Blogging Insights #62 – Blogging Bloomers for 21

Blogging Insights #62 – Your blog in 2021
Host: drtanya@saltedcaramel
How do you see your blog in 2021? What are your hopes and aspirations for your blog this year?

So, how do l see my Blog Blooming for 2021?

My blog is always changing and evolving and l am continually looking at new ideas to keep content as fresh and as interesting and entertaining as l can for both myself and my readership.

Setting up a blog is easy – anyone can do it … provided they want to. Running a blog is also easy … provided the writer wishes to run a blog.

But despite what many think a blog can be and is hard work – it is easy if the writer isn’t that bothered about postal regularity, or content creation and navigational maintenance or audience interaction and engagement and thinks that running a blog on a daily basis is as easy as making a couple of posts in Facebook or Twitter … think that way and yes blogging is easy …. but if you want to make your blog an extension of you and your inner imaginations and personality – then blogging becomes a real work of love.

In my previous post – –Paula of Light Motifs II commented like so If you’re happy with your blog, you’re a good blogger. Blogs are “web logs” and exist for the pleasure of the writer. If readers also enjoy your blog, that’s a bonus! Paula is spot on … to run a good healthy and active blog you have got to absolutely love it and what you do with it … because it is part of your very essence. It’s your inner you exposed to a world of hungry eyes and minds.

To make a blog work whatever size you are – you have to keep learning, spinning, changing and working on it … no different to developing you – yourself in truth.

I am not the only one who thinks this way …. you only have to read not just Paula’s answers, but the many comments on that post to see people who love their blogs we are always striving to be better bloggers, writers, authors and people and better versions of us, ourselves .. therefore our blogs reflect this. They reflect how we change as people over the time we actually blog.

This doesn’t answer the question of the Insight directly – but indirectly it does … in order for me to continually work with my blog, l have to always work at bettering the experience for myself and for my readership. I want to be entertained and l wish to equally entertain them as well.

Since September 2017 when l first began this blog, it has changed …….. it has seen huge changes – changes in direction, objective, content, navigation, display and everyday since 2017, l have changed something in my blog … it is ever evolving no different to me.

2021’s target or goals if you wish, are to continually work to create an entertaining blog but l will be changing elements to the blog structure in this first quarter of the new year. There will be a few new series to begin, and other series will either end season or will retire from the blog itself for the remainder of this year.

I will be introducing more ‘Topical Subject Matter’ in new series as well as more readership orientated subjects and also introducing a business element – not a hard core sales side, that’s not my thing, but hopefully an interesting studio approach to online business – like a forum of idea exchange and so on.

I have been endeavouring to produce more qualitable content and last year l achieved the target of producing ‘less daily content’ and that is still under review .. l produce with regularity now, three posts – this may reduce down to 2 – 3 posts and by the end of the year 2 only.

However, it is only January and early days … my philosphy is to just keep moving forwards and assess every month. I am not that huge on figures or stats, don’t get me wrong this is NOT saying they are unimportant, they are important …. but l don’t get hung up on certain figures … l prefer audience engagement over Views as an example, and quality interaction over follows.

Followers is just a number like age … it’s the content that counts.

14 thoughts on “Blogging Insights #62 – Blogging Bloomers for 21

  1. The followers number isn’t a true reflection. The one stat I *do* look at is “comments”. Of course, half the number are my replies, but that stat shows me how people interacted with my blog, and with me.

    It would be difficult for the blog NOT to change as the blogger changed, I would think.🤔


  2. Yes, you need to have enthusiasm for it. I like to see an enthusiasm for writing more than for collecting statistics, though. I find quite a few bloggers post regularly, obsessing about these numbers, taking them to heart. As I’m not that interested in my own figures, I’m certainly not interested in reading about theirs. 🙄

    1. Hey Ian, good morning to you, just getting ready for my morning walk.

      You are quite right, but l think many new bloggers when they first start look at their figures lovingly and it’s only when you start to chill out and down and start to walk and then hike on the blogging journey over running do you realise it’s other things like content, readership interaction and engagement that are more important than statistics. As l said they are not unimportant, but they are not totally there to rule your day.

      1. I remember George Best saying, if only one person turned up to watch the match, he’d be just as happy to go out and play the game.

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