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Season 1 – Game 07 of 09

Everyone enjoys a quickie right …. l mean it doesn’t ‘always’ have to be over too quick – but just not take toooooooooooooo long either, otherwise where’s the fun for a quickie on the weekend?

They’ll touch base with anything and everything and sometimes none of the above but something else!!

6 Quickie Questions

How is it that sheep don’t shrink in the rain when they get wet?
What’s the weather like today where you are?
How quickly do you respond to email messages or texts once you receive them from the sender?
Have you ever discoloured your washing or shrunk something you wish you hadn’t – how, why and what?
How far would you go to get a laugh?
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Answer them below in the comment section or create a post of your own that’s your choice, no pressure from me…

29 thoughts on “Fancy A Weekend Quickie?!!

  1. Good Afternoon Rory.
    1) Maybe they do but we just can’t tell.
    2)Supreme Court of the United States/President/First Lady/Vice President of the United States but the last two have me stumped.
    3)According to my phone it is -12 but it is still dark so am not sure how it will turn out.
    4)As soon as I receive them. Unless a hard response is needed and then I have to think about it before i respond. Or if I get angry. I now wait to respond or do not respond at all.
    5)I turned a work shirt purple. My only work shirt at the time. Had to grab one and wear a stiff starchy shirt for my shift. Ick lol

    Have a great Sunday. 🙂

  2. 1. I will answer this with a question… where the fuck did you get that from Rory? 😂
    2. President of the United States, First Lady of the United States, Vice Present of the United States and Twat of the United States 😛 i have my own ideas for the first and fourth…
    3. Chilly but sunny.
    4. Not very… I need to change that.
    5. Nope thankfully.
    6. Rory, you know me, I laugh at anything and everything!

    1. Well l can answer that question Ami – l used to have a lovely long wool scarf … l washed it accidentally badly this weekend, so l have a semi-rough shorter scarf that is too long for Ken and Barbie but ideal for Paddington and l was looking at it thinking FFS You Muppet Matier! Then l thought, why don’t bloody sheep shrink when they get wet??

      That’s how that question came into its own 🙂

        1. Good try but no 🙂
          Occasional nonce-usages of -OTUS will come up, such as COTUS (constitution) and TOTUS (teleprompter, in a dig at President Obama’s ostensible use of them).

  3. 1. Because they are laminated.
    2. My suggestions are too rude
    3. Apparently warmer than yesterday
    4. Really bad
    5. I once accidentally made blue bread
    6. Normally 90 miles to see Newcastle try to play football

  4. 1)Lanolin??
    2) current synonyms for a$$holes
    3)sunny and 71°F (22°C)
    4) depends on if I get a dag-nabbit notification that I even HAVE a message, and who it’s from. Pretty quick if I’m notified & it’s a Daughter or friend
    5)nope. I’ve been doing laundry since I was 7 or 8 years old. Even worked in a Dry Cleaning shop. I know how to clean clothes
    6) not far… I crack myself up all the time😉

  5. 1. They weren’t dried on “hot.”
    2. OTUS = of the United States, so they are in order Supreme Court, President, First Lady, Vice President, Congress, Turd (meaning Trump)
    3. The weather is cloudy and cold.
    4. Sometimes right away, sometimes three days later, sometimes three years later (no joke – I just trashed my emails from 2017!), which is to say, never.
    5. Yes. The worst was a dress I bought in Mexico – embroidered with fringe on the bottom; I loved it! I would always wash it on cold and take it out before putting everything else in the dryer. Then one day I let my (ex-)husband do the laundry (which was extremely rare) and forgot the dress was in there. Needless to say, it became a shirt!
    6.As far as my remote would let me!

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