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Tuesday 05th December 2021 Progress Report!
The Saga of the Furry Football! [T1]
The Saga of the Furry Football! [T2]

The Saga of the Furry Football!

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop – Confucius

The 12 True Reasons Behind The Obsession

Some of the MiniGym!

It’s been awhile since the last summary update on the 01st October last year – not far short of a 100 days or something – l am not counting the days per se, but l seem to be counting everything else. It’s all becoming a bit of blur in all honesty. I haven’t lost track of time, but living life in a sea of lockdown can at times be a little disorientating to say the least. The quote above is one of my feeding chains of thought … doesn’t matter your speed, just don’t stop your journey – keep going till you achieve your goal.

I have been writing about my exercising and my activity since last November, just not in a true summary like today, but there are frequent mentions in Dear Blog or Morning Musing/Afternoon Strolling episodes … it’s a topic that is never far from my mind or my body.

So where am l in so far as my goal, what is my goal, what is my target?

When l first started this ‘trek’, it was small – way back in August not long after l moved into Sandwich, l started walking The Ramparts Walk as part of the Morning Musings series – but l noticed that when l walked with the frequency l was, l felt good, healthier, more mindful of my wellbeing and more so during the lockdown pandemic climate.

In the early weeks of August, l was losing weight, not huge, but a couple of pounds here and there and then l had a sort of epiphany … what if l could tackle my 20 plus year stomach disorder with exercise? Could l do that? When l used to walk Scrappy and work the gardening and compost l was pretty active, but sadly with Scrappy’s death last year and dog walking suddenly gone, with the breakup of my relationship of Suze and then moving as a bachelor to Sandwich with a way less smaller garden and no workable compost… l had become not as active as l once was.

I am not a heavy chap and never really have been, l am not small, but l am not large – l was of medium build, quite lean..ish. But with a gastrointestinal disorder like mine and never having had it properly diagnosed as in … l have a disorder, but no medical professional can identify it except to say .”Yes you have a problem, but we don’t know how to fix it!” It tends to make you somewhat ansy towards all medical formats available to you. How can we be at this stage of the game and STILL not bloody identify gastrointestinal issues?

So the reasons for exercising were numerous and many 1] exercise, 2] wellbeing, 3] mindfulness, 4] weightloss, 5] medical issues and 6] to try and reduce the rotundness of my furry football of a stomach and take it to a flatter stomach …. but there were others also.

I am on a fairly restrictive diet, l have been tweaking and fine tuning what l eat since 2015 and l have cut out many vices and crappy eating habits in the last five years. When l was with Suze, we further identified a lot of problems l have with food and so, in August 2016 l went through a massive overhaul of everything l had in my diet and stripped it out.

Today, l eat a good diet of vegetables, lean white meats and fish and so on, l drink water on a regular basis, l don’t drink alcohol and l no longer smoke and only occasionally vape non nicotine liquid, l don’t eat sweets or candies or biscuits or crisps, or takeaways or anything cruddy. I don’t overeat, nor force myself to eat … in many ways my internal stomach is now smaller than it was five years ago. Yet, still l would experience problems with my bowel and stomach on a six weekly basis, like it was on a cycle or flush out of my body. How could l break this cycle?

My teeth need to be fixed and all this lockdown is doing is delaying much needed repair work and l do believe that once l can get that repair work done, then l am most likely going to see an improvement to my gut digestion because if l don’t and after doing everything l can do as in eating from a healthier diet, exercising to tone up and lose weight, increasing my outdoor activities, sleeping better , hydrating on a regular basis, keep stress out of my life and focusing on my mindfulness, wellbeing and positivity – then the only thing left is l have a problem internally with my digestion system – because there can be nothing else eliminated from the long list of variables and possibilities.

So in addition to all the aforementioned reasons for exercise … 7] would be l am trying to identify once and for all if my ‘stomach’ is caused by weight gain or the bloat is caused by an internal misdiagnosis or misidentification of a problem that began for me in 1994. Having serious pains for 26 years in your stomach and bowel is sadly no laughing matter .. nor is receiving around 15 major diagnosis for them all to be quoshed by the medical professionals.

