The Teddy Bear Stories – The Willow Bear Gangclan

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The Teddy Bear Stories
The Teddy Bear Stories – The Willow Bear Gangclan
The Teddy Bear Stories Directory
Season 4 – Final Season to Series
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This episode is the only episode of Season 4 and is the final season.

l would say you can never have too many bears … but l would also add that you have to have a cut off point. My father’s bears in Season 3 were my last official rescue. If l see another bear in complete and utter distress then of course l will and would naturally step in … but as a rule of thumb and after a discussion with Henry and Mickey we all agreed that that ‘unless it was extenuating circumstances … the bear clan is now full.

Willow here, is home to a lot of bears and the respective clans of which there are three – Original Bear Clan comprising of 16, Mini Clan Membears made up of 5 and finally, The Willow Bear Gangclan with 8 Bears making altogether a total of 29 bears and that is a lot of bears.

The Willow Bear Gangclan are not direct rescues they are more of an permanent adoption of sorts really … they are bears that have been rescued by Rosie and Basil who are bear rescuers, bear doctors and collectors themselves and you can see their own homeclan below.

I named all these bears below, they came to me as just ‘Bear’.

Of the 8 Willow Bears, 5 only are permanent adoptions with the other three being purchased elsewhere. So there is isn’t a huge backstory on any of the individuals because l am not the initial rescuer, l am more the foster parent to these bears if you wish. I know a little of their history but not the fullest detail.

So, now l will introduce you to the bears …

Little Stonker!

I purchased Stonker not long after moving into Sandwich, l saw her by chance in the antique store right next door to Rosie and Basil’s shop – Chestnut Cottage Antiques – Strand Street – they are mostly upholstery restorers, but they also, like Rose and Basil offer Teddy Bear medical services and l popped in there to see if they could maybe restore Henry and Mickey – which of course they could – [l decided against it, because H&M l think need to stay the way they are] – and that’s when l saw Little Stonker, sitting in a wee doll’s wicker seat all by her lonesome.

I couldn’t have that – she was the only wee bear in the whole shop. Little Stonker is actually a Door Stop Bear and belonged to a lady whose children had left home and moved abroad and she had some furniture restored and gifted the store Little Stonker.

So, l purchased Little Stonker and she now is the official Door Stop Bear to Willow and lives in the LivenDen.

The Winged Radiance Bears

You may recall Winged Radiance in the series The Blokes New Digs as this is my guest bedroom and this is the home for Boo Boo, Choqqors, Threebee and Moscar and brownie points if you can guess who is who!

However on the chance that you can’t allow me to do so formally …

Boo Boo

Boo and Stoner [who you shall meet further down] are also Door Stop Bears although you can see that Boo Boo is actually more of a Dawgbear – she was purchased from the Little Curiosity Box on the corner of No Name Street here in Sandwich alongside Stoner, who because they have small ‘tears’ in their fabrics and would have been sent back and possibly destroyed, l rescued’ if you wish and brought them here. Normally they wouldn’t be sitting on the beds, but on the floor keeping the door open – however, for the social aspect they are sitting with the other bears. Boo’s tear is about an inch long and is found in her right ear.

Threebee, Moscar and Choqqors

Threebee, Moscar and Choqqors in that order above also are bears that were rescued by Rose and Basil, were in a state of ruin and received medical repairs to make good. All three were owned by children and all three were sadly abandoned by children who were getting older and discarded their bears as is although sad, but the way of child……

Moscar is actually Musical Oscar on account of the fact that he has a small key in his back that when turned played a small tune to help a child fall to sleep by. He was a very much loved bear despite his child growing away from him. If you look closely you can see that his face right side is ‘pressed’ as in pressed inwards .. a sign of true love from the child when young and always hugging the bear close. Moscar is fify five!

Threebee is a huge Grandbear – despite his fresh appearance he is close to forty years of age and when rescued his left arm was hanging off because that was the arm most used by his child to carry him around with, but he is now is great shape.

Choqqors is a small wee chocolate bear and part of the Little Folk of the Lakeland Bears range. Long gone sadly are his clothes, he is the youngest bear in Winged Radiance aged at a mere 12 years of age. Bought as a gift for a child, who just didn’t want him and so poor ol’ Choqqors spent most of his life in an old toy box in an attic.

Nights Filled With Passions Bears


Stoner is a Door Stop Bear – see story above as for Boo Boo – has a tear down his middle back seam about 3″ long. He is currently the Guardian Bear to William and Bluebell who are both Canterbury Bears. Like Boo, he sits on the bed for sociality reasons.

Bluebell and William, in that order above are two Canterbury Bears, you can actually see Bluebell’s Trademark on her right paw. Bluebell’s actual name is Blueberry, but l prefer Bluebell. Both are crafted Teddy Bears and were owned again by ageing children, who decided that as they grew up, they had outlived their bears and so their usefulness and companionship were no longer required. Neither of these two bears had any lasting damage, despite being regarded as too childish to be kept by their children … they were loved. There are impressions about the bears that detail how they were carried or held … worn marks, the medals of love.

However, there we go … that is the very last of the Teddy Bear Stories although, one never knows really and of course … there might well be Teddy Bear Tails in the future … you know??

Thanks for Reading.

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  1. Yay! I guessed the bears correctly. Does that mean I’m a good guesser or that I know how your mind works?🤔🤨
    I have the keeping of Mr Teddy, who never left Ben’s presence until some sort of falling out occurred and Pink Kitty and the Hello Kittys (ALL named) took over. Poor Mr Teddy was often tossed onto the floor. No no no no no… can’t have that. He hangs out with my Eeyores now😉


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