Why That? Why That Particular Theme?

Why That? Why That Particular Theme?

My Blog’s background theme is Baskerville 2 – l like the layout and the broadness of the panels and l like the impression that it awards the reader upon first glancing upon it. I have chosen bright colours in display support as l like bright colours and yellow and black for me is nice and eyecatching and l think it makes the blog more attractive and hopefully more appealing to outside/external visitors.

I don’t use the Reader and by now, you should know how much l detest the Reader because it dehumanises our blogs and confuses me in some respects … many of us pay for our blogs … and WordPress encourages bloggers to use the Reader which then takes away all the ‘attractiveness’ of a blog because fundamentally it’s there for internal users of WP as opposed to visitors not using a WP blog?

So if most users only use the Reader what’s the point to them paying for a nice attractive blog with a Theme when the Reader strips out all the format and just rolls data like a cattle feeder? That’s not the question by the way, that’s just me trying to understand it … yes, yes, l know convenience, hyper efficiency … BUT that leads me to a specific question which is ….

What Theme is your blog using and why did you opt for that one over something else … what were your motives towards selection?

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  1. Does WP encourage people to use the Reader, or is that just the nature of a feed reader? Other than blogs (like mine) that only show excerpts, I do my reading in the Reader because I find simple and uniform makes for an easier reading experience. I choose to just show excerpts because I use a lot of reusable blocks, which look rather ugly in the Reader.

    1. Hey Ashley – do WP encourage use of the Reader?

      Well, it’s hard to say – for internal users l would say quite possibly yes, but then there is no advertising inside the reader format is there, which is specifically aimed at external visitation?

      I don’t use the Excerpts on the panels – l see many readers who have themes like mine opt to have the entire post visible on the panel which drives me insane … because it is just a minefield of overwhelm in words on the front page of a blog.

      Now l purely go for blank and readers can open up … but l am speaking as a non user to the Reader and only as a user who views my blog as an outsider.

      But l return to the question .. do they encourage users to use the internal feed? That’s a good question .. why supply something if you don’t want it used ?

      But then WP have all areas covered don’t they – blogs who hold their adverts, bloggers who pay for a blog as opposed to those who don’t, the Reader is there for convenience and ‘simplicity’ ..

      You use a Feed reader for the above reasons, l don’t because of the above reasons… mm.

      1. Regardless of how you set up your panels within your theme, there’s a setting to only show excerpts of your posts in the WP Reader (or other feed reader).

        So for example, if one were to open up my post for today in the Reader, they’d find this:

        “Here’s what happened in my life over the past week: Thanks so much to Sharon of Sharon Unfiltered for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! My blog was followed by “BUY INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS.” Classy all the way. Got a message vis my blog’s contact form from someone who thinks AA is just like Charles… Continue reading Weekend Wrap-Up

        The post Weekend Wrap-Up appeared first on Mental Health @ Home.

        Visit Mental Health @ Home for the full post.”

        Then to actually read my full post, someone would have to click through to their sites.

        In terms of ads, people using the Reader is actually counterproductive for WP, because ads only display on people’s sites, not in the Reader.

        People can also read your blog using other feed readers, such as Google’s Feedburner, which is far uglier than the WP Reader.

        1. Oh l agree with you Ashley, it is counter productive for readers to use the Reader because of the advertising, but then that is where WP still make money from those who actually have a paid for blog.

          I am aware of the settings to disconnect the excerpt – l opted for non visibility with the setting function because of the ugliness of it all.

          So why have the option for the Reader if it makes the content appear ugly?

        2. I still think we’re talking about different things with the excerpt, because what I’m talking about has nothing at all to do with what displays on your site.

          The Reader exists for the reason any feed reader exists; to make it easier to find everything in one place and not have to deal with a gazillion emails a day. But an RSS feed by nature doesn’t contain fancier elements, so people can choose what they want or don’t want to do with that.

        3. i think we are talking the same language Ashley, but we are approaching the same thing via different angles you are approaching B via A and l am approaching B via C 🙂

          I do know what you mean – you are referring to how your post is viewed in the Reader as to what displays before the click through?

  2. I had to go look it up… my theme is “Penscratch 2” and I chose it out of the available “free” themes way back when I started because I liked the look of it. I don’t remember many options for the non-paying blogger.

    Now that I’m an official paying customer, I should see if there are other themes I might like better.

    I’ve only ever seen my “desktop” site from my small smartphone screen. I can see the layout but everything is tiny. I’m not overjoyed with the desktop look, but it’s kinda low on the list of things to fix right now. Plus, I’m kinda scared of the whole thing going FUBAR if I start fiddling.


    1. In fact Grandma, you have nailed my motive behind my question …. are themes selected because of how they appear on the device they are being used to view by the user who blogs?

      Are more ‘feed type’ themes adopted because they are viewed now by smart phone users as opposed to iPads, Tablets, lappys and desktops – the latter affording more view space?

  3. There’s a difference in using the Reader from the WP App and the dot com. I don’t like the App. It does take all the colors and stuff out. I have a “shortcut” on my homescreen and go to the dot com. It’s the “mobile view” but I still get the colors and some of the background.

    There are a lot of people who just use a mobile device, but there are also a lot who use a desktop or laptop. I have a tablet, but it’s memory is full and it’s an old, old Amazon Fire. It won’t support newer versions of some things🤷🏼‍♀️

      1. Going to the actual WP site. I don’t use the app. I use Google Chrome as my browser. The desktop view vs the mobile view are different, but I use the reader from the dashboard. The app is a whole different thing.

        I can email screenshots if you’re interested.

