OY!! You Are Bad Blogger! Bye!

OY!! You Are Bad Blogger! Bye!

You know, some days are worse than other days …. yesterday for instance was not a great day for me .. l was quite low … bad weather, not being able to get out, Lockdown Blues and just a general sense of “Bleh!” It finished ok apart from an email l received late last night… which is the reason to this post.

Today was a better day, sun shining, blue skies, able to take a 14,000 step walk, talked and had a social chat to a shop owner l knew and saw on the walk and managed to even get a talk with my elderly next door neighbour Edward. Good day … and so far today is a better day, l am getting my shit together. I am washing my bedding , l do this anyway .. but faced with the irksome task of putting the quilt back on can cause me to fill with dread, but no – today is a good day – bring the quilt on!

As l was towelling myself off today l looked in the mirror and thought ‘”Hello!! My stomach looks ‘flatter?’ I realised l have started losing weight on my stomach and then when l breathed in and held my stomach for 10 seconds further realised that l was going to achieve my May goal of a flat stomach but now l had to add stomach muscle strengthening exercises to my daily rota. Of course, why didn’t l think of this before? The stomach muscles would need core strengthens!

A good start to an already better start to the day as the sun was shining. I fed the birds and my little pal Robbie came down and actually took a dried mealworm from my fingers! A good day! Charlie seagull landed on top of the plate of peanuts and made a noise l have not heard before that sounded like ‘Thanks Matey!”

A good day ….

I had a pigeon land twice next to me on my walk and he came right up to me, l was quite astonished, but he posed for a photograph … a good day. The squizzles and ducks were all out and equally as photogenic – a good day and l managed to take a lot of photographs – brilliant!

You might not be able to see the full flock of 15 or so, but they are scattered throughout this treeline .. there are distinctly two in these shots and l have zoomed in to allow you to see one more clearly , the first image shows one just below the crook of the tree.

In Sandwich we have a flock of parakeets that circle the town and they are seen all over the place, but l saw them on my walk this morning – that was good. When l got back from my walk, a parcel was waiting for me inside the house and it turned out to be my ‘Bowl Cozy’ from Lauren of ISS Attitude of Gratitude and that was greeted with joyful enthusiasm – making it also a very good day indeed!

Many thanks Lauren l genuinely appreciated my cozy and l loved the bears too!

Last night, l hit 50 minutes on my indoor bike and l was very pleased at that indeed, l am working towards 60 minutes which is my target for end January – so l am on target.

I hope you enjoyed the images above …. they made this day a good day!

OY!! You Are Bad Blogger! Bye!
Unknown Sender!

When l received the email late last night from an unknown sender – luckily l wasn’t feeling too low, l was in a good mood. I was still elated at having achieved 50 minutes cycling, I was reading blogs, catching up with my reading, had just completed The Hello post for today and wasn’t far short of retiring for the night, looking forwards to today’s better weather. As is my way, l check my ‘Private Blog Emails’ before l switch off the computer.

My blog is connected to a different email and where all the notifications arrive every time one of my readers makes a new post – l don’t have a contact form attached to my blog – but l do openly display the private email for the blog, so readers can contact me that way. But it is also the email l use with my friends from WP. It’s a much quieter email, less busy – no chance of the right emails getting lost in the wrong piles.

My close friends in WP know that l have been a bit ruffled this last week in blog, but l have held my shit together – l have ranted off a couple of times to them … but all is good! It takes a lot to really shake my cage, it doesn’t happen often, but occasionally it does. When my positivity is high like now, l tend to take most on my chin – afterall – l am an adult – it’s what adults do.

The Guy Called Bloke email addy on a month receives roughly 40 assorted emails from people – close friends from WP account for around 25%, then there is around 45% assorted emails from different readers asking questions which l pose on the blog, then there is around 25% from ‘editors’ who wish for me to pop a link of theirs into an old post – l don’t respond to those requests, because l KNOW full well they don’t actually read my blog but have just done a small search on x, y and z and l have an evergreen post that qualifies from 2018/9 or something and finally l have 5% random emails … and occasionally l have hate/troll mail.

So last night l got an email, that basically said in the headline …. OY!! You Are Bad Blogger! Bye!

Mm, l thought … just what l needed to finish off my day … you know you can’t help yourself – you find yourself thinking about an email like that and so today l decided to set a post and ask a question at the same time.

Are You A Bad Blogger Rory? That’s not the question by the way … that was me asking the question of myself whilst l lay in bed last night before lights out.

I opted to sleep on it and give it further thought as l walked today …

Am l a bad blogger Analysis

Well l might well be and so l then gave everything more thought … as it warranted a response.

1] I don’t use the WordPress Reader ..

l have a directory page internally and every time l am reading blogs l open that up and only use that. It holds currently 60 direct blog links to my favourited bloggers. So l am pretty fixed in my reading … l read what l like, what l have a passion for and who l like reading from as often as l can .. so maybe l am antiquated – and old fashioned and too set in my ways.

