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Season 5 – Winter 2020
Series 5– Starting Anew
Sunday 10th January 2021 – Walk Time 155 Mins
11.45am – 2.20pm – 16,500 Steps – 8 and quarter mile round trip.
Push It, Let’s Push It – Gotta Keep Moving On!

Today’s walk started later than l planned, but l discovered thankfully before l left that an Amazon parcel which was initially scheduled in at 2.45pm delivery was going to be delivered between 8.45 and 10.45am. It arrived at 10.30am, so l was a little bit caught out – on account of being up since 8am rearing to get out on my first ‘Mini-Hike’ of the month and so by half ten, not only wasn’t l out, but l was getting peckish and thirsty. In truth, l felt that way at quarter past ten, so made myself a light snack and a black coffee and as is typical – the delivery arrived just five minutes after l had drunk that down!

So l had to wait for the coffee to make its way out ….. problem with walking in Sandwich at present is that there are not many toilet blocks open and let’s be honest – although the main car park block at Sandwich Quay is now open, who really wants to go through the whole palaver on going through all the proceedurals to just take a pee? By this l mean, anti-wipes, anti-bacterial, gloves, mask – shit l could wet myself by the time l eventually got around to doing anything in the relief department!

So, an empty bladder is the way forwards .. more so because with lockdowns there are simply more walkers abound therefore making bush toilet stops difficult without some sneaksy little dog who finds looking at your doings and goings on more exciting than sniffing the grasses!

In addition to the delivery, the other reason for holding fire was that we had a seriously deep frost last night which was visible this morning when l looked out the window into the back garden … that would mean more ice and black ice .. so it wasn’t bad having an earlier delivery because that would give time to the first layer of the frost to break and melt off.

When l first woke up, there was no sun, there was nothing except a grey opaqueness looking back at me … visibility was perhaps 15 feet, by 9am it was 25 feet and by 11am, 35 feet. I set off on my first leg of the walk at 11.45am, much much later than l would normally set off. I say the first leg because l had to cut that short and instead of launching into the longer walk, simply walk a 3000 stepped Ramparts walk and get back to the house. The CD l had picked up to play in my new Portable CD Player was corrupted and l had boom twang , kerumba nothing then static and then it would repeat itself or break into running silence with the occasional hiss and siss ……………. sure l like weird music … but this wasn’t musical!

First Leg – Ramparts Walk – 3000 Steps – 22 Mins – 11.45 – 12.07pm

It’s chunky and big, but great for me, l did buy originally a Sony NWZ-B183B Portable Walkman with Built-in USB but that was too twinky and just bugged me, so l will let Suzanne have that as she is a real techhead in comparison to me! I quickly sifted through the limited range of CD’s l have here [Suze gave me her older ones] and l picked up 21 Monster Hits On A Dance Tip 2 and the song above was one of those l found myself listening to and thinking , Yer, a real walking song!” But then my main go to music is dance and house, trance and rave, then rock – but l will probably have a looksee into getting some Iron Maiden or Godsmack for walking companions as well.

I was determined to start my new mini hikes this weekend, come hell or high water … l was trying to catch up with the lost steps of the early part to the week. I was never going to make up the missing 17,000 completely – BUT l could have a good stab at it.

Second Leg – Ramparts Walk – Haven Walk 1 – Prince’s Golf Course 1- Sandwich Beach – St George’s Golf Club – Haven Walk 2 – Ramparts – Millwall Walk to Fellowship Way to Home – 12.10pm – 2.20pm – 13,500 Steps.

The second leg of the walk, was in fact l would say the main mini-hike – it was a long walk by itself – just over 2 hours and when l started on the second Ramparts walk l did wonder how frosty, icy and damp it was going to be out on the main walk itself because if the Ramparts was anything to go by?

By the time l got to the Haven Walk – the damp air was heavier and much colder as well. Normally l have my puffer coat when it’s not raining, and underneath that a thin jersey waistcoat, but today l had added a medium thickness sweatshirt as well. My legs are always ok, l wear fleece lined walking trousers, but l have also started wearing a pair of ultra thin running compression leggings underneath the trousers which fit like a second skin and are really warm. Combine that with long length compression socks and l am good to go.

Since gearing myself up for walking longer distances l have found the experience a lot more enjoyable. The right gear really does work wonders and you reap the benefits instantly.

I am quite used to the River Stour walk [Haven Walk] now as l have been walking that for a good week, but l wanted to extend that, as l have plans for next month to really start hiking out on the weekends. I have managed to get smoothly into the 2 hour walks from Monday to Friday, but now on the weekends l want to start walking the 2 – 3 hour mini hikes with a view to starting 4+ hours from March.

I have a few new series planned in for this year but l will explain them in a Mini-Series called Blog Changes 2BDUN42021! Which will start next week and you may recall l made brief mention to this last week in Blogging Insights #62 – Blogging Bloomers for 21 but l am quite excited about these new changes as they reflect my own changing personality over the last six months or so.

The walk therefore through Haven was cold but pleasant and listening to the music and l was walking like a rocket and yes singing along quite merrily – if the pathway had been emptier l probably would have danced my way along! But there is already talks of Lockdown Psychosis fears and l am crazy but not insane as l have said before, so the last thing l needed was some over zealous dog walker ninja rolling me to the ground thinking l was loopy da loop!

The walk leading to Prince’s Golf Course and through the sheep fields, was bleak and barren yet there was a beauty to be found in the simplicity of the frosty fields with the day’s sun gently trying to break through the low clouds … something that didn’t happen throughout the walk and yet, an hour after arriving home .. it appeared for all of perhaps fifteen minutes before it disappeared again.

Once l got to the beach that too was pretty quiet and desolate – although admittedly more dog walkers than on Saturday 2nd ……

….. the walk back through St George’s Golf Course was just as quiet, but as l started again on the return leg of the Haven Walk, l came to my favourite bridge and tree once more, which you have seen a few times this week already .. and it too had been touched with frost and was really quite striking.

Recently a friend of mine asked what is the tree called and l honestly don’t know .. they are quite common around here though, but l am determined to find out.

I was slightly cream crackered when l got home [that’s knackered folks] but it was a cracking walk and l should imagine in the warmer weather a real corker … but that is just one of 7 mini-hikes l have planned in between now and the end of February and l am looking forwards to them all.

You’ll see them also in due course, but for the time being, thanks for reading, catch you again.

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14 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. I wondered if it was a Rowan tree, but I’m not close enough to identify whether Rowan, Crabapple, or Hawthorn … or none of the above.

    1. I think it could well be a Hawthorn or indeed a Rowan Cage … when l took the photo earlier in the week, l thought it might be either of those two but until l see it is Spring and therefore the blossom l am not totally sure. At the other end of the bridge is a beautiful Rosehip tree with their slightly longer berries.

  2. My handy dandy App says it’s a hawthorn tree. I love the app… called “picture this”, it identifies plants by a picture. Then gives all kinds of info about it. It costs like $20/year. Definitely worth it!!

    Awesome hike! I like music sometimes. Sometimes I like the quiet and the nature sounds.

      1. I really like it, cuz I never know the names of any plants. I make up my own name, but that isn’t helpful when I want more info.🤣 Google doesnt do well with “tree. With flowers that have puffballs like cotton, southern California”😂😂😂

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