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Everyone loves a great Adventure Movie packed with Action right. I know l do – gets the heart pumping, the adrenaline racing … there are so many seriously good ones, and sure l know equally as many hooters and clangers out there too … however our task for this is to create and build a list of the Top 15.

Your suggested film titles have been compiled into the listing below – now, your initial votes have also been cast with your suggested titles – what l would like you to do now is cast additional votes on titles that you haven’t already voted for so that we can start to build our Top 15 films list.

If when you were suggesting film titles and you only mentioned one film of a series as opposed to commenting ‘All’ and you meant the series – please let me know below.

I have not included all the film titles/series suggested due to either already been done recently or they sit in a different film genre.
Film TitleVotersVotes
The Librarian 1Rory1
The Librarian 2Rory1
The Librarian 3Rory1
Indiana Jones 1Gary, Rory, Ellie, Jenna, Sadje, Angie, Eugenia, Paula7
Indiana Jones 2Angie1
Indiana Jones 3Gary, Ellie, Angie, Chris Hall,4
Indiana Jones 4Angie,1
The Mummy [Brendan Fraser] 1Gary, Rory, Ellie, Chris Hall,4
The Mummy [Brendan Fraser] 2Gary, Rory, Ellie3
The Lord of the Rings 1Gary, Rory, Ellie, Sadje, Angie5
The Lord of the Rings 2Gary, Rory, Ellie, Sadje, Angie5
The Lord of the Rings 3Gary, Rory, Ellie, Sadje, Angie5
The Avengers 1Gary, Ellie2
The Avengers 2Gary, Ellie2
The Avengers 3Gary, Ellie2
The Avengers 4Gary, Ellie2
Mission Impossible 1Gary, Ellie, Sadje3
Mission Impossible 2Gary, Ellie2
Mission Impossible 3Gary, Ellie2
Mission Impossible 4Gary, Ellie2
Mission Impossible 5Gary, Ellie2
Mission Impossible 6Gary, Ellie, Paula3
The Princess BrideEllie1
The League of Extraordinary GentlemenEllie, Rory2
Jurassic ParkEllie, Rory2
National Treasure 1Jenna, Rory2
National Treasure 2Jenna, Rory2
The Count Of Monte CristoJenna,1
The Legend of Tarzan [2016] Jenna,1
A Knight’s TaleJenna, Rory2
Bird On A WireJenna, Rory1
The SaintJenna,1
WillowJenna, Rory2
The Bourne series 1Angie, Rory2
The Bourne series 2Angie, Rory2
The Bourne series 3Angie, Rory2
The Bourne series 4Angie, Rory2
The Bourne series 5Angie, Rory2
Tomb Raider – Laura Croft 1Ellie, Rory2
Tomb Raider – Laura Croft 2Ellie, Rory2
The A – TeamEllie, Rory2
The Poseidon Adventure [1972]Eugenia, Rory2
Romancing the StoneEugenia, Rory2
Jewel of the NileRory1
The Man Who Would Be KingFandango, Rory2
King Solomon’s MinesRory, 1
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of GoldRory,1
The Matrix 1Kritika, Rory2
The Matrix 2Rory,1
The Matrix 3Rory,1
Back to the Future Part IChris Hall, Rory2
Back to the Future Part IIChris Hall, Rory2
Back to the Future Part IIIChris Hall, Rory2
Jumanji 1Rory,1
Jumanji 2Rory,1
Jumanji 3Rory,1
Kingsman 1Rory,1
Kingsman 2Rory,1
John Wick 1Rory,1
John Wick 2Rory,1
John Wick 3Rory,1
So that’s the film listing line up – you can see who has voted for what, now all that needs to be done is for any additional votes to be cast.
Let me know below – Thanks.
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16 thoughts on “Action Adventure Films List

    1. Which one, l think there are three in total- there was the original 1972 film .. then two remakes, one was seriously bad though. 1979 and then the 2006 film.

  1. All Matrix, princess bride, league of extraordinary gentlemen, both mummy, knights tale, willow, both Lara Croft and all 3 back to the future… oh and both romancing the stone movies

    What a fantastic list!!

  2. I’ll vote for all the mission impossible movies and all the indiana Jones movies. National treasure movie were good too.

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