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What l try to do, and l have tried to achieve since January 2018 – just a few months after starting this blog the previous September is to provide not an Entertainment blog as that is a specialised niche, but an Entertaining blog … which isn’t specifically a niche. I work towards providing posts which l hope will appeal to my readership and like readers, l too have many tastes. One of the reasons, l simply cannot offer a full-on niched blog is quite simply l would be bored shitless if l only wrote in a particular genre.

I have many passions and have worked in many different fields during my years career wise and seen and learned much, have been fascinated with hundreds of hobbies, studied many different topics and the list goes on .. but l have always maintained that l don’t just live one life, l live several and every time a new year starts and the previous one disappears – reflectively l am starting again in many ways.

As l have aged, the sheer volume of my life or the energies of my life and lives have not increased per se, nor have they decreased, but like a good wine matures … l have become wiser, more experienced and l start to specialise with interests which l have a very deep fondness for and so the thousands of ‘items of life’ that l have known, slowly become hundreds and then further whittle down to a few and then a handful.

These days l only have a ‘handful’ of prime interests, but l am deeply passionate about them.

I am focused on exercise with an end result of health and overall wellbeing, l still like to game online but am particular what l play, l like to read, listen to music, watch films, garden, compost, walking, keep active with environmental issues, photography and of course writing and to blog. That’s pretty much everything l am focused on as well as keeping my mind open to new opportunities.

With the ambitiousness of creating an entertaining blog, l strive to make this possible using diverseness, eclecticism, variousness, multiplicity and if possible, distinctiveness or in a more simplified approach … l try to offer my readership, a personalised uniquity – which we ALL endeavour to provide..

With so many blogs, writers, authors and published posts every day presenting themselves to individual readers, readerships, audiences, and communities alike – being a blogger isn’t always an easy task. It takes dedication and passion, imagination, creativity, patience, understanding, logic, communications, consistency, positivity and of course the very much-loved focus.

But also, a blogger needs to keep their content as fresh as possible so as to NOT bore readers and that too can sometimes create stumbling blocks for any writer not just a blogger. Writer’s block is an enemy to many, luckily, l don’t experience that … l keep my blog filled with variables so if l find that l am waning interest wise or running out of content to produce in one area then l have something to always fall back on.

I maintain in A Guy Called Bloke five main genres in which l can produce content within – these being – Running Features, Mini Featurettes, Prompts, Interviews and Specials or One Offs – not all these genres are active all the time, but usually four out of the five are regulars over the course of every quarter to half year.

I run inhouse promotions and series like these and the Plenty for 20 of last year, to inform my readership of any changes l am making in blog and give the reasons why certain series are finishing or will be stopped and not seen again so that people will hopefully see, that l am never just writing blind and whilst YES of course l write ultimately for myself – l am also writing for a readership and so l must work towards providing content that they too find enjoyable – and this means that when some series do not ‘perform’ as well as they could, then these must be revamped or removed.

Blog Changes 2BDUN42021 will be a mini-series comprising of 3 episodes only, this Introduction being one of them and it will not be a series that will run for the duration of 2021 but will be finalised by no later than the end of January.

There are a few changes planned in for this coming year, a few new features and series and one offs. I have been slowly working on and inside the blog for the past year, continually updating and improving the navigation … l’ll not lie – Block Editor whilst l am used to it now and thankfully it doesn’t cause as many glitches as it once did, still isn’t perfect and it can make the creation of some posts very time consuming and with that some series become non-viable.

Last year l started a new ‘pilot’ season of The Hello with a new feature called Mini Featurettes and this displayed several series that were either new ideas being piloted or were once regulars to this blog but had lost readership interest and so in order to establish if they were still popular l ran them briefly and analysed their performances and readership reaction over November and December to see if they were still favoured and as l suspected quite a few were not and will now be either revamped for future publishing, removed or purely act as ‘One Off Specials every now and again’ . In addition to these – there are also features that were advertised to start but have now been pulled and cancelled.

Below are the features to be worked on and cancelled or deleted …

The Three iii’s of SqiggiddilyNever launched
Bargain HunterNever launched
Ask My Blog AnythingUnpopular
The List Tinkerer’sUnpopular
Find Me A FilmBeing Revamped
Musically SpeakingUnpopular
321 Quote MeNo Longer Popular
Didja KnoUnpopular/Replaced with Didja Kno Special One Offs
Coffee Chatz [Interview Series]Never launched/Replaced
Waistcoat Weekly [Interview series]Never launched/Replaced

The Mini-Featurettes is still to be active as it serves mostly as an inhouse promotions feature in support to the main blog but now only has a few features attached these being …. Epic Captions, Mixitup, Random Quotes, The Weekend Quickie, Blast From The Past and Didja Kno Specials as well as advertising new features to appear in the blog itself.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base with you and introduce this new one off mini-series and l will see you all in the next episode where l will discuss the new series planned in for this year and so till then ….

Thanks for reading.

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15 thoughts on “Blog Changes 2BDUN42021

  1. I wish I had a brain as creative as yours! I’m glad Epic Captions is staying, I bloody love it! 🙂

    1. Hey Shirley – yes worry not, that is still staying – a few others are as well, but they will be revamped and then others still not mentioned are going.

  2. I am amazed at the time and dedication you give to blogging. It is obvious it is a labor of love. Thanks for sharing your creativity and insights and of course, questions, with us all.

  3. I always do 321Quoteme! I think it’s a good prompt. But I think most people don’t see it in the hello post

    1. Hey Sadje 🙂

      It’s not about location of a prompt Sadje, it’s about interest 🙂

      I never take a Discontinuing series decision lightly – it comes after watching something for months and watching the actual participation from readers and responders alike.

      When l first began this series, people used to welcome being tagged for prompts without a problem .. now people don’t like to be pinned down on a tag but prefer the choice. Equally readers used to do more prompts as well as more posts – many of us have reduced the amount of posts we create and we choose quite specifically what we want to see on our blogs. But also, it’s all about Time.

      We all have favourited genres even with prompts that we like to do … but equally, this is the very importance of knowing your blog and your audience and your statistics because this is where they come into their own.

      As you know, l maintain a directory for many of my series and seasons. 321 was no different.

      The directory displays all the seasons and all the games

      It began as a series back on 30th May 2018 and was very well received and very popular, but it had to change and reflect how readers were changing also.

      If you look at the link Sadje, don’t just look at the last Season as in 4 games, but look at the last four/five of the previous season when the game was in it’s own post . You will see that in fact you were the only responder for many of the games.

      People see prompts, they will like prompts … it doesn’t mean they do the prompts.

      As said, l was saddened to see it go, and l thought of you as l made the decision to close it and l thank you for being the one reader who was the staunch supporter of it from the time that you first saw it 🙂

      But sadly not everything can last.

      1. You’re right. We have so many bloggers who aren’t blogging now. I remember Beckie used to be the one who always responded. I hope she is doing well. She hasn’t responded to any of my emails. As you say everything has to end one day. Thanks for thinking of me. Appreciate it.

        1. Precisely, l too have emailed Beckie over the months since her last post and to no avail nor response. i was emailing Britchy for a long while and no response either … it’s the way of the world l feel Sadje … we see people and then they go, they become like that song ‘strangers in the night’.

        2. She has a new blog now in WordPress doesn’t she? I know Grace of Jus Talkin’ had a WP, then went to somewhere else, but she too l think also has a new WP blog.

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