BUT – l don’t have many friends in real life and let’s be honest how many people can we truly engage and interact with effectively – every week, month or even day even in blog and follow their life with genuineness?

2] I am ALWAYS behind in my reading – l start out every month with good intentions to read from my 60 favourited bloggers twice monthly and somehow l am always falling behind!

But l do read the posts l read … l will write about something which has gotten worse this last year sometime this week or next, which is making my reading harder – BUT l do read the posts l stop by with, from start to finish – l don’t skim through the contents, and if l can leave a healthy comment l always try to and will do.

3] I don’t comment on everything written by bloggers!

I only leave comments when l have something to say and ONLY after l have actually read the post … l try to make genuine comments and not something too generic – the latter usually displays a reader who hasn’t actually read the post and may have simply skimmed through other comments to create an answer of their own and look good.

4] I don’t LIKE everything for the sake of it!

I ONLY hit LIKE, if l have LIKED the post l have actually read .. l am not a Likemonli Monster as l jokingly call them .. as in click like on everything – to show support or garner attention.

5] I don’t have a one themed blog!

My mind these days and as l have aged cannot concentrate on one theme only, so l write about variety, eclectism and things that l like or are to do with my life … l maintain a blog that l would want to read from – and because my life is not just one theme but several and because my personality is not one focus – l can’t simply write on one thing only – so maybe that is offputting to some readers – l don’t know – but l pay for my space – it’s my blog.

6] I don’t respond to many prompts from bloggers!

I do prompts – but l am quite set in my ways and there are only certain prompts l like to do on as a regular basis as l can and time allows.

7] I don’t reblog other blogs!

I maintain an eCommerce blog l don’t physically have that function anymore .. but l do other things … l constantly dedicate music to readers, l am always mentioning readers, l compliment them with a Gifting also and that is a form of reblog, but NO l don’t reblog like a crazy person!

Conclusion …

These are the 7 topics l reviewed when walking today … the end result is this .,.. yesterday l had 2,492 Blogs following me and today l have 2,491 Blogs following me … that might be coincidental – l don’t follow my follower numbers that closely – l am aware of them .. but my figures go up and down all the time. I mean l hit 2,400 November … 2019. So it’s not like l am as popular as some other blogs who started later than me and have higher numbers. My blog is as it is …. my sub heading says it all … “Storytelling My Life For You!” It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

I might well be a bad blogger to many people, l might be an okay blogger to others and still others in addition to that like me as a person anyway … we can’t please everyone .. but if l am a terrible blogger in your eyes and you are not happy with me .. you have two choices … 1] you can unfollow me or 2] you can email me with a real email with suggestions if you wish on how you think l can improve in your eyes or even comment below if you want .. l am a very open to ideas person.

The 24 Hours Question today isn’t ‘Am l a bad blogger’ … but it is …

What do you think makes for a good blogger in your eyes?

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Let me know below in the comments.

52 thoughts on “OY!! You Are Bad Blogger! Bye!

  1. Good Afternoon Rory! I love the pictures and the enthusiasm that bounces off the page. It is so nice to read blogging friends come back into themselves. We all go through those bleak moments but given that we write about it and have others who understand our convoluted writings (lol) it seems to pass quicker these days. For me it also helps like you that our weather is better. It has remained mild here and lots of sunshine. That makes a whole lot of difference. Have a good rest of your day. πŸ™‚

  2. Someone was venting and you happened to be their target is all. I’m glad you didn’t take it to heart, because clearly whomever that anonymous *koff koff COWARDLY koff koff* blogger was who wrote that nasty email, has not taken any time to get to know you and your blog. In my opinion you’re WONDERFUL. Always something new and fresh to read, you design lovely banners and emoticon faces for your ’12 Bloggerz” series, and you interact with your blog. To me? All those things make you a FABULOUS blogger. Your followers love you. Never forget it, and if you start to doubt it, just take a look at that darling cozy Lauren sent you. Should tell you a thing or two. I hope you blocked that anonymous twit. Those sorts don’t deserve a second thought!

    1. Hey Melanie, oh l agree – someone was venting off, like 2 years in many respects … but it still warrants looking at the things people say – as we learn and look deeper into ourselves πŸ™‚

      Glad you like the blog though – so thank you πŸ™‚

  3. Rory, I’m so sorry that some asshat decided to bring down your day! You are not a bad blogger! Your blog belongs to you, to do with as you please! If that person isn’t happy with that, they don’t need to look at your blog, do they? I’m sending you great big hugs today attached to sunshine and wishes for many many more great days!! <3 <3

    1. Hey Penny, many thanks for the hugs – always welcomed – l hope you are keeping well πŸ™‚

      They have two choices, they can unfollow, which they may have done already or they can drop a genuine comment that is open to discussion πŸ™‚

    2. Rory, Rory, Rory… you are a very special blogger. You’re genuine, kind, hilarious and just pure goodness. The world needs more people like you, then it would be a happier place πŸ’š

  4. A good blogger is one who writes intelligently. Posts that engage, are easy to understand and are either informative, entertaining or inspiring. You’re all of the above. As for not being able to read everyone’s posts, well that is not an easy task. You do well.