I have seen dieticians, nutritionists, consultants, surgeons, doctors – l have sought help from the traditional methods such as the National Health Service and Private Medical Care as well as tried alternative methods and unconventional methods as well. It’s not in my head, it’s in my stomach …. so it has to be something.

The intestinal bloat issue started for me in 2005 when l had a small cycling accident in a sand arena in Lincolnshire and l actually ruptured my diaphram or what was referred to medically as a mild diaphragmatic hernia – some of you may recall the story One Way or Another!  But l never received surgery for it … l personally think that has something to do with today’s gastro issue. I might be off, but when l am asked when the bloating began to become serious l always say 2005. Apparently nothing can be done now … so there might be some damage there.

So 7 reasons for wanting to lose weight .. all good reasons, but there were others … like 8] to prevent more problems as l started to age – l will be 58 this year, that’s not ancient, but my body is no longer the body l had at 50, let alone before that. To eliminate joint pains is a great reason for losing weight and reduce my risks on cancers and other ageing problems as well as increase my lifespan – it’s never too late to start, 9] to destress – stress can cause all sorts of problems – but exercise and especially outdoor exercise and working to lose weight and increase health can stop that.

10] to increase my stamina and sex drive … l’ll not lie, l have always had an extremely high libido – but l wanted to make sure that l didn’t lose that …. although Covid is doing a damn fine job of that but also to enjoy having sex more. When you feel good and you are not stressed or carrying too much extra weight around, the experience is way more satisfying and being out of breath after a solid workout is a good thing!

However, whilst 10 reasons for losing weight and exercising more are great by themselves, there were still more reasons. Breaking up with Suze and the way everything happened so unexpectantly last year really knocked me for 6 … l suddenly felt terrible …. l lost my confidence, l became depressed, l felt quite worthless, l felt unadventurous, without energy or purpose and l didn’t want to feel that way … l didn’t wish to feel unattractive to myself let alone anyone else and l didn’t want to suddenly declare myself out of the market for any new friends ……. so 11], l was going to rebuild my confidence.

So whilst breaking up with Suze was an awful part of last year, which was a terrible year anyway having lost Scrappy earlier on as well … l decided that l was going to grab my balls and squeeze hard and become someone different.

The 12th reason was to set myself the grand target of reducing my stomach down from a furry football to a flat furry ……………. and achieving that by May 2021 and my 58th birthday.

I was going to change my life, my lifestyle ….

…. and that is what l have been working towards since truthfully and properly October of last year. Now – [when not hammering it down with rain like now and for the last few days] l walk 13-15K steps on brisk walks daily, l indoor cycle for 40 minutes and increasing weekly, l work with weights – dumbbells and resistance bands for 15 minutes daily and slowly building. I am just about to introduce 30K steps with weekend hikes in addition to my walks during the week.

I will start basic yoga next week – so already l have worked really hard to change my physical self, l have lost weight, l am building a stronger cardio and l am developing a muscle mass which l have never had before … sadly the bloody furry football is proving really hard to shift and can be very demotivational at times … but losing stomach fat can be a long process and it is also slower on people above the age of 50 in comparison to those half my age.

I don’t belong to a gym, l don’t need to … there is enough quality information available on the Internet and YouTube is amazing for what you can get there … plus … l am starting to see and feel the results of my current three months obsession … it’s paying off and ‘as Confucius says …. It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop!”

Rome wasn’t built in a single day and my furry football will take time to go, but it will leave the building!

Thanks for reading, catch you next time!

9 thoughts on “The Saga of the Furry Football! [T2]

  1. I’m pretty sure most of your gastrointestinal issues start in your mouth. Even when you dont have an abscess, there is bacteria and yadda yadda yadda… you know all this. Getting your mouth fixed will improve things, I’m sure!

    I also know that the football WILL go! You have the will and the focus to make it happen. 💃🏼


    1. Yes, l really do think many issues will be remedied with the mouth, but it is taking it’s toll on the rest of my body. The bacteria despite brushing and rinsing my mouth daily, is always present and that alone will cause issues.

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