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The Hello
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Have A Great Day Folks – The Hello
Wednesday 06th January 2021 – Season 15 – Series 11
If you wish to ‘NOT’ receive any Guest Star Day inclusion please do let me know below in the comments.
A wonderful days greetings to you both, hope you enjoy your music and have yourselves a lovely day in all that you do both in blog and off.

My guest stars for today are …

Melanie of Sparks from a combustible mind
Grace of Just Tawkin’

Please do take the time to pop over to their blogs and check out their writings and musings you’ll never be disappointed with your findings.
David BowieClassic Music
Rod Stewart Purple People Eater

A Guy Called Blokes Choice

Season 7Game 4
321 Quote Me Directory
321 Quote Me Created by A Guy Called Bloke
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Guidelines: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

Post 3 quotes on topic
Post 2 pieces of music on topic
Display one image which represents the topic in your eyes.

Dedicated Topic For Today

Celebrating Life

A Guy Called Bloke – Here’s my go ….

“Be the celebrators, celebrate! Already there is too much—the flowers have bloomed, the birds are singing, the sun is there in the sky—celebrate it! You are breathing and you are alive and you have consciousness, celebrate it!”
― Osho

“We might not be the ones to change the world. We might not belong to the few that “put a ding in the universe.” We might not be something the whole world would celebrate. But…In the little corners that we live; in the lives that we’ve played a part in, we should be nothing but unforgettable.”
― Nesta Jojoe Erskine

“Dance madly as if all of life is meant for dancing and celebrating.”
― Osho
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2 pieces of music on Celebrating Life

Display one image which represents Celebrating Life

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Find Me A Film Directory

Season 2


Welcome to Find Me A Film

Our challenge is to find the …. Top 25 Crime Films

Drop your comments and suggestions below.

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Thanks for joining me here and remember to have a thoroughly great day folks!!

36 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Happy Wren’sDay JB! I love your Quotes! 💃🏼🎶and the tunes are awesome. Tocata and Fugue in D minor is a piece I’m actually very familiar with… it’s in Disney’s Fantasia, Ben’s current repeat movie.😂

    Keep dancing and celebrating in your little corner and I’ll do the same in mine💃🏼✨💫


    1. Hey MaSadje, good morning to you … l shall look out for your post sometime this week then – in the meanwhile have yourself a lovely Wednesday afternoon 🙂

    1. Hey Ribana, how are you doing today, how is your week so far? My week is horrible, l haven’t been out of the house since Saturday afternoon, due to the almost monsoon like rains … no walks, just exercising inside .. am slowly going mad … think l will just walk today and sod getting wet, should have thought about that before showering, but am seriously contemplating just taking a walk somewhere short.

      1. Hi Rory, seems is raining everywhere…from 1st Jan is raining everyday here too…we did our walks with the umbrella too ☔️…the good part here is that even if is raining is still warm ☺️
        But still, dress well to make sure you don’t get a cold, get a big umbrella and do a short walk 😉

        1. Yes, l have never mastered walking with an umbrella, last time was October 1987 and thatw as a huge golfing umbrella, that took off in the great storm … never to be seen again.

          1. Hahaha 🤣 then make sure you have a good rain coat 🧥☺️
            Back home I never liked walking with an umbrella but from when I’m in Singapore I never leave home without the umbrella ☔️☺️

  2. I like Melanie’s blog but for some reason I can’t Like or comment on it. Whenever I try, it just goes into a loop of unresponsive repetition.

      1. I use the official WP Reader to follow blogs here but if there’s a link, as you’ve done, it opens a pop up window similar to a web browser view. However, it isn’t responsive. If I click on Like, it simply disappears and returns instantly as before; my Like hasn’t registered. It’s the same when trying to comment.

        If I try an outside browser, it requires signing in and I have to remember my password which I haven’t used in a long while and, basically, I’ve forgotten what it was.

        1. Oh right got you, Melanie herself would say that she experiences a lot of problems with her blog interacting with other blogs.

          A few things have happened with all of our blogs, Melanie last year switched to a free blog over that of a paid for blog, l switched from a Premium plan to an eCommerce plan, and WP switched to the Block editor but equally stated that the block editor may encounter serious problems with some web browsers and the engagement and interaction …

          I can’t work with my blog for instance with Microsoft Edge, so l must use Firefox and the blog runs smoothly . My iPad uses Safari and that is marginally better than ME. I can’t stand Chrome and yet that is supposedly okay to view WP.

          Melanie said since switching to freeblog she experiences more problems with a lot of blogs and has said my blog is very difficult to comment on ……………. however l have had the engineers all over my blog and l am functioning correctly which means we come back to web browsers and the block editor not functioning in a diplomatic way like it should.

          1. It’s a pity because I’d like to comment and support but if it’s not simply straightforward you tend just to give up.

  3. Good morning, or afternoon or even evening – as the time flies. I’m not overly familiar with Bach, since I trend towards the Russians but that is a humdinger and reflects the dark and dank and dreary days we’ve been having…

  4. Good morning, Rory! Love the tunes and the quotes! I had a computer failure yesterday which took most of the day to fix. Hopefully, I can get back on track with my WP gang! Have a great day!

      1. It was a very time consuming experience but better then buying a new laptop or paying someone to fix it! It’s still a work in progress!

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