  5. What a funny email, Rory. It didn’t say you have to nominate 7 other bloggers and send them the same message? πŸ˜‚

    Some people are crazy.

  6. If you’re happy with your blog, you’re a good blogger. Blogs are β€œweb logs” and exist for the pleasure of the writer. If readers also enjoy your blog, that’s a bonus!

    1. Hey Paula – and that quotes right there is exactly 100% my own feelings on the subject and l have quoted you word for word in another post πŸ™‚

  7. A “good” blogger is someone who is engaging and genuine. Even if it’s a niche blog of photography or artwork without much copy, a reader/viewer can tell if the creator is interested and enjoying their subject.

    I don’t follow many blogs because, like you, I read everything start to finish, and time is a limited resource. I use the reader because I’ve turned off email notifications on all but a few blogs, and those are sporadic, very long posts. When I set up my blog I used my main email, which was really dumb on my part, but I had to turn notifications off cuz it was overwhelming, since a lot of blogs I follow post several times a day.

    Anyway… back to the point. Good Blogger = genuine, interested in their content, engaging with visitors to their blog.


    1. Hey Grandma, you know the strangeness is that l too turned off notifications so as to not become overwhelmed and yet they still pour in to that email inbox .. l made the same error in setting up the blog .. my original main email was quiet now it’s just bombarded daily – hence why the Guy email is quieter πŸ™‚

      1. I don’t know if your ecommerce is different from my “personal”, but with each blog I follow I have to, from the Reader, hit the “Manage” button and turn off notifications from that blog.
        Maybe since you don’t use the Reader you’ve never seen that option.
        WP isn’t exactly a smooth running siteπŸ™„πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ€ͺ


  8. How can you give any credibility to someone who remains anonymous? The fact that you at least considered their comment speaks to your desire to be a good blogger and I totally agree if they don’t like it either don’t read or offer up suggestions of what to do differently. It’s that easy. I loved the first part of your post. Thanks for sharing your good day. πŸ™‚

  9. I think a good blogger is one you have interesting interactions with. Some may be “good bloggers”, but their content doesn’t do anything much for me. Perhaps the only “bad blaggers” are the ones whose reason for existence is to spam others.

  10. I am sorry someone said those things to you! That’s bizarre.
    I think every blogger is different. There are some blogs who I follow, read and like their every post because I enjoy their stuff, but they seem to ignore my existence – does not bother me one bit. There are no rules. Hey, I like every one of Taylor Swifts songs and have spent a fortune on her merchandise – does she even know I am a speck on this planet? Nope! It doesn’t matter. I still get the enjoyment out of her work. I am thrilled to see her producing so much music and looking happy.
    I blog for my own enjoyment – it is an erotic and creative outlet. I would imagine most other bloggers write for their own creative enjoyment. But if a blogger sets to demand attention and only operates on a like for like connection with other bloggers – I think they are going to have a miserable experience of blogging.
    You just stay you Rory – you are an amazing man that is super friendly in this blogging maze. I o not like the idea of anyone criticising you. But I know a few bloggers who would be happy to flog or spank them if they do that to you again!

    1. Hey Jenna, many thanks … have l misread this .. you are offering free spankings to the naughty ? πŸ™‚

      Mm, you are in the States yes … that’s a long way to go for a paddling!

      But, you stay you also … l am always behind in my reading, but l love your environment when l get there, so keep being you and remember our original conversation – Sex is good, sex is fun πŸ™‚

      1. We got back from the states about ten days ago Rory – we have been quarantining since then. There are lots of bloggers who are seriously into their spanking – the use all sorts of fearsome implements – if any bloggers give you hassle – we will send some of the serious spankers their way.

  11. Rory, it takes all kinds in this world. How could you possibly read everyone’s blogs? One of the reasons I enjoy your blog is the variety and genuine heart you put into your writing. That reader is a coward and as you well know, most attacks, especially unsolicited ones, are a reflection of the sender.

    I am glad you finally got the reversible cozy. The bears were picked out especially for you. One day mine holds a bowl of ice cream, because it is warm enough here and another day it holds soups, because I am cold.

    Thanks for doing such a good job on your eclectic blog. Thanks for sharing your world. Thanks for the wonderful music. Thanks for rescuing bears. I hope you had a great day. I am starting mine and I plan on taking the day to write

    Virtual hugs,

  12. A beautiful day indeed, animals and birds love you so nothing can bother you, not even an email with such a subject πŸ˜†
    Bad blogger? Being a blogger is a hobby for most of us genuine bloggers…I don’t think there are such things as bad or good bloggers…since is a hobby everyone does it how they want…or not? ☺️

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