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Sunday 03rd January 2021 – Season 15 – Series 11
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A wonderful days greetings to you both, hope you enjoy your music and have yourselves a lovely day in all that you do both in blog and off.

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Ruth of Don’t Eat It

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Our challenge today is to find the …. Top 25 Crime Films

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38 thoughts on “The Hello

  1. Good morning Rory. Happy Sunday to you! There are so many good movies that I just can’t think of any!

    1. Good question Ian, you can choose films from both ends of the spectrum – from l just killed someone and now you must detect me to whodunnits that need detecting – if that helps 🙂

      But equally you could have films like Bonnie and Clyde, Catch Me If You Can, Casino or even classics like Dog Day Afternoon 🙂

      So it’s quite diverse.

      1. It is diverse.

        The Italian Job was showing on telly this Christmas. That’s a good one.
        Bicycle Thieves is a classic Italian movie.
        I like The Driver, with Ryan O’Neal as the getaway driver.

        There’s a funny Scottish comedy which is almost forgotten, the debut by Bill Forsyth (Gregory’s Girl, Local Hero) called “That Sinking Feeling” about a bunch of lads planning a heist on a local sink factory.

        The Thomas Crown Affair.
        In The Heat of the Night

        My favourite Bond film, Goldfinger, is about a crime – Operation Grand Slam, the breaking-in of Fort Knox.

        1. Some excellent selections and choices in there Ian, many thanks 🙂

          Strangely enough, l have seen The Sinking Feeling – it was a cracking film … looking at the trailer today, and you find yourself saying to yourself ‘Gees that’s 42 years ago, wtf!!?” Haha Where has that time gone aside from down the plughole!

        2. That would be about right. I remember when I saw it, around a mate’s parents’ house and there were a quite a few of us there. We would’ve been in our late teens to early 20s.

  2. Good morning to you Rory and all of your readers. I don’t watch a lot of movies but The Fugitive is my favorite that fits this category.

    1. Good morning Ruth, you beat me to leaving a note on your blog with regards your music of Patsy and John 🙂

      Thank you for the Fugative an excellent film choice indeed – Harrison and Tommy at their very best 🙂

  3. MegaMind – do that one!!! ❤️ that was adorable 🥰

    There is sort of crime stuff in there – we can stretch it lol ✌️😘

    But if I had to pick a crime story? Hmm 🤔 I don’t really like crime …

    But I guess I would say Beverly Hills Cop? Can I pick that one? I know I am probably not picking right but whatever – there is crime in those and they are cute or funny ❤️✌️

  4. Nice tunage 🎶💃🏼 Good Evening from my afternoon. The morning got away from me… time is slippery than a greased hog😂

    Two movies off the top of my head

    “Monster” with Charlese Theron (have you done her Bio?)

    And “Lonely Hearts” with Jared Leto, Selma Hyack and John Travolta. I’ll add more if they come to me.


    1. Good additions Grandma, no, not yet with regards Charlize Theron, but l will cover her in the next few months – cracking actress.

      By the way, l did reply, l know you know that, but in case you didn’t …

      Have a lovely afternoon.

      1. I got your reply. I actually nodded off halfway in writing the 2nd one last night. This morning was …. yeah, not bad but not mine. I’m playing catch up. I feel like the White Rabbit, the Hatter and Alice all at once.🤪🤪😂

  5. Hey Rory ! Thank you for Anthony and the Beatles !!! … As for top crime films, I think of “Gone girl”, “Seven”, “Psycho”, “And Then There Were None” … Have a great day !!!

  6. I have two more to offer.
    Sexy Beast – Ray Winstone, Sir Ben Kingsley, Ian McShane
    Thunderbolt and Lightfoot – Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges, George Kennedy

    1. Brilliant choices Ian. I have seen both and l remember reading the Thunderbolt and Lightfoot by l think Joe Millard, best way is to read the book and then watch the film.

      That film had a terrific cast, all the ones you have mentioned but also a young Gary Busey and the lovely Catherine Bach.

      1. I haven’t seen T&L in a long while but Sexy Beast is, or was recently, on Film4.

        I’m often disappointed in the film adaptation of a book I’d previously enjoyed. Most of the time I do it the other way around but only when I’m curious about it. Example is I’ve watched all the Bond films many times before reading any of Ian Fleming’s, then I did that last year, reading Casino Royale, and it is a different kind of Bond to that on the screen.

        1. Very much so … but l think many of the original films and by this l am meaning pre-90’s and especially the 60’s and 70’s stuck pretty closely to the book plot, whereas many now go above and beyond under the guise of creative license.

        2. This could be a post prompt. 🙂

          It must be difficult to condense a novel of say at least 360 pages into a two hour movie and hold the audience’s attention throughout. Also, reading is an activity whereas watching is passive.

        3. There is so much they must take into consideration Ian, in a subtle way it is the same for blogging … we need to hit the right spot on demograph, then tweak it and peak it for interest levels,

          What might hold a reader captive isn’t the same for a movie goer, they expect their action quicker in the case of some genres .. there is a lot getting it to the right balance 🙂

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