  4. I prefer reading in the reader so that all I see is the content. People put so much “stuff” on their blogs and it is distracting. I don’t care for those themes that just show excerpts – that’s another click, another hoop for me to jump through. I’m not much for hoop jumping. I like plain, content only and fonts that are big enough to read – I use my desktop for most of my internet interactions – I cannot even imagine reading anything on a phone besides text messages. Occasionally I will click through via ‘visit site’ if I think there might be something more I want to see or access. While I pay for a personal blog I use a free theme – twenty-sixteen. One column, no sidebar, no menu items. I’m a minimalist, I like un-fussy, clean, neat. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

    1. I remember reading a response from you before Grace and your fondness for clinical data. I can’t stand clinical data, l don’t want to see jump out at me advertising, but being a visual reader and thinker – blocks of text with no break drives me insane especially in posts.

      I can handle block text in the right format like books, but not posts. But l think l have an issue developing which is causing problems for me on this subject anyway.

      1. And there you go – personal preference. I don’t know why you would call words arranged in sentences and paragraphs ‘clinical data’

  5. I use the Reader only to be sure I haven’t missed something, perhaps once a week I’ll take a look. I like themes that reflect a bloggers personality and compliments their work, however, I’ll admit I’m drawn to a blogs appearance as much as I am the content. Your theme is perfect for you and your content! It’s dynamic, bold and colorful!

    I have difficulty reading anything with a white background so I have a couple of ways to darken my screen. Lengthy posts with no breaks and no images lose my interest but that is just me. If one likes to read long form posts, then I like Renard’s World and how he sets up his posts.

    Personally, I like dark backgrounds with pops of color for my own blogs. I agree with Grace, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

    1. Hey Eugenia, that is also a very valid point, black on white l can cope very well with but some backgrounds and their font colours l really struggle with … l can cope with yours as it is opposites as in dark/light l can cope with that.

      Some get the combo terribly wrong and my mind just blows apart and l can’t read it, like a light blue background and black font colour or worse grey and it’s instantly invisible to me.

      Also, yes of course Grace is correct ‘people’s personal preferences’ makes each individual unique … like you, l like to see a writer’s personality because then l can understand them more and where they are coming from, which is why l think the Reader dehumanises blogs – with the Reader, a blogger suddenly becomes clinical to me and l can’t see the person and l need personally to see the person.

      1. I agree with you I like to see the person and their personality because that’s part of the appeal of their blog. Also, the blog’s appearance is part of their appeal within reason. I can’t read a gray or red font and also, when the text is on a busy background.

      2. I agree I like to see the person and their personality because it is part of their blog’s appeal. The blog’s appearance is also reflective of their personality and appeal.

        I can’t see a light gray or red font and also text on a busy background.

  6. I’ve no idea what my theme is as it’s been so long that I’ve set it. But I like it, it’s nice and clean. I’m one of those who use the reader all the time. I don’t use a Pc or a laptop and using a reader on phone is more convenient. But it doesn’t dehumanizes the post because it’s the words that the writer writes that are the post’s essence.

    1. Interesting answer Sadje .

      So the person’s words are their soul and the blog outer their shell?

      Do you find that your theme is easier to read on the phone or do you mean that your phone is easier to read the Reader?

      1. Yes, the words are what we are expressing . They convey our feelings and the out packaging are for decoration!
        Both, I think! If I understand your question!

        1. For me .. to see the whole writer – l need to see their blog and then the words – for me a blogger’s soul is found in the ‘shell’ then the content, so l take it all as one whole as opposed to reading the words first and making a decision upon that.

          But then l am very much a visual thinker and reader and l tend to see vibrancy in colour rather than text.

          Also, l didn’t say the Reader dehumanises the post, l said the it does that to the blog and for me that is a big problem – do you see what l mean?

        2. Yes, I think I do. I am different from you that I make quick decisions and take things at face value initially.

  7. My theme is called “Plane.” I chose it because it’s a relatively simple, unobtrusive, and, well, plain theme. I didn’t want anything glitzy or fancy or even very colorful in my theme because I wanted readers to focus more on the words and on what I was writing than on the design. I wanted my blog to be more like me: down to earth, pragmatic, and genuine, rather than flashy.

  8. I’m all for the Reader, Rory. I wouldn’t want to pay for WP themes either, they’re not expertly designed. And there’s no customisation consistency between different themes.

    I imagine the visitors from outside of WP are very small indeed. Most readers are bloggers themselves. It was different in the good old days when we all used PCs but now there’s a split between PCs, tablets and smartphones, it’s a devil’s job to make things look good across all devices. Hence, the preference for a Reader. The one reading should control what he or she sees, or prefers to see, rather than the blogger. This also means readers won’t be put off reading good content by seeing too many peripheral things they don’t like – we all have those pet hates! 🙂

  9. I don’t know the theme? A friend of ours talked to Ben on the phone on how to set up the blog.
    All I knew is that we would make it pink. I see other people’s blogs and all sorts of snazzy features, but I kinda want to keep mine simple.
    I do prefer the Reader because I use a dinosaur of a laptop and the Reader works better than people’s sites do. They very rarely load properly so there are huge gaps between text – all the pictures are missing. But in Reader I can see their images. I just can’t see all their extra widget things.

  10. I’m on the premium plan and using the theme ‘Rosalie’ – I just really liked the look of it although I haven’t a clue if I have put any of the themes features to use… I’m not very good with the technicalities of blogging.

      1. I have changed a few times. I can only see what my blog looks like on my tablet and phone, I don’t have a computer to view the desktop version. Probably looks like a pile of wank though.

        1. What does a pile of wank look like? no, don’t tell me, l don’t need to know – your Blog looks fine, l only see it on either a Desktop or an ipad 🙂

        2. Like I’m going to believe that you don’t know what a pile of wank looks like 😂 that’s good to know thanks 🙂 I love how your blog represents you – colourful, unique, quirky and very well tended to.

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