup & Playme [Monthly]Blast From the Past [Monthly]

You saw last time that The Hello and Mini Featurettes has had a major reshuffle and so now we only have a few small series that will be found in the Morning Greeting Series. These being…

Random QuotesDidja Kno Specials
Epic CaptionsQuestion Fun/Weekend Quickie
Blast from The Past PromoMixitup & Playme Promo

The Walking Series do very well as do some of the support series to those … these are all staying and will have two new additions joining as well.

Morning Musings [Random]Afternoon Pootlings [Random]
Walks in Time [Random]The Brisker 25 Round Up [Random]
New Series to StartNew Series to Start

On the creative fiction, dark fiction, dark reality fiction, poetry , reality stories and confessionals the following series are staying and will return, or will be seen more of …

Stories and TalesConfessions of …
Poetry DirectoryThe Grumblies

With regards the ‘Reality Series’ – many of these are staying also and they are …

Dear BlogThe Dug Outs Secret Garden [Seasonal]
The Compost Bin [Random]A – Z Gardening Compendium [Seasonal]
Topical PostsThe Wildlifer
The Happening [Special Only]Gifting the Compliment [Bimonthly]
Saga Furry FootballNew Series to Start

The Business series to possibly begin this year in the second half will be the two features below [as briefly discussed above] although there may be support series as well.

The Studio WorkshopThe 13th Post

In the first episode of Blog Changes 2BDUN42021 l briefly discussed the five main genres this blog caters to and one of those listed was Interviews. I used to have two Interview series or l should correct, l had one and Scrappy had a series of her own. The human one which was Truly Inspired ran for a period of 17 months over two seasons from 2017 – 2019. That had nearly 80 interviews and Scrappy’s – bless her was Doodlepip’s Interviews and she also had just over 80 interviews which ran for most of 2019.

This year, l shall be reintroducing the Interview genre and with it a Guest Star Topical Writing feature – there will be five features with this one genre all of them new, although a couple have been mentioned and were indeed piloted last year.

In Blog Life/The Question HubMagazine on a Bench
New Series to StartNew Series to Start

As far as series goes … this is everything that will be running for 2021 and as you can see there is only to be a total of 5 new series to begin. It probably looks like a lot, but it’s not really, these series in the main are running now – if of course you are reading from the Reader you will not see the colour differences. But the series in purple are all current today and they alone are not many in consideration to a six weekly period – 25 Regulars and 6 Mini Featurettes and more so if you configure into the equations series and seasons ending.

There have been many other small tweaks made as well mostly to do with how l read other blogs and try and maintain a healthy reading pattern, l think with the latest changes .. l can make a much deeper impact and that pleases me.

Anyway, that’s the second episode out of the way, next week in the final episode, l shall discuss the five new series l am introducing for the year – so till then …

Thanks for reading.

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